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David Yeates' Voltaire, a Falcon 24, Sail # K3015, at Russell Boat Club, Matauwhi Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand (updated February 1, 2014)  

February 13, 2012. David Yeates checked in yesterday with Voltaire, a Falcon 24 that he sails out of the Russell Boat Club in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

We had known about her for a couple of years from a New Zealand Yachting listing of Sparkman & Stephens boats, and we had her sail number but did know where she was. On an Internet search for Falcon 24s and S&S 24s on January 26, 2012, we found enough information about her to give Voltaire her own page. A website named racetrack.org.nz had her listed with her sail number, and last racing out of Russell Boat Club on March 4, 2011. This meets our standard for a 'found' boat.

In the meantime Giles Grimstom (Summer Wine) has been beating the local bushes with emails to NZ yacht clubs and yesterday this email washed in over the transom. We are working on getting photos and more information about her. (minor edits)

Hi Ron,

Greetings from Russell,

I am back for the 12th year to sail Voltaire out of Russell boat club. I purchased her here just nine years back - a Falcon born in August, 1976. My wife and I come here each year from Ireland to escape the dreaded winter. Hope that I never miss this 8 weeks, mid-January. to mid-March.

I also raced with a wonderful gentleman, Perry Wilkens on his Tiana. I see you have her listed. Story goes he finished his last race in Keri Keri Cruising Club holding his chest and died as he crossed the finish line in Tiana. A wonderful man, Perry, he was Commodore here in Russell 2001.

I live in Meath, Ireland.


David Yeates

Stay tuned

February 1, 2014. We have heard from David. He is planning to sell Voltaire and we expect his ad soon

Stay tuned

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