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Scott Shipman's Solace, Pacific Dolphin # 280, Dunedin, Florida SOLD (updated November 21, 2017)  

November 21, 2017. Scott has advised that he has sold Solace. We'll stand by for the new owner to check in

Fair Winds, Scott!



This is the history we have on #280 up to this point

July 8, 2014. Michael Lang advised his Pacific Dolphin #280 has been sold to Scott Shipman. We were standing by for Scott to check in, and he did

Hi Ron,

I just purchased the Pacific Dolphin from Michael Lang, Hull Number #280. I think this makes me the 6th owner. I took her on her maiden voyage yesterday evening to bring her to her new home at Dunedin Municipal Marina (where she was docked for at least a decade prior I understand).

We haven’t settled on a name change yet, but I will keep you updated. We plan to do some cosmetic work and a few small projects this summer, and probably a bottom job this winter. I saw a description of how the vessel was modified for single handedly lowering the mast. I may need to give that a try soon, so if anyone else has done this and has photos to accompany the description, I would love to see them.***

Scott Shipman

****Webmaster Note: Check out the Technical Section http://www.dolphin24.org/technicalindex.html under Spars/Mast Raising systems.


February 6, 2015. Scot has set up a Facebook page for Dolphin owners and announced it on the Forum. Here's his email


I created a Facebook page for the Dolphin24 community. Is there anyway to easily share the info with other owners that you know of?


Webmaster Note -

This was pretty easy! We put the announcement up on the Whats New page, and listed it in the Links Section. Click here to go right to your Facebook page. Good Luck!!



January 16, 2017. We got the following update from Scot and Solace

Hi Ron.

She is still floating in Dunedin municipal marina. I had to do some structural repair on the motor well. I found some bad rot.... Also hung a motor mount off the transom and I am looking for some remote control setup.



Webmaster Note:

We have continuing, if sporadic, effort to familiarize Dolphinites with our sailing areas.

So, here with the help of Google Maps, is a look at Solace's sailing area on the west coast of Florida, north of St Petersberg, and west of Tampa.








Here's the story we had on #280 up until Scott got her


I wanted to inform you that my boat (previously Solace) has been sold to Kenneth (Scott) Shipman.  I believe the boat will remain in the Dunedin area. Thanks for all your help.


ps I did not rename the vessel

Fair Winds, Michael


June 25, 2014. Michael has lowered his asking price to $2500.


April 20, 2014. We got a heads up from a reader, John in Buffalo, that Solace is FOR SALE on Craigslist, followed shortly by an email from Michael Lang. This is the link http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/boa/4429686406.html. Here is the ad

24' Sailboat - $2800 (Dunedin) Now $2500

24' Pacific Dolphin sailboat. Hull 1976; motor 9.9 Evinrude 2cycle 1982. Two jibs and one main in good condition. Sleeps four. Includes gas stove, small potty, sink. Deep cycle battery with solar charger. Bimini, two anchors, two 6 gallon gas tanks, plenty of lines. Extinguisher, flares, life jackets, and other extras. Currently in the water and ready to sail. No trailer.

Contact: Michael by email: thelofts2004@yahoo.com or by phone: 727-688-1342


June 22, 2012. Michael Lang checked on the Forum ( http://dolphin24.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=190) as the new owner of Solace. Here is his post.

Hi, my name is Michael and I have purchased the Dolphin 24 previously named Solace and belonging most recently to Sean Peltzer. The vessel will be staying in the Dunedin area.

I have some minor work to do, mostly some woodwork. I am currently replacing the throttle cable on the motor and will be sailing once it is all in order.

The bimini has been removed to do some repairs on the canvas. It bearly clears the main and it is necessary to lift the boom a little when the sail is not up. I will know later how it works with a raised sail.


We'll stand by for more information (and a name change?) from Michael.


December 22, 2012. We got a short note from Michael advising Solace has not had much sailing time as some minor work remains to be done



At this point we start the historical record we had on # 280. On June 16, 2012 former owner Sean Peltzer advises Solace is SOLD already!! Must be a record!! We'll stand by for Michael to check in

It was fun while it lasted! Wish had taken the time and money to restore her more. Now that is up to Michael. I think he will contact you as we did discuss the website. I really did love that boat - it is a beautiful hull to sail.

Thanks again for the website it helps keep the boats alive!


Earlier this same day, June 16, 2012. DFI David Williams (Icelander, Yankee #184) advised us of this ad on Craigslist, and we also spoke to Sean Peltzer who told us Solace was for sale - here is the Craigslist ad http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/boa/3072079435.html

A file picture taken by DFI Eric Varty (Canopache).

Sailboat 24' - $2500 (Dunedin, FL)
Date: 2012-06-11, 9:05PM EDT
Reply to: 2w8zc-3072079435@sale.craigslist.org

1976 Pacific Dolphin classic sailboat ready to sail! Includes everything you need to sail today. 9hp Evinrude, 2 burner Force 10 propane stove, self contained head, 2 anchors, 90% and 120% headsails, lots of other stuff. This is a well made boat that needs some cosmetic work. Asking $2500obo. Email requests for more details or call 863-547-3915. Boat located in Dunedin, Florida.


June 7, 2010 Sean checked as the new owner of Solace, formerly owned by Harold Shumaker of Palm Harbor, Florida. Until we get a new photo we'll use this one taken by DFI Eric Varty.

Hello Ron,

My name is Sean Peltzer, and I am the new owner of Solace, #280. This is the first boat I have owned and I am very thrilled to have found Solace! I have taken her out 3 times since I purchased her from Harold, and I am now a "dolphin head"!

I am also stoked that you have this website and I would love to post all the restoration projects I do there, as well as questions I will have.

Let me know what I need to do for this.

Thanks again for dolphin24.org!

















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