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Homer Lange's Black Dog, O'Day #59, Washington, DC (updated Oct 8, 2017)  

September 21, 2012. We received an email from Homer Lange announcing that he has purchased #59 Harbor Rat (ex Duet) from the Keenans in Wilmette, Illinois. Click here to go to Harbor Rat's old page..

Hello Ron,

Yesterday, I went to Wilmette, IL and purchased the above Dolphin and will arrange transportation to Washington, DC next week.  I will be racing her next year with the Dangerfield Island Sailing Club (“DISC”) next year in the non-spin fleet and the following year with the spin fleet.

Homer Lange


October 18, 2012. Homer advises that #59 is now safely in his driveway in Washington, DC awaiting her new slip at the Washington Sailing Marina.


March 2, 2012. DFI David Blakey was wandering around the Washington DC waterfront and happened upon the Washington Sailing Marina, and there was Harbor Rat!

Homer advised today that #59 will have a name change soon - she will become The Black Dog. Her top sides will remain blue


April 4, 2013. We got the following update from Homer (minor edits)

Hello Ron

Everything is creeping along.

> Mast is up
> getting the information for the PHRF Chesapeake filing
> sail measurements have been taken, delivery sometime before the end of April/early May
> installed a in boom outhaul system and single line reef
> through hulls are being sealed
> manual bilge pump being installed
> new traveler has been installed
> eight rope clutches installed
> deck organizers installed; new halyards installed
> 4 to 1 purchase system for the centerboard installed
> depth sounder installed
> new compass installed
> tiller from a O’Day hull 16 installed
> and the list goes on.

Thinking about having a longer tongue installed on the trailer for launching and retrieving.  No final decision on that yet.  I have put the boat on the waiting list for yard work for painting, name change and new registration numbers.  It also is required that skipper of all boats registered in Washington, DC must take a boat safety seminar -  just one more thing to do before getting to the starting line, hopefully sometime in May.  Black Dog will be sailing non-spin for 2013 and then spin next year if all goes well this year.

That is it for now.



April 9, 2013 - Introducing Black Dog, Washington, DC

Hello Ron,

This is what the name will look like once it has been put on. I have the lettering and will be installing it soon.



May 17, 2013. Black Dog is getting ready, has read the "Dolphin mast tuning bible", has new sails!! and adjustable rigging screws.

Hi Ron,

Thank you fort he information on the rigging tensions.  The sails are new from North.  The main is full with 4 battons, a 155 geneoa, and a 120 jib.  I have the old storm jib from The Harbor Rat.  Larry Lenard from North came out to measure for a mainsail cover and took the main back to have it modified because the foot was too long for the outhaul to work properly.

I have decided to use STA/MASTER for the turnbuckles on Black Dog.  I like them and have used them in the past on the Westphal 28 I used to race on Chesapeake bay.



July 8, 2014. Homer sent in the following update

Hi Ron

Off hand do you know if a polar diagram has been made for the O'Day Dolphins?****  If so how could I get a copy? Last year Black Dog completed six races; 4 firsts and 2 seconds non-spin B Fleet which had PHRF ratings of 240 to 300.

Black Dog's PHRF (Chesapeake) is 258.  This year they combined the non-spin into one fleet and we have completed three races (4th one this afternoon) and have two 4ths and one 2nd.  I know we can do better if we had a copy of the Polar diagram.


****Webmaster Note. re Polar Diagram - Have not seen one - Has anyone?


September 30, 2014. Homer sent in the following email and really super photo! Note Black Dog's main sail cover.

Hi Ron,

The attached image or BLACK DOG was taken by a Washington Post photographer on September 9th and appeared in the WP front page of the Metro section on 9/11/14. That evening BLACK DOG had come in first in the non-spin fleet. She went on to capture a first place for the non-spin fleet Fall Series in which 18 boats competed.  BLACK DOG is dry sailed and was on her trailer waiting to be hauled out.

Homer Lange

Click here for a larger image - And congratulations to Black Dog and her crew!!!


October 2, 2014. We asked Homer for some more details on this race series. Here is his reply, a link to a page we set up for the sailing/racing venue, and a copy of the race results.

The web site for our sailing club is www.discsailing.org and the results of the KISS Fall Series for the non-spin boats are listed below.  Wind conditions varies from 0 to 15-20 with some chop at the higher speed.  However, the Potomac is tidal and has a current that also needs to be taken into account as does the channel.

Click here to go the Potomac River and the race results


February 24, 2015. We got the following update from Homer.

Good Morning Ron,

Black Dog won the Fall Series again last year, second year in a row.  It was the only series she raced in.   This year she will race in the two summer series and again the fall series.


Click here to go the Potomac River and the race results (again)


July 27,2016 - Homer checked in with a centerboard problem (its stuck up inside the trunk - thats another story). Here's the start of the technical discussion re getting the centerboard pin out - http://dolphin24.org/technical_centerboard_pin.html


September 4, 2016. Update on finding the centerboard pin http://dolphin24.org/technical_centerboard_pin.html


April 30, 2017. Latitudemakes a difference. Up in New England we are just getting our docks in and getting our boats ready. In the mid Atlantic states they are already racing. Black Dog is racing in the Kiss Series, a Tuesday night held at the Daingerfield Island Sailing Club in Alexandria, Virginia. The back drop is the Washington DC skyline.

This Sailing Club has been home to Dolphin 24s for quite a while. Here's a history link that connects to Timesweep and Marcia Greene, past Fleet Captain. Click here to go to her 'Reflections", click here to go to to her Club history page for Timesweep, and click here to go to Timesweep's page on this website. Now, back to Black Dog.....

2017 KISS Spring Series

Daingerfield Island Sailing Club (DISC)

Results are provisional on April 29, 2017

After 3 weeks Black Dog is in 2nd place

Stay tuned

October 7, 2017 - So, for those of you who have been waiting and staying tuned, check out the KISS Series results below. Homer and Black Dog had a

pretty good racing season.......!!

In addition to her performance in the KISS non spinnaker Spring, Summer and Fall Series, Black Dog was recognized for best overall performance in the combined, non spinnaker fleets, Summer Series I and II, and she will also be recognized for her season combined fleet results.

Webmaster Note: KISS is a term with historic significance, applying to many of our life activities (hint - famous 4 word phrase with the same 1st letters KxxP IT SxxxxE SxxxxxD). The Dangerfield Island Sailing Club connection to this term can be confirmed by reading the history of the Club, which is on their website, and is titled 'Relections of Marcia Green". Click here to read it. Marcia owns Timesweep, Yankee # 214, and has had her nearly 40 years! - another great story....


DISC KISS Series Final Results Below

2017 Spring Series

2017 Summer I Series:

Summer II Series

Black Dog wins Overall for the combined Summer Series (I and II)

Fall Series

Well Done Black Dog and crew!!



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