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Roster by Name - Click the underlined names to go to the boats. (Updated September 14, 2023)

Click here for the Dolphin Roster by Hull #; Click here for a dedicated Roster for S&S 24's and Falcon 24s

Name # Sailing Area Builder Year Reference
A-Breeze 171 ??? Yankee 1970 Les Breeland's boat, Sailnet 7/8/2007
A New Adventure 296 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Pacific 1977 Coe Patton's boat
Abbie Burgess L212 Spruce Head, Maine Lunn 1961 Skip Connell's boat; was Art Krause's boat
Acamar 139 Snake River Yankee 1969 Alan Brothers boat, Pasco, WA
Adelante 127 Alameda, CA Yankee 1969 Stephanie Lucas' boat
AGAPE 146 San Pedro , CA Yankee 1969/70? Lauren Palmer's boat; was Mark Larson's boat; was Think Big
Aquila 273 Morro Bay, CA Pacific 1977 Jim Robinson's boat (now Jasmine)
Akela 67 Douglaston, NY O'Day 1964? Dave Knickerbocker's boat; now Petaluma
Allegro ? Eastern CT Lunn 1961 was John Hartigan's boat; was Peerless, Hound
Alexanderie 270 Simonton, Texas Pacific 1976 Doug Broughton's boat; was Will Jacoway's boat
Alibi 134 Richmond, Maine Yankee 1969 Peter White's boat
Alma ? Bridgeport, CT O'Day? Alma sunk/raised in Bridgeport Harbor
Aeyla Makaira 81 Norfolk, VA Yankee 1967 David Baumer's boat
Alyssum 246 Port Townsend, WA Yankee 1971 Lon Zimmerman's boat; was Martin Singleton's boat
Amaya 95 Alameda, California Yankee 1968 Scott Henry's boat
Amber Rose 72 So California Yankee 1965 John Ambrose's boat: now Quest
Angel 73 Islesboro, Maine Yankee 1965 Mike Horn's boat - renamed Avellar2; was Frank Montelongo's boat
Anne Bonny 97 Vallejo, California Yankee 1968 Rob MacLean's boat; was Hugo Knef's boat
Annetta 128 Lake Champlain, VT Yankee 1969 Joe Powell's boat
Antigua II 189 Lake Minnetonka, MN Yankee 1970 Jim Anderson's boat; now Sinn Fein
Ariadne Shaw 24 Seattle, Washington ? ? Eban Shay' boat; was Chris Peragine's
Arion 71 Setauket, NY Yankee 1964/65 Charlie Drew's boat; was Yankee
Arlette Shaw 24 the Netherlands Jensens ? Gerrit-Jan Bessem's boat; was Han van Dieman's
Aspara 153 Hood River, Oregon Yankee 1970 Jeff Greenwood's boat; was Doug Pease's/Pablo's boat
Astrolabe II Falcon24 Plimmerton, NZ DeJous ? Buddy Romoa's boat K2833
Aurelie S&S 24 Halh Moon Bay, NZ Sea Nymph ??? Ernest Tan's boat K3633
Auriga 63 Wilmette, Illinois O'Day ? Daryl and Doug Varney's boat; was Dan Orth's and Fred Lafnitzegger's boat
Aurora 76 Portland, Maine Tripp/O'Day 1965 Clare Gannon's and Graham Hults' boat - reported cut up October 10, 2016
Aurora 202 Wilmette, IL Yankee ? Peter Bredemeier's boat; was Paul Malm's boat
Avri Ellis 140 Wilmington, California Yankee 1969 Eric Barnett's boat; was Misstress
Avellar2 73 Camden, Maine Yankee 1965 Jamie Weymouth's boat; was Mike Horn's boat; was Angel
Aviva 82 Alameda, CA/Everett, WA Yankee 1967 Craig Burkhead's boat
Aye Jay ? Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 A. J. Leventhal's boat;
Balanceo 193 Brookings, Oregon Yankee 1970

was the Tompkins' boat; was in San Diego, CA

Barbara Joyce 141 Mission Bay, CA Yankee 1970 John's Boat
Beaufin 270 Port Townsend, WA Pacific 1976 Virginia Bettencourt's boat
Belize Yankee ? Belize Yankee ? sighting by Simon Graves - Supernova; Now Sophia
Belle 91 Stuart, Florida Yankee 1968 John Foster's boat;Toney Edwards'; was Rodney Thorpe's (Vaga)
Bella Donna 11 Newport, RI MarscotO'Day 1960 Nancy Harley's boat; was Windsong
Belles 94 Eureka, CA Yankee 1968 Aaron Coyle's boat; was Ross Kirwin's
Beluga 143 Morro Bay, CA Yankee 1970 on CraigsList 9/19/2010
Bequia Shaw 24 Essex, Connecticut Jensen ? Deb and Lew Weinstein's boat; was Walter Idema's
Big Dot 278? San Diego Area Pacific 1977 was Doug Graham's boat, Transpac winner; Now Gracie
Bittersweet L212 Branford, CT Lunn 1961 was Leah Volpe's boat; now, Clifford Dasco's Abbie Burgess
Black Dog (The) 59 Washington DC O'Day 1963 Homer Lange's boat; was Harbor Rat/Duet
Black Dolphin L 219 Camden, Maine Lunn 1962 Jamie Weymouth's boat; was Larry Taylor's; was Roy Berg's, was Wally Strang's
Blackjack 121 Prior Lake, Minnisota Yankee 1973 Ken Goettsch's boat; Brendan Zimmermann's
Blue 145 Lake Chelan, Washington Yankee 970 Eric Sorenson's boat; wasPaul Trokel's boat
Blue Dolphin 246 Bellingham, WA Yankee 1971 Phil Schofield's boat; was Don Gordon's boat
Blue Dolphin 169 St Michaels, Maryland Yankee 1970 was Bill Gordean's boat
BlueGum Falcon24 Queensland, Australia DeJous ? Alan Mountford's Falcon 24
Bodes Well 29 Wilmette, IL O'Day 1960 now John O'Malley's Sea Glass
Boethius 149 Oceanside, California Yankee 1970? Eric Geiselhart's boat; was Rick Kennedy's boat
Bomar III 62 Wilmette O'Day ? was Charles Schlageter's boat
