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Stories - Click the link - a continuing work in progress - updated May 14, 2023  

There are too many 'stories' to list them on the conventional link on the left. They are listed here alphabetically - click to go to them.

Aboard MORC Winner - by Ralph Heinzerling, June, 1967 One Design & Off Shore Yachtsman

Addicted to Sail, by Norris Hoyt

Aqua Hunter 23, built by Palmer Scott, 2nd to Dick Bertrum's Moppie in the 1960 Miami - Nausau Race

America's Cup - Where is it? (Updated September 25, 2013)

Ariadne - A Shaw 24 circumnavigates Vancouver Island A Many Windowed Sea

Ash Breeze Quarterly, Winter, 2017 - Article about a Dolphin 24 Dinghy

At Sea in the City - by William Kornblum - sailing around New York City in a 24' boat

Baha Dreaming, Stories From Another Time, by Rod Kulbach - Rod built and owns Monika, #301

Blue Chip, a Seafarer 23 Kestrel (a Dolphin 24 cousin?)

Blue Gum's Launching - Overcoming the last hurdles of a Falcon 24's rebuild

Big Dot - Winner in Class, 2nd Overall, 1976 Transpac Singlehanded

Bill Shaw Interview, in Sailor Magazine, August, 1985, by Steve Henkel,

Black Book Photos (The) - Some old pictures and more of a 1960 Marscot/O'Day Dolphin

Black Dog wins the Fall Classic Series - racing on the Potomac River (updated February 24, 2016)

Black Dog Chronicles - Summer Racing 2019

Bring Back that Loving Feeling - Article in Sailing Scuttlebutt Newslett

Camden Classics Cup Regatta - 2016

Camden Classic Cup/Dolphin 24 New England Championships - 2017

Camden Classic Cup, 2017 - Gallery

Camden Classic Cup/Dolphin 24 New England Championships - 2018

Camden Classic Cup, 2018 - Gallery

Camden Classic Cup/Dolphin 24 New England Championships - 2019

Camden Classic Cup, 2020 (Cancelled)

Camden Classic Cup 2021

Camden Classic Cup 2022

Canopache - A Love Story

Casandra Rose - A Dolphin Rescue

Case Study, A - by Dolphin24.org staff - a behind the scenes look at Dolphin24.org staff at work

Cherokee at the Museum of Yachting, Newport, Rhode Island - A Dolphin exhibit and the 6 Meter connection

Choosing a Cruising Boat? Go Simple! Rob Paige's Article in Pacific Skipper Magazine, June 1977

Designer Series Project - A tribute to Sparkman & Stephens- 2019 event cancelled - updated November 10, 2018

Dolphin Rendezvous (New England Championships) July 27-29, 2017 Camden Classic Cup Regatta, Camden, Maine

DFI - Dolphin Field Investigator

Dick Rosse's Kalea - A writer's fixation - Three Articles from Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Falling in Love - Again;;;;;; Bridges and Little Sailboats;;;;;; Kalea Twisp

Disappearing Dolphin (A Tale of the) - A trailering story

Dolphin 24 Website Book (updated November 24, 2015)

Dolphins at Sunset

Dolphin II - What's in a name?

DOLPHIN - designed by Nathanael Herreshoff, built 1914

The Dolphin 24 and the J/24

Dolphin Island

Dorade - Olin Stephen's Breakthrough Design

Dorado - Mom's side of the story

Electric Dolphins

Elizabeth's 'Log' - a 2009 cruise from up the Hudson River to Rockland, Maine

Farewell to the Gulf Stream by John Rousmaniere

Festina Lente, with her dolphin friends, sails to the Great Barrier Island, Auckland, New Zealand (a video)

Fiberglass Shaw 24's

Fiveon24 - a family Cruise up the Queensland Coast in a Falcon 24

Fixed Keeled Dolphins - The New Zealand connection

Flipper's Story - Her voyage south, and more

Fred Croft - His Service

Flite - "Snake Eyes" - Our first Forum contact was from Hawaii

Fortman's Marina, Alameda, California - home to 4 Dolphins

'generation x' does mexico - February, 1995 Latitude 38 Magazine article about Kestrel's Baha, Mexico adventure

