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2018 Camden Classic Cup/Dolphin 24 New England Championships Photo Gallery - updated August 13, 2018  

August 12, 2018 Weather for taking photos and video was not great, and we were missing some of last year's all star photographers, but here's what we have - and we are standing by for more imput.

Click here to go to our webpage for this regatta. Click on many of the photos below for larger images. Here's a very short video to get us started https://www.facebook.com/CamdenClassicsCup/videos/1894794007246184/

We'll start with this 'uplifting' photo - the Regatta raised $25,000 for LifeFlight of Maine, the emergency (by air) medical transportation service http://www.lifeflightmaine.org/Home.aspx - Drew Lyman, president of Lyman Morse, presenting the check at the awards ceremony

6:15AM Departure from Old Lyme, Connecticut on Tuesday, July 24

Welcome to Maine!

Arrival in Camden 12 Noon

foggy, rain.....

Launch in Camden, Tuesday July 24

setting up

Little Haste arriving for her launch

Recovery launched

DOLPHIN launched - pod formed - fog....

Nice neighbors......

Recovery crew relaxing....

Marionette crew Mike and his buddies at the Taste of Maine Restaurant

Marionette crew Ron at the Rhumb Line Restaurant

Above - Recovery going out to practice in heavy fog, guided by advanced Garmin technology

Right - webmaster Ron checking out Marionette's dinghy, 'TEER

pretty boat

Camden inner harbor

Marionette's dodger

Its not all work and no play!

Marionette's crew attended a performance of Shakespeare's 12th Night by Camden's Shakespeare Festival players -


It must be said here that Lyman Morse and crew know how to throw a party....

Left - Free Champagne and hors d'oeuvres,

Above - Webmaster reporting on Lobstah Tub presentation to start regatta festivities at the dockside Rhumb Line Restaurant

Stay tuned, more pics, parade, etc., coming - this will take a while

August 13, 2018 - Part Two

Prepared - just in case.......

12 Foot Tide at Camden

Spring lines needed

Beer break needed

Above - Friday morning 9AM Skipper's Meeting

followed by

right - Getting ready for The Parade of Sail -10:30AM

Foggy out on Penobscot Bay......

no pictures???.......


Early morning fog

This Official Program booklet (34 pages) was given out containing brief histories/photos of competitors

Here's the Dolphin 24 part (Staff is working on improving the images)

Due to heavy fog at her homeport at Spruce Head Island Maya Elena never made it to the starting line

Due to last minute life pressures DOL FYN had to drop out

And, lastly! our Class winner, Little Haste. She did not get her stuff into the booklet editors on time - here's a mock up

Little Haste

Vessel Owner: Kevin McManus

Captain and Crew: Kevin McManus, Nick Burke, Christopher McManus

Shore Crew: Sheila McManus, Ron Bates

Vessel Designer: Sparkman & Stephens

Year Built: 1970

Vessel Type: Sloop

LOA: 24'; Beam 7'8";

Draft: Board up 2'10"; Board down 5'2"

Little Haste is the former Canopache and she spent many years out on Cape Cod. She is now ready for Maine


The Parade was organized alphabetically so Marionette followed Marileee (right).

The competing boats (67 entries) gathered in the outer harbor then followed the principal race committee boat back into the inner harbor past spectators lined up on shore - see photo below

When the individual boats past the head of the harbor and turned to head back out, an announcer read off the 'history' of each boat as described in the Parade of Sail

Stay tuned - we are standing by for 'official' photos from the organizers, and others



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