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Joe French's "Nalani Kai", an early Dolphin, Amityville, (Great) South Bay, Long Island, New York  

January 10, 2010. Ian Holzmacher, (Wanderlust, #122) discovered some old South Bay Cruising Club yearbooks, one of which had three Dolphins listed. Here is his email with webmaster notes inserted.

Hi Ron,

 I was searching through some old South Bay Cruising Club yearbooks. I found three dolphins in the 1968 yearbook.

 > sail # 222 ''Flipper'' was Don Zimmer's boat from Amityville N.Y.Webmaster Note: We had her! Don checked in on July 7, 2008. Click to go to her

 > sail #238 ''Nalani Kai'' was Joe French's boat from West Islip  N.Y. Webmaster Note: We did not have her. She now has her page and awaits more news. Interesting to note that she has a Hawaiian name, as does the following boat

 >sail # 239 ''Menehune'' was Don Gardner's boat from Bellport N.Y. and starting in the 1964 through 1967 yearbooks ''Menehune'' is owned by Ralph Seidenspinner from West Islip N.Y. Webmaster Note: We had her, in fact, we actually have her, she is now Passage and is in our Barn! Click to go to her

I also found a picture (of a Dolphin) in the 1968 yearbook, taken in 1967.  Its the third boat from the bottom in the picture. The boat could be of any one of those boats.

 I have also confirmed the names and owners of my boat #122. Webmaster Note: We had some of this information. The additional information is being added to #122's page

> 1970 through 1981 was James Heacock, the name was ''Jimel'' Smithtown N.Y.

 >1981 through 1993 was Hugh Kelleher, the name was ''Lily Belle I''

 >1993 through 2010 was John Kelleher, the boat had no name. North Babylon N.Y.

Ian H. Holzmacher

Webmaster Note: Another interesting item from the 1968 Yearbook above. The designer column lists "Shaw", in one case "Shaw (S&S)". We know from the Dolphin 24 birth certificate that Bill Shaw was on the team at S&S that designed the Dolphin 24 - and probably was the lead designer. George O'Day specified that Trina, Bill Shaw's Shaw 24 hull #1 be a design guide This is the first 'ancient' document we have come across that actually lists him as the designer.










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