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Stories - Click the link - September 11, 2017 - a continuing work in progress  

There are too many 'stories' to list them on the conventional link on the left. They are listed here alphabetically - click to go to them.

Aboard MORC Winner - by Ralph Heinzerling, June, 1967 One Design & Off Shore Yachtsman

Addicted to Sail, by Norris Hoyt

Aqua Hunter 23, built by Palmer Scott, 2nd to Dick Bertrum's Moppie in the 1960 Miami - Nausau Race

America's Cup - Where is it? (Updated September 25, 2013)

Ariadne - A Shaw 24 circumnavigates Vancouver Island A Many Windowed Sea

At Sea in the City - by William Kornblum - sailing around New York City in a 24' boat

Baha Dreaming, Stories From Another Time, by Rod Kulbach - Rod built and owns Monika, #301

Blue Gum's Launching - Overcoming the last hurdles of a Falcon 24's rebuild

Big Dot - Winner in Class, 2nd Overall, 1976 Transpac Singlehanded

Bill Shaw Interview, in Sailor Magazine, August, 1985, by Steve Henkel,

Black Book Photos (The) - Some old pictures and more of a 1960 Marscot/O'Day Dolphin

Black Dog wins the Fall Classic Series - racing on the Potomac River (updated February 24, 2016)

Boethius and the Blue Whale

Boethius to Eel Point, San Clemente Island

Bring Back that Loving Feeling - Article in Sailing Scuttlebutt Newsletter

The Camden Classics Cup - 2016

Canopache - A Love Story

Casandra Rose - A Dolphin Rescue

Case Study, A - by Dolphin24.org staff - a behind the scenes look at Dolphin24.org staff at work

Cherokee at the Museum of Yachting, Newport, Rhode Island - A Dolphin exhibit and the 6 Meter connection

Choosing a Cruising Boat? Go Simple! Rob Paige's Article in Pacific Skipper Magazine, June 1977

Dolphin Rendezvous (New England Championships) July 27-29, 2017 Camden Classic Cup Regatta, Camden, Maine

DFI - Dolphin Field Investigator

Dick Rosse's Kalea - A writer's fixation - Three Articles from Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Falling in Love - Again;;;;;; Bridges and Little Sailboats;;;;;; Kalea Twisp

Disappearing Dolphin (A Tale of the) - A trailering story

Dolphin 24 Website Book (updated November 24, 2015)

Dolphins at Sunset

Dolphin II

Dorade - Olin Stephen's Breakthrough Design - updated August 2, 2015

Dorado - Mom's side of the story

Elizabeth's 'Log' - a 2009 cruise from up the Hudson River to Rockland, Maine

Fiberglass Shaw 24's

Fiveon24 - a family Cruise up the Queensland Coast in a Falcon 24

Fixed Keeled Dolphins - The New Zealand connection

Flipper's Story - Her voyage south, and more

Flite - "Snake Eyes" - Our first Forum contact was from Hawaii

Fortman's Marina, Alameda, California - home to 4 Dolphins

'generation x' does mexico - February, 1995 Latitude 38 Magazine article about Kestrel's Baha, Mexico adventure

Good Old Boat Magazine Article - The Yankee Dolphin, By Dyke Williams

JATO's Log - Her maiden voyage May 11, 1960

Heavy Weather Sailing - a collection of owner comments

Just Me and My Dolphin - a Solo Cruise - Robin Lee goes to Catalina Island

Hawkes Bay (almost) Crossing - Summer Wine, a Falcon 24

Huxford, Jim   - The First Dolphin 24 Webmaster (RIP)

Hoyt, Norris D. - Addicted to Sail    A Dolphin 24 story

International 14 Dinghies and the Dolphin 24

Kaloke - A Mermaid 24

Kaloke's Launching - August 2, 2009

Kiwi - A South Pacific cruising Dolphin 24

Lezah's Story - The First Dolphin?

Loki - The Last Dolphin?

Marionette Stories

A Dolphin Barn;; Log, Summer, 2011 bbAtlantics - The Olin Stephens/Starling Burgess/Dolphin 24 Connection

Newport Cruise, July, 2010;;;;;; Marionette Meets Ragtime - in Maine;;;;;;Going back to, and winning, in Essex

Marionette wins Class at 2008 (and 2010!) (and 2012!!) (and 2015!!!) Off Soundings Club Spring Series - Racing

A Broken Boom Gooseneck, and a couple of related stories ---Greenport, and some Lighthouses

Marionettte goes to Stonington ---A Tour of Great Harbor, Mt Desert Island, Maine, on Tortuga

Marionette's Log, Summer, 2014 ...Marionette's Delivery, Blue Hill Maine to Buck's Harbor

