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Mike and Lynne O'Brien's Yankee # 196, Toledo, Ohio - updated August 14, 2017  

June 5, 2014. Yankee #196, Willie II, has been sold and has moved from New Mexico to Toledo, Ohio, western Lake Erie. Mike O'Brien is checking in as the new owner. Click here to check out Willie II when she was in New Mexico.

Hello Ron,

Mike O’Brien in Toledo. We corresponded some months back when I was searching for a Dolphin. I have been meaning to update and let you know that I drove out to New Mexico last December, and bought Willy II from Andy. Quite a pull on the way back, but if I had any questions about the trailer, they have been answered. No problems leaving the mountains or anywhere else on the trip. The boat doesn’t need much work, but I have had a very busy spring, so it may be a little longer, then pretty soon hope to have it on Lake Erie. Thanks for the technical support, etc...

Take care,


Welcome aboard, Mike!


June 7, 2014. We received a follow up email and photos from Mike.

These pictures submitted September 10, 2014 and replace a picture from #196's earlier life. Mike's comments below - edited

Very tight quarters. Backed it in somehow, but couldn't get it back out without dropping the aft most 2 starboard (that's the right side, right?) stanchions. Hope that isn't necessary every year. Really like being indoors on concrete.


We'll still reserve this space above for a picture of Mike's and Lynne's #196 sailing

Thanks Ron,

I don't have a whole lot to update you on just yet. Might be awhile before we come up with a name, but Willy II will do for the near term. I am looking at a couple of marinas and a sail club in either the Ottawa River, or the Maumee river which provide access to Lake Erie western basin. I have some photos prior to and after the trip. The ones of her in the building we squeezed into might be of interest as the fit was close (a little dark, but you can tell). Inches to work with, adjusting the hitch height as stanchions pass by cross members. But it has a concrete floor, and is covered all winter.

I will probably be going a little slow for now, as I have to get all rigging back on and step the mast. Not only have I not done this before, but sailing is pretty new altogether (some classes last year). Excited about the whole thing, but cautiously so.

Also, I know these can be launched from a trailer, but I don't see a whole lot of discussion about doing this. There is a photo on the site of someone backing one into the water (I've seen this on a guy's blog "Why I bought the Erickson 25", which is where I found out about Dolphins, and why I bought a Dolphin 24). One of the Marinas I am looking at has a launch that I think will minimize this challenge. Pretty deep in a short distance. If I can get enough help launching to make photography possible, I'll definitely record that and get it to you.



September 10, 2014. We got the following update from Mike (minor edit)

Hello Ron,

We still have not renamed Willy II, but have been enjoying time out on the bay. Spring was busy and we finally got in in July. A fairly short season but it has been great. We are learning every time out, so it's been an adventure at times (the crowds that watch us dock and launch are getting smaller).

I have a couple of other pictures I mentioned some months ago that may go well with our site. (see above)

Take care,

Mike and Lynne


August 9, 2017. Mike and your webmaster have been trading emails re bilge water, etc., compounded by problems Mike (and others) had/have registering with our Forum (these problems are continuing). Our interchange is below (minor edits), and, when time permits, will be included in the relative Technical Section.

I am writing you at this time, I will pose the question(s) I was hoping to look into on the Forum; I have seen some water in the bilge, towards the stern, that does not get deep enough to reach the pumps. Its not an issue, but surprises me that the pumps (under the floor in the cabin) are not at the low point(?). The same is true of the deck drains which leave some standing water, as they are not the low point. Seems these would both be the low points.

Any chance there is something not properly balanced, or is this typical? I have only a small Tohatsu 6 in the well, but it seems if I had the diesel in the black hole, the circumstance would be worse. Please advise.

Also, the transducer installation information on the site is helpful, but I think I can buy a component that will create the necessary angle. Is the dead rise known, at the location for install mentioned on the web site (in correspondence with Alan I think)

Depth Sounder - I have fitted a new depth sounder/fish finder. The old depth sounder packed it in before I hauled out to start the restoration - so both transducer and instrument are new. (I was using a lead line.) I mounted the transducer where the old one was on the starboard side about a foot forward of the main bulkhead and about a foot up from the keel line so that it is vertical. That entailed laminating up a solid glass block inside and outside to accomodate the angle of the hull. It is a Navman instrument that I bought for a good price at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on the Gold Coast several years ago.

Not sure about a glass block outside, but if I can mount an in-hull, I don't think I need the outside glass block. Also, I assume I can measure the angle needed, but if it is known, I can order parts now.

Thanks again for your time, and take care,


Webmaster Responds

Sorry about the Forum problems - ever since I had to change to a new website hosting service things have not been going well with the Forum. I am working on trying to resolve but time will tell. One of the problems is conflicting email system security systems prevent password related auto responses - or so I am told. I may have to go to another hosting service - a transition nightmare....patience

Marionette is an early O'Day, hull #12, and her bilge layout appears to be different - the bilge system has a much deeper section at the rear of the cabin sole, under the steps/bridgedeck area. My pump is located there. Check out http://dolphin24.org/bilge_pumps.html

Re Deck drains - are you referring to the cockpit seat and cockpit sole drains? If, over time, more weighty stuff gets located aft of the boat's balance point, water does not drain properly - particularly noticeable when on the trailer with the bow too high. Do you leave your OB in the well when not in use? full gas tanks in the well?

Re depth sounder transducer http://dolphin24.org/depth_sounder_installation.html. I rarely use mine. In hull mounting is the way to go, I think


Mike responds - with pictures

Not sure if the photos are of the construction you refer to, but most of the bilge for 196 is shown. Seems like there may be a place for a narrow pump, but you may see a difference between this bilge and Marionette.

Thanks for looking.

Click here for a larger image

Tilted drain section for single thru hull fitting

I was referring to the cockpit sole drains (don't believe I have any seat drains). I have two, but only one through hull. The port side drain is channeled to the starboard drain which is hosed to discharge. I did find some water on the aft side of the through hull for the rudder (photos below - click on them for larger images), but I honestly (hopefully) believe this is water draining from the above fitting for the rudder at the cockpit, and draining down the shaft and collecting. I saw this puddle for the first time after a heavy rain, and have seen no accumulation before. I will monitor.

You mention that your transducer is mounted in the starboard q.berth locker. Is this the first locker as I enter the cabin (to my right). This is where I access the battery from, and where my electrical panel backside is accessed from. Seems like a good spot, although, I was looking at a (locker?) forward of here on the same side, that would be under the seat forward of the table. If this matters that much?


Webmaster responds

re Marionette's Battery locker - Yes, this locker is at the forward end on the starboard Q-berth http://dolphin24.org/marionettes_battery_charger.html and also houses the depth sounder transducer


August 14, 2017. More on this subject updated in the Technical Section - http://dolphin24.org/bilge_pumps.html



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