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The Restoration of Ed Fellow's and Bob Valentine's Half Mine II, Huntington, Long Island, New York - updated September 10, 2012

May 9, 2012. Don Fellows, one of Ed Fellows three kids, sent in a DVD containing an early 1960's, 30 minute, 8mm film of the restoration of Half Mine (Click to go to her page). The film quality is marginal but good enough to see what this team acomplished. It will take a little time to get digital screen shots, crop and resize, enhance where possible, and get the right captions (with the help of Don, Bob and Nancy). This installment represents the first 10 minutes of the film.

We first found out about this boat when Doug Berg told us of another Dolphin 24 that was in Huntington Harbor back in the early 1960's with his dad's Black Dolphin. It belonged to an Ed Fellows who had purchased a fire damaged Dolphin. Doug told us Ed was a shop teacher in the Huntington school district and that he had done a beautiful restoration of the boat with co-owner, Bob Valentine.

Webmaster Note: June 6, 2012. Selected photo identification credits to Jo Anne, Bob Valentine's daughter. One will note this project had a lot of moral support from the local school teachers!

Badly damaged in Brown's Marina Fire (1962?)

Damaged cabin top and deck
Old deck
fiberglass cloth - Bob Valentine
resin application - Bob & Ed Fellows (with cap)

Who is this? Bob Valentine

a new deck from Lunn Laminates
nice little boatyard project

who said that this couldn't be done.... Bob (left) and Ed

leaving room for a little glue
a piece of cake - Ed

Intermission - Stay tuned - 20 minutes to go

May 11, 2012 Here's the next 10 minutes. Not necessarily in chronological order....

a new pulpit
Ed planing the hand rail
Bob and Ed's new Palmer inboard engine
a tight sqeeze
new gas tank
new coaming winch pad
a new hand pump?
no, a work of art
new bulkhead panel - note fastenings
paint spraying circa early 1960's
work crew - Music Teacher Faith Boone and Ed
inspector - Gym teacher, Miss Saunders
the boss? Nope, the English teacher, Allison Forrest

---- Intermission - 10 mintes to go -----

May 12, 2012. Finale

Ed Fellows inspecting the new? tiller
Lazarette hatch air scoop?
Ed's art lessons paying off
more serious art by Jo Anne (Valentine)
Bob Valentine bottom painting
bottom seat

On her way to the travel lift

Nancy Fellows - For a larger view click here
What this is? - a Half Mine christening gift - sailboat picture
Gotta like this one
Half Mine II - For larger view Click here

What can you say?

Well Done!!

September 10, 2012. In response to a number of follow up questions for this story Jo Anne (Valentine) Powell sent in a couple of sub title corrections and the following comment (excerpted)

Bob and Ed were an amazing partnership; both, having gone to Oswego Normal School for Industrial Arts, could do anything!  Since Bob was a Pan American Captain, their schedules were very different which was ideal in sharing the use of the boat.

It's really too bad neither is here to answer your questions.  They both would have loved to see the website

Jo Anne (Valentine) Powell

Some still outstanding questions - Where is Half Mine today? What is her hull #? What is the significance of the number 32 on her mainsail?



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