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Andy Vwygart's Willie II, Yankee #196, Aztec, New Mexico SOLD - updated June 7, 2014  

June 5, 2014. Willie II has been sold and has moved from New Mexico to Toledo, Ohio, western Lake Erie. Mike O'Brien is checking in as the new owner. June 7 Note - we set up a new page for her - click here to go there.

Hello Ron,

Mike O’Brien in Toledo. We corresponded some months back when I was searching for a Dolphin. I have been meaning to update and let you know that I drove out to New Mexico last December, and bought Willy II from Andy. Quite a pull on the way back, but if I had any questions about the trailer, they have been answered. No problems leaving the mountains or anywhere else on the trip. The boat doesn’t need much work, but I have had a very busy spring, so it may be a little longer, then pretty soon hope to have it on Lake Erie. Thanks for the technical support, etc...

Take care,


Welcome aboard, Mike!


July 16, 2013. Yankee #196 is again for sale. Better move fast - Andy has been known to change his mind! Here is the link to his Craigslist ad http://farmington.craigslist.org/boa/3898504782.html

24 foot sailboat / Yankee Dolphin/ trade? - $5200 (vallecito lake)

1971 Yankee Dolphin, Sparkman and Stephens design, full shoal keel with centerboard, very stable and fast cruiser, galley, v berth, and setee below, 3 sails, roller furler main, 2010 6 hp 4 stroke Tohatsu outboard in a well, single handed mast raising system, dual axle trailer with newer tires and tounge extention. It is ready to sail, good condition, a classic and beautiful sailboat, rare and very sought after, can also check out Dolphin 24 website, may trade for a 4x4 atv or ?.

call 970-769-0307

July 26, 2013. This boat is now listed on Craigslist Denver - with larger photos



Here is the trail of #196 as we have it up to now. On May 30, 2011 we got good news! pictures, and more about Willy II's home waters. We have a couple of emails from Andy, consolidated and minor edits.

Hi Ron .

Thanks again for listing Willy ll on your for sale section. I feel lucky that everyone that was interested in her was too far away to make a deal. It gave me time to realize that i was making a mistake trying to sell her.  I dont know what i was thinking!  My wife and I have had a wonderfull time sailing and spending time on her. I have a lot more work I am going to do.

To start I am going to build a new companionway hatch out of teak . I will install a roller furler jib to go with the roller furler main and run the lines aft to make her more rough weather friendly. So far I have painted the deck and rebeded all deck fittings and woodwork in 3m 5200. I bought a new Tohatsu 4-stroke 6hp long shaft . I pulled all thru hull fittings and  installed with new 3m 5200 and replaced all drain lines and the centerboard line tube. She has all new running rigging and centerboard line. I also replaced all pins in the standing rigging.The mast and boom has new paint and I sanded and painted the bottomside of the  hull as well.  I also made a tounge extension for the trailer.

Willy ll has been on Navajo lake for a summer and Lake Heron for a summer. Both lakes are in northern new mexico.


Navajo, above left, is a 15,000 acre lake at around 5,000 feet elevation. It is like a small Lake Powell with narrow canyons lots of rocks and  lots of small sandy beaches. The sailing is challenging with shifting wind and the camping is good with lots of places to hide out. Lake Heron, above right, is a 6,000 acre lake at around 7,000 feet elevation. Heron is a mostly round lake with a few coves with great ancorages. Heron is a no wake lake so it is very quiet, no jet skis or water skiers, and only a few fishing boats.

There is a private yacht club with around 100 sailboats. They have a racing series with a race every 2 or 3 weeks. There are lots of great people there and it is very laid back and fun. Heron is a mountain lake and has incredible mountain views from anywhere on the lake. The picture with a double rainbow is on Heron and all the pictures of Willy ll is on Navajo .We are planning a trip to Lake Mead in a year or so . We might return to the Sea of Cortez soon too.

I will send new pics when I  have some more. Thanks for the great website.

Andy & Willy Z.

ps I wanted to mention that Willy ll is missing the yankee hull # tag. She is titled as a 1972 but the sail # is 196 which I think would make her a 1971. The hull # on the transom is 37421 Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy Z


May 29, 2011. Good News! Andy sent in an email advising that he's changed his mind. Willie II is NOT for sale!

Hi Ron

I have decided to keep my boat , Willy ll #196. Thanks for listing her for me. She is the best condition boat I have ever had and cannot stand to let her go anymore. I don't mind if you leave my info on the website but she is no longer for sale. I always look forward to new info and stories on your website.