Gloucester Dolphin - A nice way to end 2020

Good Old Boat Magazine Article - The Yankee Dolphin, By Dyke Williams

Good Old Boat Magazine Review of the Book - Voyaging with Marionette

JATO's Log - Her maiden voyage May 11, 1960

Heavy Weather Sailing - a collection of owner comments

Just Me and My Dolphin - a Solo Cruise - Robin Lee goes to Catalina Island (updated to a PDF Sept 7, 2019)

Harry Anderson - Sailing Icon

Hawkes Bay (almost) Crossing - Summer Wine, a Falcon 24

Huxford, Jim   - The First Dolphin 24 Webmaster (RIP)

Hoyt, Norris D. - Addicted to Sail    A Dolphin 24 story

International 14 Dinghies and the Dolphin 24

Kaloke - A Mermaid 24

Kaloke's Launching - August 2, 2009

Kiwi - A South Pacific cruising Dolphin 24

Lezah's Story - The First Dolphin?

Life is about Balance - Bill Thomas

Loki - The Last Dolphin?

Maine Boats, Harbors and Homes Magazine, March/April, 2021 issue - Marionette cover photo and article

Marionette Stories

A Dolphin Barn;; Log, Summer, 2011 bbAtlantics - The Olin Stephens/Starling Burgess/Dolphin 24 Connection

Newport Cruise, July, 2010;;;;;; Marionette Meets Ragtime - in Maine;;;;;;Going back to, and winning, in Essex

Marionette wins Class at 2008 (and 2010!) (and 2012!!) (and 2015!!!) (and 2021!!!) Off Soundings Club Spring Series - Racing

A Broken Boom Gooseneck, and a couple of related stories ---Greenport, and some Lighthouses

Marionettte goes to Stonington ---A Tour of Great Harbor, Mt Desert Island, Maine, on Tortuga

Marionette's Log, Summer, 2014 ...Marionette's Delivery, Blue Hill Maine to Buck's Harbor

Launching 2015 nnnSparkman & Stephens Association Global Challenge Cup

Marionette's Log, Summer, 2016 .......The Camden Classics Cup, 2016 .......Marionette's Log, Summer 2017

MELE's Rescue - Part 1

Miriam O'Day's Letter - On receipt of Dophin 24 Book #1

Monika, Rod Kulbach's unique Dolphin 24 - San Juan Islands, Washington, and Baja, Mexico

Natine - A Falcon 24 sails from New Zealand to Brittany, France via the Caribbean

Nemo/Charlotte, a 'Historical Blizzard' and the lifeline stanchion replacement project

New England Dolphin 24 Championships, July 27-29, 2017 - Camden, Maine

A Photo Gallery of this event

New Zealand Bareboat Charter - a webmaster's memorable vacation

No Travel Lift DIY Lift System - Living dangerously?

Off Soundings Club - Charles J. Koch Trophy - Racing Dolhins in the 1960's and 70s

Olin Stephen's Visit - January 7, 2008 - To review the site, and possible book

Olin Stephens - a Memorial

Outlaw 26, a fin keeled O'Day built boat named Windswept, with Dolphin like features

Photos of Racing Dolphins

Porpoise - PeachBlossom Cr - a developing story

Racing at Sea - Chapter by Bill Shaw

Reading List - A suggested reading list from the Dolphin 24 Website Forum

Reading List (Another) - A partial list of books used as reference materials for this website

Reading List (Still Another) The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told: Twenty-Seven Unforgettable Stories, by Christopher Caswell

Redhed's Story - Marscot/O'Day #20

Relish, A-91, A Dolphin connection

Restoration of Half Mine - a 1962 pictorial

Rick Kennedy (Boethius, Yankee #149) 'Stories' (updated May 7, 2022)

Boethius and the Blue Whale ---Boethius to Eel Point, San Clemente Island----Mooring Mishap during el Nino

Boethius (Log of), Pilgrimage to the Yankee Dolphin Homeland of Santa Ana----"Refreshing as a Great Rock"

Rick Kennedy on Teaching California History from a Sailboat (youtube video)

Rick Kennedy - Eerdman's Author Interview Series (youtube video)

Winds of Santa Ana, Chapter 1-3 - a work in progress vvBoethius cruise March 3-5, 2019

Boethius Cruise - May, 2019

Winds of Santa Ana, Rick Kennedy's book about sailing Boethius on the coast of Southern Caifornia

Robot Dolphin - A Reuters article

ROWDY's Road Trip - 2000 miles, Patchogue, Long Island, New York to San Antonio, Texas

ROWDY's Re-Launching - How to, and How not to get wet

Sailing Anarchy Forum quotes Oct/Nov 2015 re the passing of John Shumaker, founder of Yankee Yacht

Salty - an S&S NY32

Sea Nymph - the company and men people who built the SS 24 in New Zealand

Seminole - Right around the corner...

