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Life is about Balance - Bill Thomas  

.May 12, 2019. We got the following email from Bill Thomas, a boat builder and teacher, and owner of Ruby, Marscot/O'Day #4.


 Bill Thomas: Maker. LLC bill@billthomaswoodworking.com




ronbreault ronbreault@cs.com




A Fox Canoe on a beach in Maine. You have two opportunities to build a Fox in a class this summer!

Spring has been slow in coming, but it is coming. On its heals will be summer and time on the road leading classes. I'll be teaching 7 weeks between now and early September. A full calendar for sure but the classes I get to teach, the students I meet, and the places I get to work, I can hardly wait to get started.

There are two opportunities to take a build your own Fox Canoe class this summer. The first is in late June at Peters Valley in the Delaware Water Gap. This is a beautiful location and a great opportunity if you are in the mid Atlantic area and have been wanting to build a Fox. Click Here to sign up.. The second Fox class will be in August at The WoodenBoat School in Maine. Another beautiful place to spend a week boatbuilding. Here's the link 

Out in the shop, along with getting close to 20 kits ready for classes, I'm finishing up two kayaks for clients and I have two furniture projects going together. It is going to be a busy spring and summer.



Life is about balance, the things that matter most doled out in appropriate doses. For me I try to balance work with rest, friends with time alone and most important of all, to spend time outside. While teaching I get to travel and camp and in the fall I like to take some longer trips. But for now, when work is narrowing my options for getting away I fall back on short quick hiking or kayaking trips.

Last Tuesday I worked a full day and then tossed a basic kit into the van and headed up to the White Mountains. Found a place to camp, made a simple meal. Built a fire and then slept well. Wednesday I was up early and did a hike into the Great Gulf Wilderness. Dinner out and home by 9. I was gone less than 30 hours and drove less than 200 miles but it feels like I had a real adventure. These short outings to hike or bike or paddle or even just take the van and explore Maine are so important! 

Email me (address above) if you have any questions about this summer's classes. I hope you have a few trips planned and we cross paths on the road or in a class this summer.









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