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Coe Patton's A New Adventure, Pacific Dolphin #296, FOR SALE Calgary, Alberta, Canada - updated February 25, 2019  

February 25, 2019 - Email from Coe - STILL AVAILABLE - in For Sale Section

November 30, 2018. Responding to a webmaster request for an update Coe Patton sent in the following (minor edits)


She is still here in Calgary. We sold our Florida place so have a change of plans. She is a great boat. I would take $2000 for her and make a deal to deliver her at cost


Contact: coepatton@yahoo.com




This is the history we have on #296 up to this point

July 29, 2013. Coe Patton checked in as the new owner of Pacific Dolphin #296. She is a newly found Dolphin, our 215th. She had been for sale on Boat Angel - click here to go there. We are standing by for more information and pictures.


My name is Coe Patton. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I just bought and hauled home a pacific dolphin24 Hull number 296. I was told about your website and have never been connected with a group as yours. I intend to restore this boat and learn to sail it. I might add that I have never sailed before. I am a horse trainer and wanted a hobby that doesn't eat. Please put me on the roster of owners.

Thank you

Coe Patton

Postscript: I had a nice visit with the lady that donated the boat. It was her late husband's. He passed on some time ago. The plate on the trailer was 1980 and it look liked it had not moved since then. Got her home and pressured washed her. The inside is going to take some work. We found it with a foot of water in her. I think I am going to call her 'A New Adventure'.

Pending pictures from Coe here is a picture of #296 as she appeared on the Boat Angel ad


September 28, 2013. We received the following update from Coe (minor edits).


Just an update on #296. We have just about finished sanding the wood and oiling it. All the paint above the waterline was very dead and it has taken a lot of work to bring it back to a shine. Put a 9.9 hp. motor on her and raised the mast. Missing only the front turnbuckle. Going to do the bottom paint in the spring and do a power polish on the mast - should look great and have a good year with it next year.



July 21, 2014 - This is an excuse we have not heard before!

Hello Ron

Its been a long year and a lot of work. When I found this boat it had about a foot of rain water in her. That did some damage in the 22 years that she sat and didn't move after the passing of her owner.

Well every thing is up and done and ready to go except bottom paint. The keel did touch water last week however I could not back the trailer far enough in to get her to float. I am going to rig up a system so I can winch her off the trailer as well as back on. Had plans to do it the following week but I had a horse I was riding fall and break my leg.

A little more time and I will send you pictures of # 296 doing what she was made to do

Coe Patton


November 22, 2017. Update from Coe

We have sailed a little bit in the lakes up here but we have also bought a place in Florida and it will be going down there, or sold up here. She is a great little boat to learn to sail on. And I can't wait to get it in open big water






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