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H & L Marine Woodwork, Inc. Former Yankee Yachts wood parts supplier, Rancho Dominguez, California

Sadly, now out of business - any news about a successor business please let us know


Yankee's have always been admired for their interior woodworking detail. Their supplier, H&L Marine Woodwork in Rancho Dominguez, California, used to have a basic website (now defunct). They did have a catalog and price list (a copy is In webmasters files that they mailed out - I did not find any specifically identified Yankee parts).

Below their contact info is/was:

H & L Marine Woodwork, Inc.

2965 E. Harcourt St

Rancho Dominquez, CA 90221

Phones: 323 636 1718; 310 638 8746; fax 323 636 1720

email H.L@sbcglobal.net

Rowland Thompson, Thistle, Yankee #99 told us of this company. H&L Marine was the original interior maker.. They made cabinetry for the interior and have done so for Rowland twice, most recently in 2002.

Cover page of catalogue

Price List Cover Page




November 2, 2009. David Baumer sent in the photo at left of the stamped logo H & L 'burned' into the back of all the drawers of his Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81.



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