Bonnie Lassie 175 Punta Gorda, Florida Yankee 1970 Bob Sholtes' boat: was Eric and Joan Woods' boat
Breeze 83 Marina del Rey Yankee 1967 Dario's boat
Breezin 176 near West Point, NY Yankee 1970 Mike Colucci's boat
Brigadoon 102 Lake Carlyle, Illinois Yankee 1968 Tim Busse's boat
Calmante 210 Kona, Big Island, Hawaii Yankee 1971 Jerry Horan's boat; was Kua Koa
Calm Horizons 275 Redding, California Pacific 1977 Blain's boat
Canopache 188 Marblehead, MA Yankee 1970 Kevin McManus' boat; Eric Varty's boat
Capricorn ? Oakland, CA O'Day/Tripp? 1962/65 Tony Silva's boat
Caravela 138 Point Dana, CA Yankee 1969 Carlos Vergas' boat
Cast and Crew 225 Wilmette, Illinois Yankee 1971 Dr Barbara Royal; was Mark and Kim Piekos' boat
Cattivo 204 Lake Oneida, NY Yankee 1971 Giulano Mervoli's boat
Celerity 101 Wilmette, IL Yankee ? Ron/Larry Falbe's boat; was Jack Farley/McJohnston's boat
Cat Paws 279 Indianapolis, IN Pacific 1977 Keith Gross' boat; was Nils' boat
Carousel 81 ? Yankee 1967 owner unknown
Casandra Rose 56 Eugene, OR O'Day 1962 Don Barnett's boat; was Tipsy
Ceili L203 New London, CT Lunn 1961 Jim Brooks' boat
Centaurus Shaw 24 New Orleans, LA ? ? Richard Philips' boat
Chandra 74 Bainbridge Island, WA Yankee 1965 Tom Cooper's boat
Charisma ? Lake Champlain, VT Yankee ? Paul Troeckle's boat
Charisma 208 Eugene, Oregon Yankee 1971 Jay Westbrook's boat; was Jeremy Covert's; Ken Thompson
Chivalry 250 Somewhere in California Pacific 1976 now Two Moons
Christine 208 ????? Yankee 1971 "Bob's" boat
Cicerone 19 Tallahasse, FL MarscotO'Day 1960 David Driggers' boat; was Robert Dopel's/ Wilmette
Clover 4 Eggemoggin Reach, ME MarscotO'Day 1960 Bill Thomas' and Jane Ahkfeld's boat - now Ruby
Colossal 241 Ithaca, New York Yankee 1971 Cornell Sailing/Merril Family Sailing center
Compass Rose Shaw 24 Whidby Is, WA ? 1966 Aron Uchitelle's boat; was Robin Farrand's/John Rogers' boat
Coq au Vin Falcon24 Picton, NZ Sea Nymph 1977 For Sale
Conchita Falcon24 OkahuBay, New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Daniel Hayes' boat
CONCH PEARL 16 Bradenton, Florida MarscotO'Day 1960 Jamie Hick's boat; was Bob Pitt's boat
Courtship 42??? Detroit area Yankee? 1972? Huxford site, 1999 - Donna/Bill Johnson
Cove Dweller 111 Annapolis, MD Yankee 1969 Mike Paredes' and Nancy Law's boat
Crumbs Falcon24 Auckland, NZ Sea Nymph? ? Brian O'Rourke's boat; was Chris Clayton's boat
Crystal Princess ??? Sittee River, Belize Yankee   Dave Gobeil's Boat
Curlew L202 Waterford, CT Lunn 1961 Bob Jordan's boat
Cynosure ? New Haven, CT O'Day 1962 Tom Cimini's boat; was Enticement
Daisy J 265 Texas Pacific 1976 Bob and Daisy Johnson's boat
Damm Yankee 202 Sand Pointe, Michigan Yankee   Wayne Bell (Sand Pointe/Lake Huron)
Dana Jeanna 115 Fort Erie, Ontario Yankee 1969 Dana Sonnenberger's boat
Dancing Dolphin 149 LongBeach, CA Yankee 1970? was Scott Hoeschen's boat, now Boethius
d’Artagnan 235 Wilmette, Illinois Yankee 1971 Dan Hofstetter's and Jim Griffith's boat
Darwin 20 Mystic, CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Josh Lyon's boat; reported cut up at Pine Is Marina
DaScosha ? Lake Cayuga, New York ? ? Was Scott Kane's family's boat
Davarsa Falcon24 Brittany, France Dejous ? David Le Mestre's boat; was Natine
Dauphine 23 Noank, CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Sam Fiske's boat
Dauphin Noir ? Eastern CT Lunn? ? ?
Delfina 181 Monterry, CA Yankee 1970 Hilary Mackensie's boat
Delphinidae 256 Dallas, Texas Pacific 1976 Bob Johnson's boat; was Kevin O'Leary's
Delphino(?) 107 San Francisco Bay, CA Yankee 1968 owner unknown; now Fanny
Delphino 184 Little Rock, Arkansas Yankee 1970 David William's boat; was Icelander
Delphinus 62 Wilmette, Illinois O'Day Hooman Bahmandeji's boat; was George/Mary Fitzpatrick's boat
Delphinus 128 Plattsburgh, New York Yankee 128 Alan Folsom's boat; was Don Moore's
Dionis 21 Branford, CT O'Day/Lunn? 1961? Don Hayden's boat;
DOL FYN ??? Poughkeepsie, New York Lunn?/O'Day? 1961 Brody Karn's boat; was Mark Wagner's boat
Dolphin 114 Barrington, Rhode Island Yankee 1969 Gretchen Wallace's boat; was Hannah Brownell's; Chris Converse's
DOLPHIN 4? Camden, Maine Marscot 1960 Jamie Weymouth's boat; was Ed Glover's boat
Dolphin 92 San Francisco, CA Yankee 1968 Kurt Hausmann's boat
Dolphin 126 Nanaimo, BC Yankee 1969 Charles and Louise Mossup's boat
Dolphin 169 Grosse Pointe, MI Yankee 1970 was Dave Alden's boat
Dolphin (RIP) 193 Eugene, OR Yankee   David Etherington's boat
Dorado L208 Eddyville, Kentucky Lunn 1961 David Rodgers' boat; was Eric St. Mary'sboat
Dorado 86 Maui, Hawaii Yankee 1967 John Cahill's boat; Brent Lievsay's; was Scott/Jay Davies'
Dubhe 12 Essex, CT O'Day 1960 Jim Rice's boat
