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Ty Katibah's Fin, Yankee #107, FOR SALE Jacksonville, Oregon (updated April 24, 2019)  

The following ad was posted on Craigslist (minor edit) Craigslist - link updated - lots of great pics

1967 Yankee Dolphin 24 Sailboat - $6000 (Central Point/Oregon)

condition: excellent

Classic Sparkman Stephens design. Hull number 107. She was designed in the 60's to be an mini-ocean racer. This Dolphin is arguably the most famous of its class. It has sailed to Hawaii, The Marquesas, Tahiti and back to the west coast by a former owner. Comes with a double axle trailer and a fantastic mast raising system. Check out the fleet at Dolphin 24 .org. She is ready to sail. Email for more details.


More photos on Craigslist website


November 3, 2013. Ty Katibah checked in as the new owner of Yankee #107. Formerly, she was Fanny, owned by Deb and Greg Davis and homeported at Flathead Lake, Somers, Montana

Hi Ron,
I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I am the new and  very proud owner of Hull #107.  I purchased Fanny, (formerly Kiwi) from Deb and Greg Davis in  Somers Montana.  She is now back on the west coast in southern Oregon.  Thanks for providing a place for dolphin lovers to learn about there history, share stories and exchange information.
Ty Katibah

This is a blue water boat with a past worth reading about. Before she was Fanny she was Charlie Nogel's Kiwi and sailed the South Pacific- click here to go to Fanny and start checking out her story. We'll reserve a place here for Ty's picture of Fin in her new home but in the meantime we'll use one of Fanny with the Rocky Mountains in the background


November 19, 2013. Your webmaster and Ty have exchanged emails on various topics. He has decided on a new name for #107 and is looking to find a stern pulpit for her. Here is his email, consolidated/edited

Hi Ron

Is there an existing stern pulpit out there designed for a Dolphin or possibly one for another boat (something like a Catalina 22 or 25) that could be retrofitted on a dolphin?

Webmaster reply: I don't have any info about retrofitting stern pulpits on to Dolphins from other, similar boats. As you probably know many of the Dolphin 24s did not have them. You might sketch out your transom footprint and try a marine consignment/used parts store, get lucky and find something. Look around the website for ideas if you decide to go with a new one - there some pretty sophisticated ones here http://www.dolphin24.org/ladders.html

Thanks. I also see a lot of stern pulpits on Dolphins so maybe I'll try contacting some of those owners (via the Forum) to see where they found them. I live in Jacksonville, Oregon about 3 hours from Brookings which is the southern most town on the Oregon coast.

Also I have decided to change the name of "Fanny" to "Fin" for the obvious reasons and also to acknowledge our connection to Finisterre.


Webmaster Note - November 21, 2013: Ty's decision, and reason, for changing #107's name to Fin prompted staff to check out what had happened to Finisterre - and we found out on the Sparkman & Stephens Italian website. She's alive and well sailing in the Adriatic. We updated Finisterre's page - click here for that story - and told Ty. Here is his reply;

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the update. Finesterre and Carlton Mitchell were my very first sailing idols. When I was a teenager I remember thumbing through my Dad's "Sports Illustrated" magazine and found an article about Finesterre's success in the Newport/Bermuda Races. Later articles in National Geographic and one of Carlton's books "Isles of the Caribbee's." closed the deal. I was hooked, and have been, ever since.

I am glad to hear that Finesterre is still out there. I was not able to confirm that before now.

Thanks again,



March 5, 2014. We got the following update from Ty

Hi Ron,
Fin has been undergoing a minor refit and things are going pretty well. I was inspecting the rudder shaft recently and noticed some corrosion powder and minor pitting on the shaft just above the fittings where the shaft enters the hull. I am assuming the shaft is bronze? If so the seal fittings may be bronze or brass? Do you have any information about this seal set up. I didn't want to put a wrench on it until I had a bit of information. I am concerned about leakage here and would like to take preventative measures before I launch this spring. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ty

Webmaster Note: This is the kind of email our legal dept gets nervous about....Here is our reply.

Ideally, all these components are high quality (naval) bronze and have galvanic protection. However, sometimes they are not. And there are seals, and there are seals.... Before I put a wrench to anything I would do some reading (Gooch Search on Bronze shafts, prop shaft seals and galvanic corrosion), then I'd find out who is the local 'expert' and get your system checked out.


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