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Stu and Cathy Polhamus's Photo Gallery 2017 Camden Classic Cup/Dolphin 24 New England Championships (updated September 13, 2017)  

August 9, 2017. Stu and Cathy Polhamus left their Dolphin 24, (Equinox, Yankee # 237) back in Virginia, but brought their cameras to the Camden Classic Cup/NE Dolphin 24 Championships. Here are 'some' of the pictures they took - usually you can click on the photos to get a larger image. We added a couple to round out the gallery. An attempt has been made to organize the boats alphabetically....


DOLPHIN (right) and Marionette before the start

Marionette's Battle Flag

Marionette going for the pin end start

Above - Marionette and Recovery at the Camden Harbormaster dock

Left - Marionette at the start


Maya Elena at the start

Camden Hills in the far background

Maya Elena at the Camden Harbormaster Dock

Recovery's crew checking things out

Prestart duelling

And, Lets Not Forget......


Ron Breault/Marionette accepting the (Ron Noe) Dolphin NE Championship Award for 1st Place

Jay Picotte/Recovery accepting the Ed Glover Trophy for 2nd place.

Webmaster Note: That's Stu Polhamus 2nd from right standing next to your webmaster. Cathy is taking the picture


August 10, 2017. Seems like Stu and Cathy are going to have to share this page. Pictures are flooding in over the internet - your webmaster can hardly keep up. We'll start here. Cliff Dasco/Maya Elena forwards a picture of Maya Elena and crew taken by the Camden Herald


It was good to see you at the Pod reunion. Although Bill Benjamin and I did not distinguish ourselves by our ability to find wind, we
did make the Camden Herald!



Just in from the Polhamus' files - here's Marionette's and Recovery's crews rehashing race strategy at the Camden YC post race party. Click here for a larger image

left to right - Recovery crew Michael Burns, Jay Picotte, Michael Gooch-Breault, Ben Picotte, Ron Breault

And, these just in from Jay Picotte and Recovery

I counted 34 seals - On Marionette we never saw one!!! Click here for a larger image

Measuring Recovery's big genoa on the Camden Library lawn - 158.84% - click here for a larger image

Eerie Keepers....

Click on them for larger images

To be continued.....

And these just in - Cliff Dasco sent in a link to that Camden Herald article that had a picture of Maya Elena. Lo and behold they had 2 of Marionette participating in the Parade of Sail! And below them is a photo taken by Ben Picotte on Recovery's Sunday morning crew hike up Mt Battie - look close, 4 Dolphins!

Click here for a larger image

August 12, 2017 Stu sent in a few more. Click on the photos for a larger image

Marionette on Parade

Paper Moon on Parade

Race Committee Boat on Parade



September 2, 2017 This Facebook post by the Camden Classic Cup finally got thru Dolphin security. Its just a short video but the 1st act is Recovery, followed by some wild dancing on awards night at Camden YC to the Jason Spooner band. We'll stick with the Recovery part.....

Below is the Facebook video link


September 13, 2017. The following Marionette 'keeper trophies' just arrived by post. Jay Picotte and Recovery received similar ones - except his plate says 2nd!!

Click on the photos for a larger image






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