Duckling 84 San Mateo, California Yankee 1967 Carter Ott's boat; was Jim Sutro's boat
Duet 59 Wilmette, Illinois O'Day ? Dave/KristIn Keenan's boat; was Leon Wilke's boat
DUET 159 Annapolis, Maryland Yankee 1970 Pearce/Annice Doherty's boat
Echo 251 Wilmette, Illinois Pacific 1976 John Hellmuth's boat; was Peter/Connie Dickenson's boat
Eferrel ??? ??? Yankee 1971 Jim Huxford email
Elation   Dallas, Texas Shaw 24 ? Al See's boat
Electra 233 Branford, Connecticut Yankee 1971 Manfred Noack's boat; was Maggie
Elixir 242 Hefner Lake, OK Yankee 1971 Bryan Greer's boat; was Matt and Liz Cushing's
Elizabeth ? Lincolnville, Maine O'Day 1961 was Halsey McGowan's boat; now Luke Olson's
Elsa E 129 Port Angelus, WA Yankee 1969 Rod Johnson's boat
Elva Shaw 24 New Orleans, LA Marsh, etc 1958? OJ Young's boat
El Gitano 80 Eureka, CA Yankee 1967 was Buck Owens boat; was Joe Sharpe's boat
El Huachinango 80 Humboldt Bay, CA Yankee 1967 Steve Ludwig/Jennifer Nichols' boat
En Charette L200 Eastern CT Lunn 1961 was Ron Noe's boat; now Savili
Enough L117 Annapolis, Maryland Lunn 1961 John Amy's boat -
Ensemble 269 Chatham, Massachusetts Pacific 1976 Pixie Haughwort's and Ralph Folsom's boat; now Memories
Enticement ? Mystic, CT Lunn 1962? Milt Holdridge's boat; now Cynosure
Equinox 237 Annapolis, Maryland Yankee 1971 Stu Polhamus' boat; was Lowell Baier's boat
Erin go Brau 67 ??? O'Day 1962 Robert Young's boat
Esprit ? Branford, CT Lunn 1961 was Bittersweet; now Abbie Burgess
Faith and Hope ? Berkeley, CA Yankee 1973 Jesse and Chris Brooks' boat
Falcon Falcon24 Auckland NZ DeJous unknown
Fanny 107 Flathead Lake, Montana Yankee 1968 was the Davis' boat; was Kiwi; now Ty Katibah's Fin;
Fantasy ? Preston, CT Pacific 1976 Joe Gliddon's boat; was Jim Francis' boat
Feather 104 Santa Barbara, CA Yankee 1968 Helen Chien's boat
Festina Lente Falcon24 Auckland New Zealand DeJous 1973? Joran and Helena Kikke's boat; Steve Somerville's boat
Fin 107 Los Angeles, CA Yankee 1968 Micah Long's boat
Fire Escape 299 Paradise, CA Pacific 1977 Richard Mc Connell's boat; formerly Suzanne
Firefly 29? Eastern CT O'Day/Lunn? 1961 was S.F. Pierce's boat
Flipper 22 Amityville, NY O'Day 1962 The Zimmer's boat
Flipper 81 ? Yankee 1967 owner unknown
Flipper 41 Menemsha, MA O'Day 1961/62? Fred Croft's boat; was Rick Renner's
Flipper 60 Wilmette O'Day ? Russ Holmquist/John Johnson's boat; now Valhalla
Flying Dutchman 129 SanFrancisco Yankee 1969 Now Rod Johnson's Elsa E
Flite 183 Honolulu Yankee ? Aaron Erickson's boat
Forty two 283 Lake Pacific 1977 Andrew Jeski's boat; was Freemantle Doctor
Francis E 95 San Diego, California Yankee 1968 Ron Akin's boat; now Scott Henry's
Freemantle Doctor 283 Brooklin Center, MN Pacific 1977 Andrew Jeski's boat (Forty two); was Rick Giorvigen's boat
Free Spirit S&S 24 Omokoroa, New Zealand Sea Nymph ?  
Frogs Leap ?? Manhasset Bay, NY MarscotO'Day 1960 now ROWDY; was John Grasso and " X Vasoll's boat
Gaia 233 San Diego Yankee 1971 Chris McPherson's boat
Galatea Shaw 24 Baddeck, Nova Scotia Shaw 24 1957 Henry Fuller's boat
Gambit ? Chicago, IL O'Day ? Glen Korbi's boat
Gandalf 130 Sausilito, California Yankee 1969 Nate's boat
Gandul 255 Malaga, Spain Pacific 1977 Francisco Arcos' boat
Gannet ? Rhode Island Yankee?   was
Ganymede ??? New Zealand ??? ??? Bill Crisp K1614
Garganey 234 Uxbridge, MAI Yankee 1971 Kevin Porter's boat; was Jon's boat
Gem 29 Eastern CT O'Day 1960 was Tony Petrillo's boat; now Sea Glass
Ginger 86 SanFrancisco Yankee ? Now Dorado
Glass Spider S&S 24 Auckland,New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Paul and Lisa Parsonage's boat
Glimpse 8 Padenarum, MA MarscotO'Day 1960 Charles DeMailly's boat
Glorianna ? Ithaca, New York Yankee ? Carl Wharton's boat
Goblin ? Wilmette, IL O'Day   Lindy Thomas' boat
Grace 278? Santa Cruz, CA Pacific 1978 was Big Dot
Grand Finale 300 Phoenix, AZ Pacific 1978 Mike Zint's boat
Green Dolphin 146 ???? Yankee 1970 now Lauren Palmer's AGAPE?
Grey Goose ? Baltimore Yankee 1972 now Wind Dancer II
Grey Seal? 261 Rockville, MD? Pacific 1976 Leheigh University Prof?
Greyling 5 Long Is Sound MarscotO'Day 1960 was Stephen Romaine's boat; was Jim Caulkins'
Gulliver ? Wilmette, IL O'Day ? Ernie Heinemann's boat
Haiku 103 Elephant Butte Lake, NM Yankee 1968 Chris Hefner's boat
Halcyon L204? Wilmette, IL Lunn 1961 The Sullivan's boat; was Tom Eovaldi/Gary Destefano's; Dave Glueck's
Half Mine L?? Huntington, New York Lunn 1961 Ed Fellows' and Bob Valentine's boat
Harbor Rat 59 Wilmette, Illinois O'Day ? Dave/KristIn Keenan's boat; was Leon Wilke's boat
Harbor Rat Too 239 Wilmette, Illinois Yankee 1971 Dominic/Janice Byrne's;Dave/KristIn Keenan's; was Bob Colson's Serene
