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DOLPHIN - Herrshoff designed Newport 29, built 1911  

June 17, 2020. What's in a name????

We've recently had some 'over the transom' emails re Frank Morgan's Dolphin II http://dolphin24.org/dolphin_2rev.html.

Not to be out done Tim Busse, http://dolphin24.org/brigadoon.html posted a 'memory' on Facebook about yet another boat named DOLPHIN, a Newport 29, designed by Nathanael Herreshoff, and built in 1914.

Webmaster Note: Longtime owner John Lockwood was a fellow member of the Off Soundings Club where Marionette has had her share of trophies http://dolphin24.org/marionette_osc_spring_series.html

Click on the above images for a larger view

The following from the Herrshoff Website Model Data page http://www.herreshoff.info/Menu/index.htm?/Docs/S00727_Dolphin.htm

Original text on model:
"#718 cb cruiser Scale 1" July 1912 ALERION N G Herreshoff Bermuda
#732 SADIE 6" more overhang forward and 4" wider 1914
#727, 728 & 737 = DOLPHIN, MISCHIEF & COMET 1914 [Newport 29 Class]
Scale 3/4" Over hangs increased and breadth deck increased 5". Keel." (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model Description:
"21'9" lwl Alerion (III) and Sadie, keel/centerboard cabin sloops of 1913. Also, with change of scale and full keel, the 29' lwl Dolphin, Mischief, and Comet, Newport 29-class sloops of 1914. A 4th boat of the class originally named Paddy (now called Teaser) was launched in 1926. Three of the four still sail and race successfully, Comet having been lost in the Hurricane of 1938. This model also served as the basis for the 31' 6" lwl Fishers Island 31-class sloops of which thirteen were built between 1927 and 1930. Torch, beautifully restored and on display in the Hall of Boats represents this latter class at the Herreshoff Marine Museum." (Source: Bray, Maynard. 2004.)










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