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Matthew Jackson's Tern, Yankee #155, Sitka, Alaska - updated February 13, 2019  

December 2, 2018. Matthew Jackson has checked in as the new owner of Yankee #155 (formerly Ben Tilmby's The Omoo - click here to Omoo's page) Welcome aboard Jackson!

Hi Ron,

Thanks for maintaining that website, its been extremely useful several times already. The Omoo has been rechristened Tern, complete with smashing a bottle of the local favorite across the bow. I'll send you a picture soon. (see below)

No damage at all from the Earthquake here in Sitka.

Jackson (all my friends call me Jackson)

postscript: Here are a couple of pics of Tern right after we painted the name on her, and then sailing in the Icy Straights area in September


February 13, 2019. This just in over the transom from former owner Tim Long (edited)

Hi Ron,

Yankee #155 was our boat. My wife and I sailed her in Channel Islands California, British Columbia Inside passage and Alaska around 1979 to 1984. We sold her in Alaska and moved onto bigger boats. The Promise still was one of our best. I will get you some history.

Our 22 year old daughter is looking to buy a Yankee Dolphin to use in Southern California. We are happy that the Dolphin is what she wants for her first boat.

Thanks again,

Tim Long

*****To be continued*****


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