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Memories from Dave Kurt - The Rachel K, Bucks Harbor, Maine  

January 25, 2015. Jim Kurt, long time owner of the Rachel K, Marscot?O'Day #4, passed away March 21, 2014. Jim was one of this website's key resources in developing the story of the Dolphin 24, to say nothing of your webmaster's use of his guest mooring many times behind Harbor Island at Bucks Harbor, Maine. Click here to go the The Rachel K's page and the background to this story

Over the past few days Jim's sons, Dave and Larry, teamed up and sent sent in some emails, and photos of Jim, The Rachel K, and the family's Harbor Island which protects Bucks Harbor. The Island is now part of the Maine Conservation Trust.

The following emails are consolidated, excerpted and edited......

Sent: Thu, Jan 22, 2015 8:35 pm
Subject: The Rachel K ! from Larry, Dave and Rachel

How are you, Ron, and your family?

We're on the website and reminiscing about the great days racing and cruising with Jim (Dad). The WIN at the Pine Orchard Overnight race after loosing the rudder**, and many others. The Dolphin is untouchable under hull speed when sailed well!

We'll be up to Bucks Harbor this summer and see you then

All the best from the Kurts

Dave and Larry

*****Webmaster Note: The story of the above referenced Pine Orchard Overnight Race, winning after they lost their rudder. The Kurt family crew's jury rigging a replacement, is covered on The Rachel K's page. It's also repeated here at the bottom of this page


Jan 24, 2015

Hi Ron,

We hope you are well - here's a couple pics of the Rachel K and family

Click on the photos for a larger image - click the return arrow on your browser to get back here

These two above are from a cruise with Dave, Pat and son Daniel when he was 9. He is 33 now and has a baby girl Lydia Rose Kurt. There's a picture at the bottom of this page of Mom - Rachel, Dave, Daniel and wife Amy of Chicago, now. The Island is in the background just barely showing the cottage and lower deck. All gone now. The lower deck to age, and the cottage, due to a lightning strike two years ago which busted up a ledge under and behind the cottage, and incinerated the cottage after a soaking rain. The fast acting Brooksville fire department hosed down the burning site with salt water pumps, sparing the island.

Here's a picture of the lightning strike damage on Harbor Island.

Click on the above photos for a larger image

That's Jim at the site, above left. We couldn't believe it. A case for having lightning rods.... Above right, Dad and Pat on Solace (not a Dolphin - Jim had sold his a couple of years ago).

Above, Jim's sons Larry (left) and Dave (right)

And at left, a great picture of Dad (Jim), while Dave was playing his Folk guitar


Here are some pics of your favorite cruising grounds, Ron...

Above left - the lighthouse at Isle au Haut. Above right - view from the hilltop enroute to Deer Isle (Walkers Pond in the foreground and Penobscot Bay beyond).

Above left - Solace in front of Pumpkin Isle Light House. Right Bucks Harbor Yacht Club, Harbor Island in the background

Jim's wife Rae, for whom The Rachel K is named, Dave, grandson Daniel, and wife Amy

Salutations, Dave and Larry


Here's the Pine Orchard Overnight race/broken rudder story. The crew was Jim, Rae, Dave, Larry and George Loveday (Jim was his George's godfather)

Jim told an interesting story about his aluminum rudder. Seems like The Rachel K was racing in her first overnight race - this being held out on Long Island Sound sometime back in the late 60's/early 70's. They were leading the race and, on the last long beat to the finish line off Pine Orchard Yacht Club in Branford, CT, they lost control of their rudder. The tiller would move but there was no response.

They managed to keep reasonable steering control with the sails, Jim on the main sheet, his son on the jib sheet, while the 2 other 'boys' fashioned a makeshift rudder from the spinnaker pole and the bosun's chair. They finished the race getting the gun and First in their Class..

They made their way in to the docks at Pine Orchard YC, and were tying up when 3 Club officials came over and asked them to move the boat down to another slip on the other side. Without further word out came the 'steering oar', they reversed out of the slip, motored over to the new slip using the oar,  no problem - the 3 officials just watching....

And, here's a picture of Harbor Island - a very special place. Your webmaster's Marionette spent many a night on Jim's guest mooring in the cleft of the island's 'heart", next to The Rachael K.









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