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Steven Fruth's Melia, Yankee# 158, Santa Barbara, California (updated October 31, 2017)  

June 8, 2011. Steven checked in as the new owner of Jenisa S, (click here to go there) a boat that was for sale on Ebay. We don't know much, yet, about the history of this boat. Here are Steven's emails consolidated and edited

I just purchased a Dolphin 24 and saw your website and book. I was wondering if there are any more books left for purchase? No, but Steven will be added to our growing 'interested in a book" list.

The boat is already on your roster, # 158, Jenisis S, and hasn't been sailed in over 15 years. She is in pretty good condition for her age but missing the forward hatch that will have to be built. Do you know of anyone off hand that might carry this, or build one , or I will make one myself? Webmaster Note: Re forward hatch - Check out http://dolphin24.org/HandL_Marine_Woodwork.html. They were Yankee's wood parts supplier.

I can send more pictures later as time goes on. The boat is now located in Camarillo, CA. I have a mooring in Santa Barbara and in the future this will be her home port. Her new name will be Melia (ma lee ah ). Your website is very well done and is very informative .




November 26, 2015. We got the following update from Stephen (minor edits).

Hi Ron

Melia is sailing again, after three years I finally finished, new ports, new hatch over v berth, thru hulls, interior, standing and running rigging, windlass, etc. I will send photos later, what few I have. I finished at the end of our summer and really haven't used it much. Next spring is more likely for more cruising again.



ps December 11, 2015 - photos


October 14, 2016. We got the following update and photos from Steven

We had a great summer sailing Melia to the channel islands, we used our dinghy tow that we picked up used and love it, towing the dinghy is a necessity when you go cruising.

Here are a few pictures and when stepping the mast

Click on the photos for a larger image

Dolphinites may want to check out Melia's dinghy towing system. This is a commercially available product. Click here to go to the manufacturer's website. When time permits we will get this up in our Technical Section/Dinghies (DONE! - click here to go there.)


November 6, 2016. Steven is working on getting his Dolphin Field Investigator (DFI) badge with his discovery of a hitherto unknown Dolphin named Solis in Santa Barbara. Click here to go there.


October 31, 2017. We got the following update from Steven (minor edit) , AND website staff is pleased to confirm his elevation to DFI status, avoiding the horror of having to spend a halloween night worrying about this matter.....Webmaster Note to Steven, and all the DFI Corps - Don't spend the YE bonus before it arrives.....

Hi Ron 

Not much to report. We did very little sailing this season due to life's other demands but will try to make up next year, Melia is looking and sailing fantastic we just need some more time next year . I wish I was a better story teller like many of the other dolphin owners and could explain all our projects I’m sorry that I’m not.

You do a fantastic job with the website Ron - thanks for all you’ve done your the best !











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