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Rosters Overview  

This is an evolutionary effort to list Dolphins and their close cousins alphabetically by name(s) and hull #/builder, and, where we have info on that boat, directly link her to her own page. It will be complicated by the facts that there appears to have been no central control system for hull numbers, and many boats do not have known hull numbers. We are trying to keep both Rosters current and cross linked but if you have a name and/or a hull number check both Rosters.

A further complication is that the definition of builder is flexible. The term 'hull number' implies that the builder is the one who builds the hull. O'Day supplied several (many?) "kits" of parts to individuals and other boat companies - from a bare hull to a hull/deck assembly, sometimes with rudders, centerboards, etc. These were completed with various interiors by the individual or builder.

As examples of the problem, F.L. Tripp & Sons in Westport, MA 'built' 4 or 5 Dolphins from fiberglass parts supplied by O'Day but there does not appear to be a 'hull number' from either company. Yankee Yachts' first boat #71, was actually built on a hull supplied by O'Day. These boats are respectively considered Tripp or Yankee boats. On the other hand Marionette, O'Day hull # 12, was built in Phil Zerega's backyard on an O'Day supplied bare hull - but we consider this an O'Day built boat. The reason for the difference is that Yankee and Tripp were, or became builders. Phil had only one customer, him .

Because of the passage of time the listed dates of manufacture, as reported by the owners or on owners’ registrations, are sometimes suspect. On early nameplates no date of manufacture was provided - builders often resisted placing dates of manufacture on their hulls as they perceived that customers would want the latest date devaluing a boat produced in the latter months of the year. As more Dolphin owners register their boats with the website the numbers themselves help position the boats within a logical year of manufacture.

Lunn built Dolphins do have hull numbers but their number sequence starts at 200, complicating things as Yankee built boats have hull numbers in the 200 – 250 range. So, we have incorporated an “L” in Lunn hull numbers to help make identification easier. It should be noted here that the Lunn built boats had nameplates indicating that the boats were built by Lunn for US Yachts, O'Day's marketing/sales affiliate. A complicated, and mysterious situation....

For more on Nameplates and Hull Numbers, click here.

Mermaid 24s, S&S 24s, Falcon 24s and Shaw 24s are close cousin boats and will be logged in on the alphabetical index with their type indicated in the hull # column. In addition, for S&S 24s and Falcon 24s we have an alphabetical Roster dedicated to these New Zealand built boats. To go to the New Zealand Home Page, click here.

To go to the Alphabetical Roster - Click here

To go to the Hull Number Roster - Click here

To go to the New Zealand Roster - Click here

How many boats were built by Marscot/O'Day?

In May, 2009 we postulated a 'Theory' regarding the number of boats built by Marscot/O'Day. It went like this:

As we know, O'Day production was interrupted in the latter part of 1960, reportedly because of a fire. They contracted  Lunn Laminates to build 25 boats starting in early 1961. We have good evidence of this from Ralph Heinzerling Jack Rabbit, and from Roy Berg, former Chief Engineer at Lunn.

A basic question was/is - how many boats did O'Day build in 1960? Initial governing theory was that it was perhaps 13-14 boats, even though some boats, ie (Bodes Well, # 29), were reported to be built in 1960. Stan Barnes (Shaman, # 25) thought his boat may have been built in 1960.

Except for possibly Courtship, # 42? there were no O'Day built boats listed between hull # 29 and # 56, a very interesting gap of 27 boats. Courtship was reported by last known owner Donna Johnson as a 1972 Yankee # 42. Since Yankee started its numbers with #71 its pretty certain this hull # is incorrect  - and we have repositioned this boat in the Roster.

Casandra Rose, # 56 is reported to have been built in 1962, possibly making her one of the first boats O'Day built after Lunn finished their production run.

Could this gap of 27 hull numbers be the 'space" that Lunn filled with their 25 boats? It has been over 2 years that we have been searching and no boats have surfaced in this space. This now seems likely, so following the scientific method we modified our theory to fit what we think we then knew, and made the necessary changes in Number of Dolphins Built by Whom and When and in our Roster by Hull Number

So what's happened since then? Fred Croft's Flipper, O'Day # 41 checked in, that's what! Fred sent us a photo of the nameplate to confirm that Flipper was O'Day Corporation # 41. He has other information indicating that the boat was built in 1961.

So it seems there was O'Day production between Bodes Well, #29 and Casandra Rose # 56. And if so, the theory that O'Day reserved 25 hull numbers to allow for Lunn's 25 boats may not hold water.

Another, previously unreported tidbit - Roy Berg, Lunn's Chief Engr, reported that a customer refused to take delivery of a black hull boat sometime in 1961 and 'went elsewhere'?? and got a Dolphin. Where could this be? except for O'Day??? Related to this, Matt Colie, whose father was the first owner of Sambo, later Odile, reported in a 1998 email we have a copy of, that they had ordered their boat from Lunn and refused it because of some quality problems. He said they then went to Marscot in Fall River and got their boat!!??

Both Odile and Flipper had the fiberglass teak capped coaming, and wider tapering companionway, characteristic of O'Day's 1962 and later production.

It may be that O'Day had uncompleted boats, hulls and parts and that they were able to produce a couple of boats, perhaps incorporating a design change, while Lunn was building their 25 boats. The Marscot/O'Day hull, deck, cabin and cockpit molds, presumably, were at Lunn. Following the scientific method rules, we should search for a new theory that fits the 'evidence' we now have. Having not been able to come up with one we'll stay with our current theory and we will consider Odile and Flipper anomalies that will be explained in coming years.. Stay tuned






















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