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Gerry Keeler's Dolphin 24, Noank, Connecticut  

December 7, 2015. Calling all DFI's. We recently found out about this Dolphin and need to do some research. Please report any info. Standing By

Hi Ron
Yes I did have a Dolphin. I bought it from Spicers in Noank in the late spring of 1985. It pulled out it's mooring anchor, smashed into the riprap, and was severely damaged in September that same year during Hurricane Gloria. Starboard side completely stove in. I took the insurance money and bought the Pearson Wanderer which I sailed for the next 21 years.

The Dolphin was later purchased and repaired by a local in Groton, but don't know who. The boat had no name and I no longer have the bill of sale, insurance info or any other documentation. I don't remember what type it was or the hull number. It was white. I might have a picture of it. I'll search today.

Sorry...it was a long time ago and I didn't have it for very long. Nice boat though. Loved it.

Gerry Keeler








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