Launching 2015 nnnSparkman & Stephens Association Global Challenge Cup

Marionette's Log, Summer, 2016 .......The Camden Classics Cup, 2016 .......Marionette's Log, Summer 2017

MELE's Rescue - Part 1

Miriam O'Day's Letter - On receipt of Dophin 24 Book #1

Monika, Rod Kulbach's unique Dolphin 24 - San Juan Islands, Washington, and Baja, Mexico

Mooring Mishap during el Nino - by Rick Kennedy (Boethius, Yankee #149)

Natine - A Falcon 24 sails from New Zealand to Brittany, France via the Caribbean

Nemo/Charlotte, a 'Historical Blizzard' and the lifeline stanchion replacement project

New England Dolphin 24 Championships, July 27-29, 2017 - Camden, Maine - updated August 10, 2017

A Photo Gallery of this event

New Zealand Bareboat Charter - a webmaster's memorable vacation

No Travel Lift DIY Lift System - Living dangerously?

Off Soundings Club - Charles J. Koch Trophy - Racing Dolhins in the 1960's and 70s

Olin Stephen's Visit - January 7, 2008 - To review the site, and possible book

Olin Stephens - a Memorial

Outlaw 26, a fin keeled O'Day built boat named Windswept, with Dolphin like features

Photos of Racing Dolphins

Porpoise - PeachBlossom Cr - a developing story

Racing at Sea - Chapter by Bill haw

Reading List - A suggested reading list from the Dolphin 24 Website Forum

Reading List (Another) - A partial list of books used as reference materials for this website

Reading List (Still Another) The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told: Twenty-Seven Unforgettable Stories, by Christopher Caswell

Redhed's Story - Marscot/O'Day #20

"Refreshing as a Great Rock" - An essay by Rick Kennedy, Boethius

Restoration of Half Mine - a 1962 pictorial

ROWDY's Road Trip - 2000 miles, Patchogue, Long Island, New York to San Antonio, Texas

ROWDY's Re-Launching - How to, and How not to get wet

Salty - an S&S NY32

Sea Nymph - the company and men people who built the SS 24 in New Zealand

Seminole - Right around the corner...

Setting up Barbara Jane, Yankee #141 (for ocean cruising)

Simply Brilliant - an extraordinary 7 minute Mystic Seaport video of Olin Stephens and his life with boats

Small Craft Advisor Magazine Nov/Dec, 2015, seven page Cover Article about Dolphin 24s, featuring Lon Zimmerman's Blue Dolphin, Yankee #246

Sparkman & Stephens' 75th Anniversary - 2004 at Mystic Seaport - Celebration, and a good time too!

Sparkman & Stephens Association

Sparkman & Stephens Association Membership

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2009 Yearbook, Memorial Edition - Dick Beals and Think Big, a Feature Story

Sparkman & Stephens Association Global Challenge Trophy Award - 2008, 1st Dorade, 2nd Marionette; 2010, Marionette 1st; 2016 Marionette 1st!

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2016 Yearbook Article - Marionette - 55 years young, still winning, still pretty

Sparkman & Stephens Association 2017 Yearbook Articles - The Camden Classics Cup, Camden/Penobscot Bay, Maine US

Spirit of Auckland - a 36 day cruise on a container ship from Melbourne, Australia to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Solo Sail in the Artic   - a 'live' adventure story an attempt to solo sail the Northwest Passage

Sorrento (Maine) Dolphins

Spectra - A Pretty Lady has needs

Spectra has a new slipmate

Starling Burgess - an Olin Stephen's Connection

Stephens Waring Yacht Design article written about the Dolphin 24

Sunchaser - Back from the deep!

SuperNova - The guys who know how to tell a website story

The Big Boat - a Big move in the South Pacific

The Man in the Red Checkered Shirt - a mystery solved

'TEER, Building Marionette's Dinghy - A consequence of a restoring a 'pretty boat'

'TEER goes to the Wooden Boat Show

Tenth Anniversary, March 26, 2017

Tiana, a touching story

The Rachael K - Memories - Jim Kurt's family looks back

The Sea and the Wind that Blows - an essay by E. B. White - For Dolphin soloists

Think Big - just a great story

Trophies - a start

US Yachts 27, and the Grampian Yachts Connection

Western Wind Eastern Shore, A Sailing Cruise around the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, by Robert de Gast - Robert owned Timesweep, Yankee #214

Weekend cruise to Catalina Island - Robin Lee, a photo log

Wilmette Harbor Dolphin Fleet - 15 Dolphins!! (updated September 10, 2016)

Wilmette Digitals - a picture - digitally altered photos

Wikipedia - The Dolphin 24 has arrived

Yankees - the Irv and Exy Johnson boats and books, and much more! (updated January 17, 2016)


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