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Dolphin24.org Website - 10 Years On March 26, 2017  

March 26, 2017. Today we celebrate the 10 years that Dolphin24.org has been on line. Our Cover Page, http://dolphin24.org/ went up on March 26, 2007.

For the website wonks here's some statistics. We have just under 10,000 files up on the website totalling 1.9 gigabits of data, organized under the master indexes at the left side of this page. In 2016 we had 26,554 visiters, of which 54% were returning users. They spent an average of 4.5 minutes on each visit to the site, viewing an average of 4.2 pages. (stats based on Google Analytics) The webmaster's website computer data backup files - emails, photos, notes, references, etc. - are organized in 18,543 files containing 16.6 gigabits of data.

At this date we believe there were 301 Dolphins built. And, at this date we have 228 confirmed "found" Dolphins, of which 14 are no longer with us. We have also found a significant number of 'counsins' - Shaw 24's, S&S 24s and Falcon 24s, and one sibling Mermaid 24.



Thanks to our owners, past owners, crew, website visiters and the many others who helped us get here.

Dolphin24.org website staff














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