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Dolphins at Sunset, and More - updated February 25, 2021  

January 25, 2012. This might be a bit off our normal story line but webmasters have their prerogatives... Recently there has been some publicity about large numbers of dolphins beaching themselves on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This may be a coincidental stretch but 'our Dolphin' was conceived on the northwestern edge of these waters - in Boston where George O'Day had his office. Anyway, I thought Dolphinites might be interested.

And, Marionette's sailing route to Maine is up Buzzards Bay, through the Cape Cod Canal and up through Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay to Cape Ann at the top center of the picture, then on into the Bay of Maine. Without fail, on four trips, we have had dolphins dancing in our bow wave while sailing through this area.

There is, of course, local newspaper coverage on this matter but the article selected by your webmaster for this story ran this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald - yes, that's Sydney, Australia!! A tip of the hat to our internationality....


Mass Dolphin Strandings at Cape Cod

At least 85 dolphins have beached themselves in a shallow inlet of a US nature reserve at Cape Cod, officials said on Tuesday, adding that the cause of the mass strandings remained a mystery.

A spokesman for the International Fund for Animal Welfare said the huge number of beached mammals over the last two weeks, with most of them dying, was close to the amount usually recorded in the course of a year.

"We had a total of 85 confirmed strandings since January 12 and that number might be as high 101," AJ Cady said. "There are still about 16 dolphins reported in difficult locations we haven't been able to confirm."

"Of that number 35 were still alive. Fifty of them were dead by the time we reached them," Cady said.

The strandings took place in the area of Wellfleet and Eastham, which is notorious for sandbanks and twisting channels, just south of the famous hook of Cape Cod on the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts. The area is the location of coastal and marine nature preserves and is famous for its population of endangered North Atlantic right whales and other sea life.

Cady said that the large number was "very unusual. In an average year we might handle a total of 120 dolphins over the course of the entire year and now we are almost at that number in a little over a week."

Cady said there were different theories why dolphins - like their cousins the whales - sometimes beach themselves in large numbers. "One [theory] is that they just get lost. We're wondering if they were following food, a school of fish, and got trapped," he said.

"They are very sociable animals. They stay together as a group if one gets in trouble, you tend to see the whole family group get stranded at the same time because they try to stay together."

The closing lines of this article had a kind of fatalistic sound to it and I was 'uncomfortable' reading it. So, I cruised around the Internet world of Dolphins, and found, I think, the right ending for a story like this -

******** Credit Discovery News **********


February 25, 2021 On Facebook yesterday - they made it to our Dolphin page....


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