Setting up Barbara Jane, Yankee #141 (for ocean cruising)

Service - Fred Scott/Paper Moon

Simply Brilliant - an extraordinary 7 minute Mystic Seaport video of Olin Stephens and his life with boats

Small Craft Advisor Magazine Nov/Dec, 2015, seven page Cover Article about Dolphin 24s, featuring Lon Zimmerman's Blue Dolphin, Yankee #246

Sorrento (Maine) Dolphins

Southwinds Magazine Article about the restoration of Conch Pearl, Marscot/O'Day #16

Sparkman & Stephens' 75th Anniversary - 2004 at Mystic Seaport - Celebration, and a good time too!

Sparkman & Stephens Association

Sparkman & Stephens Association Membership

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2009 Yearbook, Memorial Edition - Dick Beals and Think Big, a Feature Story

Sparkman & Stephens Association Global Challenge Trophy Award - 2008, 1st Dorade, 2nd Marionette; 2010, Marionette 1st; 2016, Marionette 1st!!!; 2018 Marionette 1st!!!

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2016 Global Challenge Cup Winner - Marionette

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2016 Yearbook Article - Marionette - 55 years young, still winning, still pretty

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2017 Yearbook Articles - The Camden Classics Cup, Camden/Penobscot Bay, Maine US

Sparkman & Stephens 2018 Yearbook with articles of interest to Dolphinites

Sparkman & Stephens 2019 Yearbook - Article from Marionette's Log, 2018

Sparkman & Stephens Association Member Yachts - Marionette - updated March 13, 2020

Sparkman & Stephens 2020 Yearbook - Article - Why the Book - updated May 18, 2020

Sparkman & Stephens Member Yachts page - Marionette article - updated October 18, 2020

Sparkman & Stephens 2021 Yearbook - another Marionette book related article - updated May 9, 2021

Sparkman & Stephens 2023 Yearbook - Farewell to Marionette article - updated May 14, 2023

Spirit of Auckland - a 36 day cruise on a container ship from Melbourne, Australia to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Solo Sail in the Artic   - a 'live' adventure story an attempt to solo sail the Northwest Passage

Sorrento (Maine) Dolphins

Spalpeen, (The sinking of) - by Horace J Fuller

Spectra - A Pretty Lady has needs

Spectra has slipmates

Starling Burgess - an Olin Stephen's Connection

Stephens Waring Yacht Design article written about the Dolphin 24 (updated December 4, 2017)

Sunchaser - Back from the deep!

SuperNova - The guys who know how to tell a website story

The Big Boat - a Big move in the South Pacific

The Man in the Red Checkered Shirt - a mystery solved

'TEER, Building Marionette's Dinghy - A consequence of a restoring a 'pretty boat'

'TEER goes to the Wooden Boat Show

Thirteenth Website Anniversary, March 26, 2020, and Counting......,

Tiana, a touching story

The Rachael K - Memories - Jim Kurt's family looks back

The Sea and the Wind that Blows - an essay by E. B. White - For Dolphin soloists

Think Big - just a great story

Trophies - a start

US Yachts 27, and the Grampian Yachts Connection

Volcano Eruption, White Island, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Voyaging with Marionette (the book by Ron Breault, Dolpfin24.org webmaster

Western Wind Eastern Shore, A Sailing Cruise around the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, by Robert de Gast - Robert owned Timesweep, Yankee #214

Weekend cruise to Catalina Island - Robin Lee, a photo log

What's in a Name? - check it out

White Mist - S&S design #911 - a gene provider to our Dolphins

Wilmette Harbor Dolphin Fleet - 15 Dolphins!! (updated October 16, 2020)

Wilmette Digitals - a picture - digitally altered photos

Wikipedia - The Dolphin 24 has arrived

Winds of Santa Ana, Rick Kennedy's book about sailing Boethius on the coast of Southern Caifornia

Wooden Boat Show, DFI Report, June 23, 2018

Yankees - the Irv and Exy Johnson boats and books, and much more! (updated May 11, 2018)


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