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Paul Troechel's Parakletos, Yankee #106, Twisp, Washington (updated October 3, 2014)  

July 8, 2014. Paul Trokel, Twisp, Washington has advised that he now owns Yankee #106 and she is now in his fleet of Dolphins being restored. This boat used to belong to Eric Sorenson in Edmands, Washington

October 3, 2014. Webmaster Note: Paul's other boats are Charisma, Yankee #131, Blue, Yankee #145, and Kalea, Yankee #174



Here is the story we had on Yankee # 106 up to this point. On March 9, 2010. We are a little late on getting this up but back in December, 2008 we knew Parakletos was being sold when we got the following email from Eric. On a routine follow up he advised she was sold to a man from Twisp (Washington). hmmm....

Alas, I'm probably leaving the ranks of Yankee owners soon. I've taken a deposit on my boat and will probably close the sale this week. I have the usual reasons: not enough time, other interests, a moorage I'm no longer comfortable paying for. None involve the boat, which is as sweet a design I've seen and a fantastic sailor.

I've apprised the new owner of your site. I'm sure he'll be looking in often, being a huge Dolphin fan. I'll encourage him to update you as well.

Please keep me on your list. I'd like to keep up with the boats. Also, you might consider registering on Facebook, a great way of networking.

Thanks for all your fine work.

Webmaster Note Eric advises Parakletos is a Greek word for Holy Spirit - given by a previous owner

July 29, 2007. We have the following (edited) email from Eric intoducing Parakletos

I have Yankee Dolphin #106, built in 1968. Her name is Parakletos. As best as I can tell, Parakletos is a Greek word for holy spirit, applied by an earlier owner.

Some more particulars:

At some point, water came through the companionway hatch so there is damage to the plywood headliner, the vertical support for the aft starboard seat and the hatch itself. The woodwork in general has seen better days, so with the help of boatwrights from The Center for Wooden Boats, I am planning to do some serious repairs and replacement. We have already redone the two hatches in the cockpit and are nearly done with the companionway hatch. The cockpit floor is next.

I would also like to attack the condensation issues and will post to the forum for thoughts.

(Webmaster Note: see Eric's post in the Forum under Technical - condensation http://dolphin24.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=31)

In some ways, this is a bounceback boat. I had a two-year relationship with Mistral, a 31-foot wooden sloop designed by Ben Seaborn, built in the Blanchard boat yard and sailed to perfection for 40 years by Bill Baillargeon. I was steward of the boat for the Center and at times seriously overwhelmed, so I went looking for a smaller boat that, also for the sake of ease, is plastic. The Dolphin fits that bill nicely. Its size is close to a Folkboat and it has that charming S&S pedigree. I was out in a dandy 20-knot breeze two weeks ago under a 135 genoa and single reef and the boat handled wonderfully. The accommodations are a bit Spartan but quite cruise-worthy.

That’s all I can think of for now. Good luck and thanks again for the great site.

Eric Sorensen






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