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Mike Paredes' and Nancy Law's Cove Dweller, Yankee #111, Saltworks Creek, Annapolis, Maryland (updated April 26, 2021)

August 13, 2011. Mike and Nancy have purchased Cove Dweller, Yankee #111, from Sophie and Mike Harrison. Their email is below.

Hi Ron,

We're proud new owners of Cove Dweller, hull #111- we just purchased from the Harrisons. More info coming soon. Love our "new" Yankee Dolphin!

Mike Paredes and Nancy Law
Saltworks Creek,
Annapolis, MD

Cove Dweller looks good from every angle. Here she is in her slip at Severn Grove, Annapolis

We received the above photo on August 3, 2012 - it replaces a photo we 'lifted' from a previous owner's page (Todd Phillips) pending receipt of a suitable photo from the new owners. For more pictures and info about Yankee #111 click on the previous owner's pages - Todd Phillips and the Harrisons. Webmaster Note: We note the covers - we'll add this photo to our Technical Section/Covers.


September 24, 2011. Mike posted the following report on the Forum (minor edits)

Wednesday, my wife, Nancy, and I had a sail planned. When we have a sail planned, I tend to pout if we can't go. We live on Saltworks Creek, off of the Severn River in Annapolis, and Cove Dweller (#111) just recently made her home in a slip at our little marina. Winds were forecast to be just 5-6 kts, but increasing a bit. We got down to the boat and it was still as glass, threatening rain, and totally gray. We questioned whether it was worth it to go out. Eventually, I convinced Nance we should just motor out to the river and see. She knew I would be grumpy if we didn't, so she capitulated.

Well, the sail was AWESOME. We got out there, and indeed, it was only 5 kts. But we were sailing. Slowly. Quietly. NOBODY was out there, save an anchored sailboat with a man and a boy on it. Cormorants burst from the still river, flapped their wings and took flight, again and again. Gulls swooped by with fat fish in their beaks. Nancy made slow arcs, easy tacks, relaxed jibes. Forty or so minutes later, I took the helm and guess what? The sun popped out. The wind picked up to 10 kts. Our "washout" of a sail turned nearly perfect. We sailed our first run (we just learned to sail in May).

After another 40 minutes or so of fun, we lowered sail and started the motor - brand new, but it took 8 attempts. We glided into Saltworks Creek. The sun went in and didn't return. It didn't have to, our awesome sail was coming to a close.


March 1, 2012

Mike has posted on the Forum a request for comments/advice on his 'unseated rudder'.

We have incorporated his posts and the subsequent exchange into our Technical/Rudders and Related Section.

Click here to go there


August 26, 2012.

We got the following note and photo from Mike.

Hi Ron,

Here is a photo of Nancy and I on Cove Dweller from last week. It was taken after a sail from the Severn Grove Community Marina in Annapolis. 

Take care…



August 28, 2012. We got the following photos and email from Mike (edited). Click on the photos for a larger view. Click your back arrow to get back here.

Hi Ron, 
I have attached some more photos if you would like to post - I personally love to see photos on the Dolphin24 site. These are from a sunset sail on the Severn River in Annapolis, early August. Thanks again,


Navigation intensity

Dolphins can fly high - look carefully
Sunset on the Severn River


November 28, 2017. Website staff noted that its been a while since we've heard about Cove Dweller so a follow up was in order. Here's the update. We're sure the circumnavigation story and photos will follow.....

Hi Ron-

No major changes, just about to put her to bed for the winter here in MD.  Thx for checking in-

Mike and Nancy


April 26, 2021 - Mike Paredes posted of the Dolphin 24 Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolphin24sailboats



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