Thanks again,

Andy Zwygart

The recent history of Willy II has been significantly about her being for sale. We will leave these old ads up as they remind us that we all can dodge bullets, and change our minds. We'll stand by for tales and pictures of Willy II's new adventures.


March 24, 2011. Andy Vwygart has an updated ad listed on Craigslist. Since buying #196 a couple of years ago he has put $2500 into the boat plus over 200 hours of work. He also advises Willie 2 has been sailing on the Navaho and Heron Reservoirs for the past 2 years.

The ad is below along with the contact info. Here is the direct link http://farmington.craigslist.org/boa/2283407208.html. Back on February 17, 2011 DFI Jonnie Walker (Yankee #227) told us of a boat being advertised on CraigsList in New Mexico. A quick phone call and we found the, up to now, missing #196!

1971 Yankee Dolphin 24 Sailboat - $6900 (Aztec)

Date: 2011-03-24, 7:21AM MDT
Reply to: see below

1971 Yankee Dolphin, Sparkman and Stephens design, very strong and fast sailboat, morc class, full shoal keel, sails beautifully, new motor, running rigging, battery, and new deck paint. Lots of teak. She is in great condition. Sails are original but are still in good condition. This boat had not been in the water for 20 years before I got it. I have had it in the water for the last 2 summers. The bottom is in great condition, no blisters. The interior is in good condition with all new cushions. Comes with a dual axel trailer with new tires. This is a rare opportunity to own a classic and beautiful sailboat in ready to sail condition.

Call 970-769-0307

  • Location: Aztec


Following is the trail #196 left for us to follow...

July 25, 2008 The following picture and email was sent in by DFI "SailinMike" to the Forum. Anyone having info please reply to Mike on the Forum

Does anyone have any information on a Dolphin that was sold on E-bay out of Dallas Texas approximately January of 2007? It's now for sale in New Mexico and before I buy it. I'm trying to learn as much of this boat's history as possible. The factory data plate is missing and the only ID numbers are a Texas State assigned HIN.



Beautiful boats and fair winds!

Webmaster Note: Later on SailinMike/Mike Zint bought Pacific Dolphin #300


July 27, 2008 New information - Previous owner was Kelly McMurray, and before that, Ron Shipman, Allan, Texas


August 10, 2008 - This boat was reported sold.


August 13, 2008 - here is the Craig's List Ad

1972 Yankee Dolphin Sailboat with trailer

Reply to: sale-754581109@craigslist.org Date: 2008-07-14, 11:15AM MDT

This a little pocket blue water cruiser it is 24' long. It is on a trailer. The boat is currently registered in NM and has a title. The trailer has no title but will have a bill of sale. The trailer has new tires and a spare. It is a tandom axle with buddy bearings. I towed it from Dallas TX. without any problems. I installed a knot meter, which I have not tried out. I also purchased a alcohol two burner stove on ebay. Haven't tried it out as of yet. This boat has a small galley with a sink and large ice box. The sink pump is brand new. It has a table which drops down into a double bunk and is 6' 4" in length. It has a V berth that can sleep two. I removed the marine head as it had no holding tank and replaced it with a new porta potti. The head room in the cabin is only 4' 6" but the hatch opens up and allows a person to stand up in the galley area. All the interior cushions are new. It has cockpit cushions that are in great shape. It has a teak grid for the cockpit sole. I've replaced both main and headsail haylards. It has a main, two head sails and a spinnaker (also spinnaker pole). It needs the running sheets for the headsail and spinnaker, also a topping lift. I have had the boat for a year and a half working on the cosmetics and interior. I have not sailed the boat but it is ready to launch and sail. I also replaced two of the through hulls at the sink drain and cockpit drains. The cockpit is self baling. It does have a 9.9 Mariner OB electric start, which I just had service. The boat has a motor well for the outboard. It is a full keel boat with a dagger board which drops down and gives it a 6'2" draft. If the board is up the draft is about 2'8". The sail number is 196 which is probaly the hull number. The price is firm please no trades. Call for more info./pictures.


September 7, 2009 DFI Mike Zint (Grand Finale) forwarded a emailed report from former owner Vickie Brewer advising their old boat was in the water on a nearby mooring to hers on Navajo Lake, NM. She told the owners about the website and sent along a couple of pictures

Stay tuned



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