Heaven 40? Lindenhurst, NY O'Day 1961 Victor Mazella's boat
Helenie 128 Pocasset, MA Yankee 1969 became Joe Powel's Annetta
Het Loo 271 Greenwich, New Jersey Pacific 1977 Stu Polhamus' boat; now Tuuli, Mike Yates' boat
High Times 41 Lake Winnipausaki, NH O'Day 1961/62? Rick Renner's boat
Hound ? Noank, CT Lunn 1961 was Sandy van Zandt's boat
Her Ladyship L Eastern CT Lunn 1961 was Dave Stewart's boat
Hornet 75? Eastern CT Tripp #5? 1965 was Jack Hubbard's boat; lost in shipyard fire (O'day supplied 'glass parts)
Huff and Puff 85 SanLuisOpispo, CA Yankee 1967 was Ron Perkins' boat
Icelander 184 Little Rock, Arkansas Yankee 1970 David Williams' boat
Ile aux Galet 221 Carlyle, IL Yankee 1971 was Jim Huxford's boat
Imp T2? Long Is Sound Tripp/O'Day 1965 was Hal White's boat; now Jay Picotte's
Island Breeze 266 Annapolis, Maryland Pacific 1976 Ed Bergan's boat; was Mike McEwen's boat (Lakka)
Jack Rabbit ?? Long Is Sound O'Day 1960 was Ralph Heinzerling's boat
Jasmine 273 Morro Bay, CA Pacific 1977 Jim Robinson's boat (was Aquila)
Jastarnia 233 Richmond/Martinez, CA Yankee 1971 Jimmie Zinn's boat; now Gaia
Jato 7 Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Stan Secora's boat; then Maurice Belsky's
Jenisa S 158 Riverside, CA Yankee 1970 For Sale on EBay
Jimel 122 Smithtown, NY Yankee 1969 James Heacock's boat, now WANDERLUST
Joyfull Lady ?? Northport, NY Lunn? 1961 Now Heaven
Jolie Couer 169 Tilghman Creek, Md Yankee 1970 Lauren and Michael Kalber's boat
Julep 21? Old Saybrook, CT O'Day 1960? was Sam Jones' boat; now Sloop du Jour
Juniper 267 Seattle, Washington Pacific Dolphin 1976 Connor Sauby's boat; was Tiare
Just Friends 20 Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Ed Purcell's Boat; painted hull white
Kalea 174 Washington Yankee Paul Trockel's boat; was Dick Rosse's
Kaliora 159 Annapolis, Maryland Yankee 1970 Pearce/Annice Doherty's boat; was Josh Sullivan's boat
Kaloke Mermaid Guilford, CT Japan ? Chris Johnson's Mermaid 24
Karearea Falcon24 Auckland, NZ De Jous ? Listed Trade Me website May 11, 2011
Karana 205 Conrad, Texas Yankee 1971 Todd Wheaton's boat; Sailnet post
Katrina ? Niantic, CT ?? ?? Ray Kambietz's boat
Kestrel 67 Los Gatos, CA O'Day 1965 was Dick Galland's boat; now Petaluma
Kestrel 110 Wilmette, Illinois Yankee 1969 Allison and Terry Canade's boat; was Dianne Davis'
Ki’kaha 86 Maui, Hawaii Yankee 1967 John cahill's boat - was dorado
Kiwi 107 Santa Barbara Yankee 1968 Rob Paige's boat; was Charlie Nogle's
Kiwi 170 Montenegro Yankee 1970 Tom DeLamarter's boat
Kitty C 11 Chapaquoit Island, MA MarscotO'Day 1960 Charles Coles' boat
Kitty Sark Falcon24 Auckland NZ DeJous ? John Dragovitch's boat
Knockabout 138 Lake Tahoe, CA Yankee 1969 Noel Farmer's boat;was Larry LeDoux's boat; was Bob Neches' boat
Kokomo 254 Cape Cod Canal Pacific 1976 Mass Maritime 04 auction; now Porthos
Kono Dolphin ? Hawaii ? ? March 20, 2008 sighting
Kua Koa 210 Oahu, Hawaii Yankee 1971 Carl Barlow's boat; now Calmante
Lady ? Guilford, CT O'Day? 1961? was Orin Jones boat, Guilford, CT
Lady Doris 274 Ben Lomand, CA Pacific 1976 Harold Rogers' boat
Lady Grace ? Dorchester/Boston, MA Lunn? 1961 Steve Cassidy's boat
Lakka 266 Hacks Pt., Maryland Pacific 1976 was Jim Wetteroth's boat
Leprechaun ??? East Falmouth, MA Lunn 1962 Justin Kerwin's boat
Lezah 1? Toronto Taylor 1960 Chris Vanderstein's boat
Lily Belle I 122 Amityville, NY Yankee 1969 Hugh Kelleher's boat, now WANDERLUST
Linda Marie 168 Portland, Oregon Yankee 1970 Hal Schmelzer's boat, was Sonrisa
Little Bear ?? Southold, New York ???? 1974?? Noah Hade's boat
Little Haste 188 Marblehead, MA Yankee 1970 Kevin McManus' boat
Loki 277 SanFrancisco Pacific ? Jonah Roll's boat; was Ray Story's boat
Love Too 76 Bridgeport, CT Tripp/O'Day 1965 Lou Diamond's boat; Now Aurora
Madalyn Joy 227 Calhoun, Georgia Yankee 1971 John Incher's boat; was Jonnie Walker's boat
Madison 163 Wilmette, IL Yankee 1970 Jeff Mathis' boat (was Umbria)
Maggie 233 Portsmouth, NH Yankee 1971 Manfred Noack's boat; was Jim Homet's boat
Magic 199 Kuttawa, Kentucky Yankee 1971 Winston Dunwell's boat
Mahi Mahi 166 Port Jefferson, NY Yankee 1970 Jay Rose's boat; Peter and Carol King's boat
Makarios 241 Stockton Springs, Maine Yankee   Mike and Deb Friel's boat
Manari Falcon24 Auckland NZ DeJous ? unknown
Mandalay 276 Vancouver Pacific 1977 Les Bailey's boat
Marango 5? Mt Hope Bay, RI MarscotODay 1960 Adelbert Anthony Goff's boat
Marionette 12 Niantic, Connecticut MarscotO'Day 1960 Bill Webb's boat; was Ron Breault's boat
Mary Anne 280 Palm Hbr, FL Pacific 1977 now Solace
Mary Dear ?? Vallejo, California ?? ?? Don and Mary Searle's boat
Maya Elena ?? Spruce Head Is, Maine Yankee 1972 Cliff Dasco's boat; was Resilience/Tern
