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Matthew Jackson's Tern, Yankee #155, Sitka, Alaska - updated May 15, 2020  

December 2, 2018. Matthew Jackson has checked in as the new owner of Yankee #155 (formerly Ben Tilmby's The Omoo - click here to Omoo's page) Welcome aboard Jackson!

Hi Ron,

Thanks for maintaining that website, its been extremely useful several times already. The Omoo has been rechristened Tern, complete with smashing a bottle of the local favorite across the bow. I'll send you a picture soon. (see below)

No damage at all from the Earthquake here in Sitka.

Jackson (all my friends call me Jackson)

postscript: Here are a couple of pics of Tern right after we painted the name on her, and then sailing in the Icy Straights area in September


February 13, 2019. This just in over the transom from former owner Tim Long (edited)

Hi Ron,

Yankee #155 was our boat. My wife and I sailed her in Channel Islands California, British Columbia Inside passage and Alaska around 1979 to 1984. We sold her in Alaska and moved onto bigger boats. The Promise still was one of our best. I will get you some history.

Our 22 year old daughter is looking to buy a Yankee Dolphin to use in Southern California. We are happy that the Dolphin is what she wants for her first boat.

Thanks again,

Tim Long


October 5, 2019 Responding to a webmaster plea we got the following update from Jackson (minor edit)

Hi Ron,

I owe you a proper update - later in the month when I can upload pictures. I have been busy with multiple day and weekend trips, hunting, fishing and hot springing in the Sitka.

My boat has become more of a platform for subsistence than your typical buoy turner, and her condition reflects that utilitarian lifestyle. I've done a circumnavigation of Kruzoff Island and two of Chichagof (see 'chart' above), as well as a couple there and backs to Juneau, including one totem pole delivery while the ferry was on strike.

I'm currently working remotely at a place called Mist Cove, and have very limited and intermittent internet, but if you don't hear from my by late October, please shoot me a reminder. I will be back in town by then with unlimited bandwith.

Thank you for maintaining this website, it has been a valuable resource to me several times.



January 15, 2020 Jackson sent in following photo update. Click on the photos for a larger image

Hi Ron,

Thank you for the reminder, sorry I am so overdue. Some of my best pictures were taken as "live" photos, basically very short videos, and those were too large to attach, but here are my best "stills" from the last year.

Thanks again for keeping up the website.


Two keepers!!

May 15, 2020. Somehow this update slipped thru the cracks......(Website staff are in stay at home mode due to the 'pandemic')

Subject: Toe Rail on Yankee Dolphin

Hi Ron,

I just perused your site for information on toe rail leaks and replacements and I see that they seem to be common in the earlier O'Day hulls but that the later Yankees didn't experience the same problems. I also noticed that the construction of the hull/deck joint seemed to differ.

As far as I can tell on my Hull #155 at the hull deck joint, the hull makes a 90* angle at the deck and the deck lies flat on top of it.

Not unlike this image from your site of a Freedom 45.

Beneath the hull/deck flange is a 2x2 strip of wood that the deck bolts are bedded in. I have a fairly substantial leak all along the toe rail, worse in some parts than in others, but the wood that the bolts are bedded into isn't rotted anywhere that I can see yet.

So needless to say I'll be trying to re-seal that joint before the damage gets any worse.

Do you know anyone else who has done this on a Yankee? I've only seen references to the early O'Days on the site so far.



Webmaster reply

Hi Jackson

Relative to O'Day built boats Yankees/Pacific Dolphins had a 'design change' and seem to have relatively few problems with the hull/deck joint - that's the reason why there's not much up on the website on this as a Yankee/Pacific Dolphin problem - deck leaks from bolt thru fittings? Yes.

Did you see http://dolphin24.org/windswept_backingplate_clamp_report.html? I'm a bit pressed for time today - Let me know if you have any follow up questions




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