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Karearea - a 1973 Falcon 24, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand FOR SALE (updated May 29, 2104)  

May 29, 2014. Updated TradeMe ad (edited) - here's the link http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=734611056

S & S 24 Falcon Grp Yacht. Dolphin 12hp engine
Start price: $2,000.00 Closes: Tue 3 Jun, 7:11 pm Watchlist Listing #: 734611056
Buy Now: $3,995
Dolphin 12hp engine

Yacht a well built boat, sleeps five. Powered by a 12 hp Dolphin petrol engine in good condition driving a two bladed prop, VHF, five good sails, Toilet; Stainless rigging. A swing mooring is available to rent. A great yacht for the money. Two photos added yacht on travel lift. Ready for antifouling. Bottom in great condition, Photo of Dolphin Engine added

S&S 24 Hull Type: Fin Keel Rig Type: Masthead Sloop; LOA: 24.16' / 7.36m LWL: 19.00' / 5.79m
Beam: 7.67' / 2.34m Listed SA: 331 ft2 / 30.75 m2 Draft (max.) 4.16' / 1.27m Draft (min.)
Disp. 4640 lbs./ 2105 kgs. Ballast: 1680 lbs. / 762 kgs. SA/Disp.: 19.09 Bal./Disp.: 36.20% Disp./Len.: 302.00
Builder: Sea Nymph (NZ) Construct.: FG Bal. type: First Built: 1968 Last Built: 1973 # Built: 20
RIG DIMENSIONS KEY I: 32.50' / 9.91m J: 8.80' / 2.68m P: 28.80' / 8.78m E: 12.40' / 3.78m PY: EY: SPL: ISP:
SA(Fore.): 143.00 ft2 / 13.28 m2 SA(Main): 178.56 ft2 / 16.59 m2
Total(calc.)SA: 321.56 ft2 / 29.87 m2 DL ratio: 302.00


May 21, 2014. Tireless DFI (DownUnder Field Investigator) Giles Grimston (ex Summer Wine) Again brings this boat to our attention. She was listed For Sale on the Trade Me website http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=732084842

1973 S&S Falcon 24 - Insurance Write off - Asking Price: $1,499

Listed: Wed 21 May 2014, Watchlist Listing #: 732084842

Fibre glass construction and generally sound. Vessel has had another craft come in contact whilst on a swing mooring causing a series of cosmetic scrapes and scratches along the hull in addition to two small puncture areas and minor bow rail damage. Unfortunately the economics of a commercial repair rendered the craft uneconomical to repair hence the write off situation. The damages are relatively easy to repair and this would be a very good project craft.

Vessel has an operable 16p Dolphin inboard petrol engine leading to a shaft drive folding two blade propeller. the head sail is only two years old and all rigging appears sound. Currently the craft is on the work berth at Half MoonBay and available for viewing. Please inspect first.

Purchase basis is "as is where is" For all genuine enquiries please contact during business hours:

Paul Field , Loss Adjuster Phone: (0274) 919525. Boat located in Manukau City, Auckland



May 12, 2011. DFI (DownUnder Field Investigator) Giles Grimston brought this boat to our attention. She was listed For Sale on the Trade Me website http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=375763757 We will try to get more info about this boat.

Very smart little yacht
Asking price: $8,250 Listed: Wed 11 May, 6:28 pm Listing #: 375763757

Very smart Sparkman and Stevens Falcon 24. This little boat is one of the best S and S 24s I have seen. It has a great rig with lots of sails in good order, an inboard petrol engine(Dolphin) that pushes it along nicely. Inside the wiring is all new, it has lights, berths for 5! Sink, cooker, toilet with holding tank. Its all fibre glass(easy care) It needs antifouling as the bottom is a bit dirty and you could cut and polish the hull while you are there and it will look fantastic. It is not a boat with a list of jobs to do like so many, it really is (aside from the dirty bottom) ready to sail away(I sailed it on Saturday) and it should not need any money spent on it for a long long time.

I think you would be hard pressed to get a better s and s 24 than this. She is a nice little ship. A great little family boat for the gulf and well priced.(has the best couch Ive ever seen on a boat, very retro) These boats are a great choice for some one learning to sail to as it is forgiving and simple and well designed, not to mention quite fast!

It is priced to sell because I have brought a Reactor 25. I brought both boats and have been deciding which one to keep. I would really like to keep both.(Yes I love yachts!) But that is not really practical. This one is in great order and I figure at just $8250 it should be very easy to sell and so here it is and she is a very good buy!

I can chuck in a mooring for a little extra to it if helps the sale.
Ph 027 7127409










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