Mea Li'i  Nai'a L223 Lake Chelan, WA Lunn 1961 was Spirit of Fellowship, L. Claassen's boat
Mei-Mei 20 Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 George Sosman's boat, 1st owner? white hull
Menehune 10 Bellport, NY MarscotO'Day 1960 was Don Gardner's boat; now Passage
MELE 16 Bradenton, Florida MarscotO'Day 1960 Bob Pitt's boat; was Todd Crotean's boat
Melia 158 Santa Barbara, CA Yankee 1970 Steven Fruth's boat
MEMORIES 269 San Diego, CA Pacific 1976 San Diego Aquatic Center's boat
Metamorphsis 144 Oxnard, CA Yankee #144 1970 On Craigslist September 9, 2022
Minx 126 Victoria, British Columbia Yankee 1969 Fraser Dodds' boat
"Miss Behavin" 248 Rockport, Texas Yankee 1971 Carl Hazelton's boat; was Jerry Johnson's
Misstress 140 Wilmington, CA Yankee 1969 Barry Rynk boat; was Avri Ellis, Eric Barnett's boat, was Randy's boat
Mixed Spirit 6105 Auckland, New Zealand Falcon 24 ??? Stephen Carey's boat
Mo-Dean 237 Alexandria, VA Yankee 1971 Bob/Frank Deichmeister's boat
Monika 301 San Juan Is, WA PacificKulbac 1989 Klaus Schmidt's boat; was Rod Kulbach's boat
Mood Indigo 5 Houston, Texas Marscot/O'Day 1960 Michelle Pellon's boat
Moonraker 237 Washington, DC Yankee 1971 unknown; now Mo-Dean
Moondance 85 Humbolt Bay, CA Yankee 1967 Greg Johnson's boat; was Huff and Puff
MoonShadow 120 Sutton, Massachusetts Yankee 1969 John Laplant's boat
Moonshadow 173 Juneau, Alaska Yankee 1970 Nene Wolfe's boat
Moxie 253 Mystic, CT Pacific 1976 Sandy Chapan's boat; was Mass Maritime's and Ellie Savarine's boat
Muirin 244 Washington, DC Yankee 1971 Molly Schar's boat; was Tango II
Nalani Kai ? Amityville, NY ? ! Joe French's boat
Nalina L216 Guilford, Connecticut Lunn 1961 Jeff Burt's boat - reported cut up at Guilford Boat Yard
Natine Falcon24 Brittany, France DeJous   unknown; now Davarsa
Nauty Lady 208 Oregon Yankee 1971 Dr Boye's boat
Nellie Gray 88 Sausalito, California Yankee 1068 Monte Diegnan's boat
Night Heron 151 Cottage Grove, OR Yankee 1970 Nicholas Gideonse's boat
(no name) 109 Ventura, CA Yankee 1968 Terry Bullock's boat
(no name) ? Richmond, CA Yankee ? Lorca's Boat For Sale
(no name) 231 Alamitos Bay, CA Yankee 1971 Darren Scott's boat
(no name) ? Huntsville, AL MarscotO'Day 1960 Ebay ad
(no name) 80 Humbolt Bay, CA Yankee 1967 Buck Owens' boat
(no name) 95 Alameda, California Yankee 1968 Scott Henry's boat
(no name) 223 Mount Sinai, NY Yankee 1971 Wally Treuting's boat; was White Cap
(no name) 235 East Pointe, Michigan Yankee 1971 was Bill Sonntag's boat; now d’Artagnan
(no name) 236 Portland, Oregon Yankee 1971 Bruce Evans' boat
(no name) ? Wilmette, IIlinois ?   Jim Rohner's boat; lost in storm 2008
(no name) 122 North Babylon, NY Yankee 1969 John Kelleher's bpat
(no name) 132 San Diego, CA Yankee 1969 Larry Laughlin's boat
(no name) ? Noank, Connecticut ? ? Gerry Keeler's boat, was at Spicers Marine in Noank
(no name) 261 Barnegat Bay Pacific 1976 was Harry Avery's boat
(no name) 134 New Foundland, Canada Yankee 1969 Maurice Levor's boat; was Don Fraser's boat
(no name) ? Quincy, MA Lunn? 1961 Mark Gaudette's boat
No Worries 79 Tennessee Yankee Winston Phillips' boat ; wood on glass hull 
Ocean Gypsy 80 Humboldt Bay, CA Yankee 1967 Astrid and Robert Buuren's boat
Odile ? Guilford, Connecticut Lunn   George Watt's boat; black hull; was Sambo
Old School 212 Richmond, California Yankee 1971 Tina Lundh's boat; was Dick Loomis' boat
Old Spice Falcon24 Auckland, NZ Sea Nymph ? Tristan Nelson-Hauer's boat
Omoo 155 Sitka, Alaska Yankee 1970 Rory Williams' boat; was Promise
One Chance 208 Eugene, Oregon Yankee 1971 Jay Westbrook's boat
Onward 207 Bellport, New York Yankee 1971 Justin Flagg's boat; was Graham Coates' boat; now Osprey
"Opua" Falcon24 Bay of Is. New Zealand Sea Nymph? 1978 For Sale
Oriol ??? Auckland, New Zealand ??? ??? Racetrack.org K3644
ORION 178 Lake Mead, PA Yankee Shannon Smith's boat; was Eric Hazlit's boat
Osprey 207 Bellport, NY Yankee 1971 Justin Flagg's boat
Ostara 109 Ventura, California Yankee Joe Whilby's boat
Our Knots 211 Long Beach, CA Yankee 1971 Carl Boller's boat
Paper Moon 41 West Boca Raton, FL O'Day 1961/62? Eufrasio Volpe's boat; was Fred Croft's boat - was named Flipper
Paradiso 203 Lake St Clair, Michigan Yankee 1971 Mark Spruell's boat; was Shambles
Parakletos 106 Twisp, Washington Yankee 1968 Paul Trockel's boat; was Eric Sorensen's boat
Passage 10 North Branford, CT MarscotO'Day 1960 Walt Vongher's boat; was Mike Gooch-Breault's boat 
Pastia ? Bloomington, CA ?? ??? ????
Patty J 207 Noank, CT Yankee 1971 Graham Coates' boat
Pecas II 84 ? Yankee now Jim Sutro's Duckling
Peach Blossom 15 Fishers Island, NY MarscotO'Day 1960 Paul Cox' boat (really named Porpoise!!!)
