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Sandy Chapman, the NEW owner of Moxie, Pacific Dolphin #253, Mystic, Connecticut/Watch Hill, Rhode Island - updated March 28, 2021  

March 28, 2021. We got the following check-in email from Moxie's new owner Sandy Chapman (minor edits)

Hi Ron

Sandy Chapman checking in. I bought Ellie Saverine's boat from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, my ole alma mater, and she is now at Mystic Ship Yard in Mystic, CT receiving some TLC. Generally she is in decent structural shape, but the typical disappointments with deck structure - had to replace all forward of the trunk and inway of a few stanchion bases.

Ellie had gotten her set against something rough on the port side and a section on starboard had been rubbed through - so I'm biting the bullet and going for a paint job. Otherwise deck and cabin top painted. I've yet to go over the rig other than cursorily when aboard for my initial inspection -that will be the next look and do before launching.

Going to just have a good turn to below , but otherwise do nothing at this time in that we will just be daysailing her and are looking forward to that very much. She will be in Watch Hill. RI for the summer and I'm going to try to get along without a motor
for the time being. Of course that will end the first time I have to get towed in from somewhere due to lack of wind. Anyway will try to plan for an incoming tide , dreamer that I still am at this late stage!

I know your great site has wonderful reference material on it and when/ if it's motor time I will consult. I may ship her south in the fall. We got wiped out on Man O'War Cay in the Abacos by hurricane Dorian, but gradually it's coming back together and should be functioning well by then.

I'd had a Sanderling there but she was a total loss and thought it a good opportunity to try something else that I knew to be a good boat - I'd had an enjoyable and impressive experience years ago from Cda to the Cape direct.

So that's about it for now. I'll let you know when she's about ready for launching should you want to have a looksee.

With Kind Regards,

E.F. Sandy Chapman

Welcome Aboard Sandy!!






This is the history we have on Moxie

November 26, 2020. We got the following email from former owner Ellie Saverine. We'll standby for the new owner to check in. Thanks Ellie!

Dolphin 253/254 ?! Had been donated back to Mass Maritime and since purchased. Thanks for the work you do !


August 11, 2020 Well, Mass Maritime Academy and Pacific Dolphin #253 are back together again. Here's previous owner Ellie Saverine's email. Standing by for MMA to check in.

Hi Ron

just an update. I’ve gifted the boat back to MassMaritime after many inquires but no transfer. Hopefully it will get to it’s next owner soon.



Fair Winds Ellie!

Welcome Back Aboard Mass Maritime Academy!






This is #253's history as we know it up to this point in time


July 31, 2019 - Ellie Saverine has checked in as the owner of Moxie, Pacific Dolphin #253 and wishes to sell her. Your webmaster and Ellie have exchanged several emails which are edited/consolidated below. In her prior life Moxie was Seth Williams' Porthos - click here to go to her page.

Hi Ron

I'm interested in posting an ad to sell my Dolphin, Moxie, Pacific Dolphin #253. She has a 2003 Mercury 15hp motor and the sails are in good condition. She is currently in the inner harbor in Padanaram, Massachusetts.

She was formerly named Porthos and owned by Seth Williams in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and listed on the Dolphin.org website. I've attached a couple of pictures below, and one of the nameplate.

I've had her for 2 years. I'm asking $4400. Interested parties can reach me by email at esav60@icloud.com



Update April 13, 2020

Hi Ron

I’ve had some interest which I was happy about considering the crazy state of the world. Could you please lower the asking price to 3500?

Thanks Ellie

Webmaster Note: There was some question about this boat's hull # - 253 or 254 - its 253!!


February 11, 2020 - In response to a webmaster plea we got the following update from Ellie (minor edit)

Hi and thanks for checking in. I’ve had a bit of interest and a few came to look.. Planning on posting on Craigslist and maybe eBay soon. And likely drop the price!




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