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Fred Croft (Paper Moon, nee Flipper) - A Memorial Service - updated February 27, 2021  

March 5, 2018. Your webmaster along with his many friends and family members attended a memorial service at Fred Croft's home on Saturday, March 3.

Below and right - the announcement that appeared in the local paper - The Village Soup/Republican Journal

LINCOLNVILLE — Friends and family are welcome to come bid farewell to Fred Croft in his workshop at Fantasy Farm, Carvers Corner in Lincolnville Saturday, March  3, from 4 to 7 p.m

Fantasy Farm at Carvers Corner

Lincolnville, Maine

Fred Croft Service Notice

Attached to this 200 year old house is the 'barn' that was Fred's workshop with wood stove and lots of wood working tools

Guests arriving

Click on these photos for a larger image

Based on the Facebook comments and photos posted in response to the above announcement (numbering over 100 at this date) we selected the following 3 photos to high light Fred life interests.

Fred's last boat was made of wood and was the centerpiece in the workshop.....Kristie, on seeing your webmaster entering the shop, came over and we reminisced. We spoke of our meeting years ago and the delivery of a model to Fred. She decided to go get it, that was it was fitting that this model of Paper Moon, nee Flipper, nee Quartet be at this service, and we placed it on the centerpiece below. Click here to read more about this model and how it got back to Maine. And click here for a larger image

Above - Paper Moon at her mooring in Lincolnville

Above - Paper Moon's mooring area in Lincolnville, March 3, 2018

Clicking on Paper Moon and Flipper, here or at the top of this page, will get the reader to Fred's Dolphin 24 adventures - more pending Kristie's photographs


May 16, 2018. We got a note from Kristie that there will be a gathering of Fred's Martha's Vineyard friends on May 27 at the Gannon and Benjamin Boatyard in Vineyard Haven. She also sent in a couple of Fred keeper photos

Fred clamming at Ducktrap

On Paper Moon

August 5, 2018. During the past week your webmaster was in Camden with Marionette at the Dolphin 24/Camden Classic Cup regatta, and stopped in for a visit with Kristie and Paper Moon. Kristie's been busy and showed me some photo exhibits she put together with some of Fred's highlights. Here they are below.


February 27, 2021. Just in over the transom from dear pals - Kate, Jim, and Kristie

> Lovely remembrances of a special man. It is so gratifying to see that he was loved deeply. Thank you for sharing these memories. Dear pal Fred! xoxo, Kate

> Not a day goes by that something on this island doesnt remind me of Fred. Jim

> On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 11:45 AM Kristie Scott wrote:

February 27, 2018, Fred took his last breath peacefully, my hands over his chest, his body heating my body. A three-quarter moon hung in the western sky. The girls wrapped themselves in blankets and went out under the apple tree to say good-bye to Faux-Pas. Morning arrived, time to bathe Fred with warm towels then slip him into a blue-striped nightshirt and a red silk scarf and his beret. We wrapped him in a linen sheet and the boys carried him out to his workshop. The coffin made by the children was resting on his workbench. A bed of wood chips and fir branches were was his last resting spot. James Taylor playing Take me Home to West Virginia and signing his songs with many candles lit.

Fred was ready to receive his guests. He loved friends stopping by to see what he was doing. His son, Felix, made a wooden box with dovetail corners, taught by his dad. The box was filled with his ashes and is sitting on the French-style cupboard made, of course, by Fred. The plan is to toss his ashes on the clam flats at Ducktrap Harbor on a spring tide, full moon, and a summer evening. What are the chances of that!

Our home is full of his craftsmanship. Tables, cabinets, jelly cupboards, bookshelves. And a reproduction of a Queen Ann side table. Life is different now. The shop is silent, no calls for "dinner is ready", things don't get repaired, and the oil in the car runs a little low. No cruising on Paper Moon out to the islands, so close and yet so far away.




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