Peachfish ? Marion, MA Sailnet - 5/11/05 Christian
Peerless ? Noank, CT Lunn 1961 was Ed Maxwell's boat - black hull
Petaluma 67 Richmond, CA O'Day? 1964? Tim Blair's boat - For Sale
Pelagos S&S 24 Nelson, New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Patrick King's boat
Peridot 14 now Thimble Islands O'Day 1960 was Clark DuBois boat; 1996 to Thimble Is, CT
Petrel ? Mystic, CT O'Day 1962? Bob McKenna's boat
Phar Lap 87 So California Yankee 1968 Rod Hay/Jamie Dote-Kwan/Steve Shields boat
Phinn 271 Skaneateles, NY Pacific 1977 Tim Mcnally's boat
Pippin 198 Wye River, MD Yankee 1971 Bob Hancock Jr's boat; was Adam Smith's
Poisson d' Avril 89 PugetSound Yankee 1968 Carl Harrington boat, renamed Yankee Girl Ester
Playful Dolphin ?? Brunswick, Maine Yankee 1969 Now Tengri, Camden, Maine
Polly 219 Bronx, NY Yankee 1971 Noah Kornblum's boat; was Ed Fountain's; Now Sanguine
Porpoise 15 Wilmette, IL MarscotO'Day 1960 Jim Joslyn's boat; was Terry Glenn's boat; Paul Cox's
Porthos 254 So. Dartmouth, MA Pacific 1976 Seth Williams' boat
Precious Time 274 Morro Bay, CA Pacific 1977 Jeff Mowry's boat; was David Hadapp's boat
Precis 236 Washington DC area Yankee 1971 was Don Angel's boat; now SoniMarg
Pretty Lady II 295 Nebraska Pacific ? Ad Noah's Boat Works, Lincoln 
Prim 22 Great South Bay, NY MarscotODay 1960 Dave Hilgendorf's boat; was Flipper
Prodigal 204 Oneida Lake, NY Yankee 1971 Scot Ioset's boat; was Cattivo
Promise 155 Sitka, Alaska Yankee 1970 Cuff Blakeley's boat
Pshaw ? Cleveland, OH Japan 1961 James Herten's Shaw 24
Psycho 244 Alexandria, VA Yankee 1971 Rob Van Tassel's boat; was SCOW's (Sailing Club of Washington)
Quest 72 So California Yankee 1965 Gian Bowles' boat; 2nd boat by John Shumaker
Quartet 41 Sorrento, Maine O'Day 1961/62? Michel Huber's, wife's + 2 others' boat; now Flipper
Quicksilver K1791 Orekei Marina S&S24 ?? Yachting New Zealand List
The Rachel K 4? Ogunquit, ME MarscotO'Day 1960 now Ruby, Bill Thomas' boat; was Jim Kurt's boat
Rachel ? Skokie, Illinois O'Day 1963 Hooman Bahmandeji's boat; was Alan Manzer's boat; Matt/Clayton Struve's
Rae Lee 228 Irvington, Virginia Yankee 1971 Stu Polhamas' boat
Rain Witch 99 Seattle, Washington Yankee 1968 Robert Dieterich's boat; now Thistle
Rapallo S&S 24 Auckland, New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Was 'Lou's' boat; now Glass Spider
Rascal ? Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Dick Steinhilber's boat; was Trump It
Recovery Tripp 2? Flathead Lake, MontanaI Tripp 1965 John Wood's boat Tedwin; ; was Jay Picotte's boat
Redcoat 109 SanFrancisco Yankee 1968 Owner unknown; now Terry Bullocks boat
Redheds 20 Eastern, CT MarscotO'Day 1960 Roland McGuire's boat ; painted hull red
Remnant 79 Arlington, Tennessee Yankee 1966? Winston Phillips' boat
Rendezvous II ??? Auckland, New Zealand? ??? ??? Paul Newby
Resilience ??? Martha's Vineyard, MA Yankee ??? Adam Hayes' boat; was Tern; now Maya Elena
Respite 129 Port Angelus, WA Yankee 1969 Larry Hill's boat
Riant 151 Portland, OR Yankee 1970 was Emily Jones' boat
Robin Lee 118 Marina del Rey, CA Yankee 1969 Cristobal Amunategui's boat; was Erik Evens' boat; was Sunchaser
Rob Roy III 216L? Clinton, Connecticut Lunn? 1961? Brigg's boat
Root Beer Float 294 Monterey, CA Pacific Dlphin 1978 Kerry Lugo's boat
Rosamond 150 Lake Pepin, Minnesota Yankee 1970 Nate Donnay's boat; was Wanderlust
Rowdy 5? San Antonio, Texas MarscotO'Day 1960 Dan Tingley's and Tracy Ross' boat; was Jerry Slaughter's boat
Ruby 4? Eggemoggin Reach, ME MarscotO'Day 1960 Bill Thomas'/Jane Ahkfeld's boat - was The Rachael K
Running Dog 18 Marblehead, MA MarscotO'Day 1960 Mark Grady's boat
Sabre Dance 135 Lake Palo Pinto, TX Yankee 1970 John T's boat; was Dennis McElroy's
(Sailing) Solace 280 Dunedin, Florida Pacific 1977 Scott Shipman's boat; Michael Lang's; was Sean Peltzer's 
Sailvation Shaw 24 Detroit, MI Norway 1961 Richard Karpinski's Shaw 24
Sambo ? Staten Is, NY Lunn ? was Ed Colie's boat; a black hull; George Watt's Odile
Sandpiper 264 San Diego, California Pacific 1976 Mark Weinberger's boat; was Tim Lewis' boat
Sanguine 219 City Island, NY Yankee 1971 was Polly
Sara Jane 274 Santa Cruz , CA Pacific 1977 Owner unknown; now Precious Time
Savili L200 Portland, Oregon Lunn 1961 John Gish's boat; was Gary DeLong's; Carl Granberry's; Ed Diekerdorf's
Schipperke 263 Marina del Rey, California Pacific 1976 Alden Harris' boat - broken up and scapped March 13, 2013
Scorpion 270 Port Townsend, WA Pacific ?? Virginia Bettencourt's boat, now Beaufin
Scrounger Falcon24 Opua, New Zealand De Jous 1978? Listed on Trade Me website
Sea Fox 35 Neenah, WI O'Day/Lunn? 1961 Max Sheppard's boat
Sea Glass 29 Wilmette, IL O'Day 1960 John O'Malley's boat; was Dick and Sue Watson's
Sea Mist 208 California Yankee 1971 The French's boat
Second Wind ? Newton, MA Lunn 1961 John Sciretta's boat; now Mark Gaudette's
See Ya Sooner 100 Taos, New Mexico Yankee 1968 was Chris Brown's boat
Seguro 172 SantaBarbara, CA Yankee 1970 Spencer MacRae's boat; Reported scrapped Oct, 2008
Serendipity 179 Marietta, Georgia Yankee 1970 Frank Collias' boat; was Steve Roberts'
Serene 239 Point Dana, CA Yankee 1971 Bob Colston's boat
Seminole 284 Mystic, CT Pacific 1977 Josh Lyons' boat
Shambles 203 Lake Erie Yankee 1970/71 Matt Bemis' boat
Shaman 25 Eastern CT O'Day 1961 Mike Barbar's boat, was Stan Barnes; Brown's Yard, Guilford, CT
Sinn Fein 189 Lake Mendota, WI Yankee 189 Chris Biese's boat; was Antigua II
Silver Sage 100 Corpus Christi, Texas Yankee 1968 Brian Nilsson's boat
SISU 184 Minnetonka, MN Yankee 1970 Duane Post's boat; now Icelander
Sisu 186 Neenah, Wisconsin Yankee 1970 Tom Charpentier's and Lilja Amundson's boat
Skua 157 Merritt Island, Florida Yankee 1970 Dave Smith's boat; was Bruce Avvery's boat; was Dennis Barthal's; was Lochlin Syme's
Sloop du Jour 21 Fishers Is, NY MarscotO'Day 1960 Jim/Peggy Benkard's boat
Sloop John B 11 Newport, RI MarscotO'Day 1960 John and Paula Buehler's boat; was Windsong
Snashtrae 235 Grossse IIe, Michigan Yankee 1971 was Bill Lockwood's boat; now d’Artagnan
Solar Max 127 ??? Yankee 1969 was Adam Peck's boat - now Adelante
Someday Arrived 156 Miami, FL Yankee 1970 was Cap't Dan's boat; then Supernova
Sophia ?? Sittee River, Belize Yankee ? David Gobiel's boat; was the Belize Yankee
Solis ?? Santa Barbara, CA Yankee? ? a newly found Dolphin?
So Nice 137 Norman, Oklahoma Yankee 1969 Tim and Tara Koenigs' boat; was Gary/Terri King's; Sam and Susan Hutt's
SoniMarg 236 Portland, Oregon Yankee 1971 Bruce Evan's boat
Sonrisa 168 Portland, Oregon Yankee 1970 Hal Schmelzer's boat, now Linda Marie; was Brad Miller's boat
Spectra 78 SanFrancisco Yankee Chris Young's boat; was Phoebe McKinney's boat 
Sprite S&S24 New Zealand Sea Nymph 1970 Doug Bates' boat
SPIRIT II S&S 24 Rangitane, New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Wendell Dunn's boat; (was Tiana)
Sport III 225 Wilmette, IL Yankee ? Ted Martin's boat; was Paul Ulenhop's boat
Spectra 78 SanFrancisco Yankee 1966? Chris Young's boat; was Phoebe McKinney's boat 
Spindrift 18 Long Is Sound, NY MarscotO'Day 1960/61 Albert Schlatke's boat; now running Dog
SpiritofFellowship L223 Lake Roosevelt, WA Lunn 1961? was Louis Claassen's boat
Spot 133 Sausalito, California Yankee 1969 Jerry LaCroix' boat
Starbuck ?? Raritan Bay, New Jersey Yankee   post on Cape Dory site
Stargazer 237 Washington DC Yankee 1971 was Pat Saunders boat; Now MoDean
Starshine 138 Sausalito Yankee 1969 Dee Neilson's boat
StaunchDolphin 284 Erie, PA Pacific 1977 Sam/Phyllis Simpson's boat; now Seminole
Stella Maris ? Scituate, MA Lunn? 1961 was Jim Russel's boat,; was Mark Gaudette's
Sugar Bear 162 Little Creek, VA Yankee 1970 Caroline Johnson's boat
Sunflower 203 Lake St Clair Yankee 1970/71 now Shambles
Sunchaser 118 Marina del Rey Yankee 1969 was Dylan Pfeifer's; Mark Spector's; now Robin
Sunflower 203 Lake St Clair Yankee 1970/71 now Shambles
Summer Haze S&S 24 Auckland, NZ Sea Nymph ? Rod Carey's boat
Summer Wine Falcon24 Hastings, New Zealand Sea Nymph? 1973 Calum and Jess' boat; was Giles Grimston's boat
Sunrisa 168 Portland, Oregan Yankee 1970 Hal Schmelzer's boat; was Brad Miller's boat
Sunshine 20 Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 19660 was Milan Bartek's boat
Supernova 156 Panama Yankee was Simon Graves' boat; also Sailnet 4/8/06
Sunrise 207 Rochester area? Yankee 1971 Now Patty J
Surora 115 Cocoa Beach, Florida Yankee 1969 was Anthony Howard's boat
Suzanne 299 Puget Sound Pacific ? was Gordon Thompson's boat; now Fire Escape
Talia Falcon24 Auckland NZ DeJous Richard Harmon's boat
Tango II 244 Washington DC Yankee 1971 Ryan and Liz Lacz's boat; was Psycho; now Muirin
Tantivy ? Guilford, CT O'Day? ? Edwin (Binks) Fisher's boat
TarBaby ? Long Is Sound another Black Dolphin
Teaka 165 Oahu, Hawaii Yankee 1970 Bob Leahey's boat
Teal 12 Long Is Sound MarscotO'Day 1960 Phil Zerega 1st owner - built wood boat on O'Day hull
Tedwin Tripp #2? Flathead Lake, Montana Tripp 1965 John Wood's boat; ; ; was Jay Picotte's boat
Teridot 13 now Thimble Islands? O'Day 1960 was Clark DuBois boat; 1996 to Thimble Is, CT
Telltale ? Sorrento, Maine O'Day 1961/62/63 Norris Hoyt's boat
Tern ? Pocasset, MA Yankee 1972? Now Maya Elena; was Adam Hayes' Resilience boat
Tengri ? Camden, Maine Yankee 1969 Susan and Ship Densmore's boat - was Playful Dolphin
TERN 123 Rockport, Maine Yankee 1969 Josh Gardner's boat
TERN 155 Sitka, Alaska Yankee 1970 Matt Jackson's boat
Tessie 90 Stockton, California Yankee 1968 Mike Leonard's boat; was Patti and Ross King's boat
Thankful 261 CascoBay, ME Pacific 1976 Fred Goguen's boat
The Babe 212 Calistoga, CA Yankee 1971 Dick Loomis' boat
Think Big 146 Point Dana , CA Yankee 1969/70? was Dick Beals' boat; now AGAPE
Thistle 99 Walla Walla, WA Yankee 1968 Rowland Thompson's and Larry Duthie's boat
Thistle 275 Montegue, California Pacific 1977 Jim and Alma Benson's boat
Thumbalina Shaw 24 Westport, MA Jensen 1961 Chad Endres' boat
Tiana ? Rangitane, New Zealand S&S 24 ? was Perry Wilkens boat; Wendell Dunn's SPIRIT
Tiare 267 Lopez Island, WA Pacific 1976 The Wheatley's' boat
Tigress 20 Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960 was Andy Anderson's boat; painted hull blue
Tiki 28 Portsmouth, NH O'Day 1962? Jim Homet's boat; was Joe/Shane Waldon's boat
Tilde ??? Westhaven Marina, NZ ??? ??? Tim & John Blackmore K9183
Tillicum ? Cape Cod, MA Yankee ? Barbara and Don Lunn's boat
Time 119 Richmond, California Yankee 1969 Donna Crane's boat
Timesweep 214 Washington, DC Yankee 1971 Marcia Green's boat
Tintooki Falcon24 Auckland, New Zealand De Jous ??? Jurgis Salna, Giedre and Frida owners
Tipsy 56 Fresno, CA O'Day 1956 owner unknown; now Casandra Rose
Tipsy (maybe) ? California Delta, CA Yankee pre 1969? in the book Cruising the California delta
Touchstone ??? SE Massachusetts Lunn 1962 Dave Baines' boat
Trina Shaw 24 Cape Cod, MA Jensen 1957 was Dyke Williams' Shaw 24, hull #1
Trump It ? Eastern CT MarscotO'Day 1960/61 was Denny Smith's boat; then Joe Hermes'; now Rascal
Two Moons 250 Georgetown, SC Pacific 1976 Matt O'Toole's boat; was Bill Lamp's boat; was Peter Edward's boat
Tuuli 271 Skaneateles, New York Pacific 1977 Mike Yates's boat
Umbria 163 Wilmette, IL Yankee 1970 Jeff Mathis' boat (now Madison)
Unda Maris II 231 Marina del Rey, CA Yankee 1972 was Tony Marsden's boat
Unda Maris III 125 San Francisco Yankee 1969 Greg Marsden's boat
Unicorn 22 Branford, CT O'Day 1962 owner unknown; became Flipper
Ursala 60 Wilmette, IL O'Day ? Was Ernie Heinemann's boat (#1)
Vaga 91 Stuart, Florida Yankee 1968 Now Belle; was Toney Edwards' boat; was Rodney Thorpe's boat
Valhalla 113 Alameda, CA Yankee 1969 Ron Campbell's boat
Valhalla 60 Wilmette O'Day ? Russ Holmquist/John Johnson's boat; was Flipper
Varua Falcon 24 Bay of Islands, NZ DeJous ??? John and Donna Buck's boat #K2576; was S. Burge's
Velero 117 Eastern CT Yankee 1969 Reinhard Sarges' boat
Veninde Shaw 24 Newport, Rhode Island Jensen 1958 Philipp Bachman boat; was Nancy Harley's; was Joe Tornello's
Vintage ?? New Castle, NH O'Day ?? Sighting June 19, 2009
Vision 181 Monterey, California Yankee? ?? First reported April 28, 2012; now Delfina
Voltaire S&S24? Russell, New Zealand ??? ??? K3015
Voyageur 265 Pike's Bay, MN Pacific 1976 owner unknown, now Daisy J
Wada (Boat) 190 Wilmette, IL Yankee 1970 Ted Prohov/Wally Berry's boat
Wanderlust 122 Patchogue, New York Yankee 1969 Mimi Benachi's boat; was Ian Holzmacher's boat
Wanderlust 150 Lake Elmo, Minnesota Yankee `1970 Nate Donnay's Rosamond; was Jack VanZandt's boat; was Bryce Wills', was Steve Dubnoff's
Warlock 4 Massachusettes MarscotO'Day 1960 now Jim Kurt's Rachael K
Watermark Falcon24 Auckland, NZ DeJous ? owner unknown
Wave Length 152 Taos, New Mexico Yankee 1970 Charlie Thomas' boat
WAYS 55? San Francisco, CA O'Day 1962? was Dirk Lewis' boat
West Light Shaw 24 New Orleans, LA ???? ??? Murray Yacht Sales
West Viking 147? Medford, Oregon Yankee? 1970 Chet and Joyce Defty's boat
Western Flyer 248 Rockport, Texas Yankee 1971 Carl Hazelton's boat
Whimbrel 117 New Brunswick Yankee 1969 Rob Corbett's boat; was Velero
Whimbrel 117 Rockport, Maine Yankee 1969 Nick Apollinio's boat - see Abbie Burgess; was Pete Brown's
Whistler Falcon24 Auckland NZ DeJous ? Stefan Sebregt's Falcon 24
Whimsy 166 Port Jefferson, NY Yankee 1970 Suzanne Hassani's boat; was Kate Kevill's boat
White Cap ? Mount Sinai, NY Yankee ? now Wally Treuting's boat
Willie II 196 Toledo, Ohio Yankee 1972? Mike O'Brien's boat; was Andy Vwygart's boat
Wind Dancer 228 Baltimore Yankee 1972 Capt Buzz Nichols' boat
Windlass ? Ft Walton, FL Yankee 1967 Huxfort site, 1999 - Michael Sturdivent's boat
Windsong 24??? Newport, RI O'Day 1960 Mark Chrameic's first boat
Windsong 11 Essex/Southport, CT O'Day 1960 Dick McCauley built her - wood on an O'Day hull  
Windsong 66 Noank, CT O'Day 1962 Gordon Kyle's boat; was Jim Kyle/Mark Chrameic's boat
Windswept ? Wilmette. IL O'Day   Melinda and Bill Hurley boat; Mike Owezarek's boat Sail # E177
Windswept 16*** Sarasota, FL O'Day 1962? was FOR SALE; not a Dolphin; an O'Day Outlaw
Windswept 245 Bremerton, WA Yankee 1971 Paul Arnold's boat
Windswept (Too) 245 Seldovia, Alaska Yankee 1971 Paul Lugin's boat; Clinton Hodges' boat
Wisp ? Mystic, CT Lunn 1962? Ed and Elaine Smith's boat, then Enticement
WISP ? Guilderland, NY Lunn 1962? Jim Oppy's boat; was Cynosure
Yankee 71 So California Yankee 1965? 1st boat built by John Shumaker/Yankee on an O'Day hull 
Yankee 138 Marina del Rey, CA Yankee 1969 Carlos Vergas' boat; was Mark Spector's boat
Yankee III 139 Marina del Rey, CA Yankee 1969 owner unknown; now Acamar
Yankee Girl Esther 89 Edmands, WA Yankee 1968 Carl Harrington's boat, was Poisson d' Avril
Yanqui 197 Portland, Oregon Yankee 1971 Joe and Arnold's boat
Zesty 218 Albany/Richmond, CA Yankee 1971 DFI sighting
??? ? Kona, Hawaii Yankee 1971 Craigslist ad, Oct 12, 2011 updated
??? S&S 24 Auckland, New Zealand Sea Nymph ? Trade Me Ad - Half Moon Bay, Oct 7, 2011
??? ??? Eastpointe, Michigan Yankee 1971 Craigslist ad, March 27, 2012
??? ? Placencia, Belize Yankee ? sighting by Supernova
??? 115 Cocoa Beach, Florida Yankee 1969 Anthony Howard's boat
??? ? Marion, Massachusetts ? ? sighting in 1990's
??? 217 Toms River, NJ Yankee 1971 DFI sighting - For sale on Craigslist
??? ? Eureka Springs, AR O'Day/Lunn? ? CraigsList ad May, 2010 Arkansas
??? ? Eureka, CA ? ? Dolphin sighting, Aug 13
??? 219 Yankee 1971 Ed Fountain - Sailnet
??? 246 ? Yankee Jerry Johnson ad, Huxford site Apr 20, 1999
??? ? New Jersey Lunn 1961 1st of 25 by Lunn for O'Day; del'd to NJ by Bob Larson
??? 69 Huxford site, 1999 - black/wood spars E Woodmam
??? 180 Lake Erie Yankee Huxford site, 1999 Robert Barris
??? 257 Southhold, NY Pacific 1976 was Chris Cardona, Steve Letterman's boat
??? 98 San Francisco North Bay Yankee 1968 Warren Levine's boat
??? ?? Bonita Springs, Florida Yankee 1974? Craigslist ad
??? ?? Madison/Huntsville, AL O"Day 1960 Craigslist ad
??? 17 Canandaiqua Lake, NY MarscotO'Day 1960 Don Lindsey's boat
??? 262 San Diego, CA Pacific 1976 Garrett Keohane's boat; was Johnathon Carver's boat
??? ??? San Diego Hills, CA Pacific/Home 1981? Home built?? Rick Kennedy/Boethius told us about this boat
?? ??? Des Moines, WA PacificDolphin 1976 For sale Craigslist Apr 12, 2021
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