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Mark Wagner's Dol Fyn, an early O'Day Dolphin, Parsonsfield/Portland, Maine SOLD - updated January 9, 2022  

October 15, 2021 - We got the following email from Brody Karn. We'll set a new page for Brody's DOL FYN as soon as Brody sends in his first report.

Hi Ron,

I would like to introduce myself as a new member of the Dolphin 24 community. I recently purchased DOL FYN from Mark Wagner in Parsonsfield, Maine. The DOL FYN will find her new home waters on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, NY.

This winter will involve some restoration and redesign of her interior. She will likely retain her navy blue and red bottom color scheme, and will no doubt become one of the most beautiful vessels on the Hudson. I am thrilled to join such a passionate community, and so many enthusiasts of a classic Sparkman and Stephens design.

Thank you for providing the resources available through your website. I look forward to connecting with other Dolphin owners, and perhaps the DOL FYN will sail alongside MARIONETTE one day.

Fair winds,

Brody Karn



Click here to go to DOL FYN's new page





This is the history we have on DOL FYN up to this point in time

February 27, 2016. Mark Wagner checking in as the new owner of Dol Fyn (several emails edited and consolidated). She was Don Dunkers boat in Severna Park/Annapolis, Maryland.


First, thank you for the endless hours you have put into the very informative and entertaining website.  It encouraged me to follow through with purchasing a Dolphin 24, Dol Fyn, aka Rascal, aka Trump It. What a history!!! I will keep the name. I have been devouring the notes about it.
(Webmaster Note: Click here to go to DOL FYN's past life - be ready to keep clicking - she has quite a story)

I am looking forward to joining the forum and sending in news. I want to consult with members especially about buying sails and getting her trailered.  I do have a trailer that I could modify to transport her up the east coast to Maine, but I am wondering if you know someone who might have a trailer that is already set to carry a Dolphin 24 that I could rent or borrow for three days?  This would save me from changing my trailer which is now set for an Eastward Ho 24, another interesting boat that I have been working on.

Right now I have to repair my trailer - someone ran into it and bent an axle. I'd love to come down and visit you (about 2 hours away I think) and see Marionette if it would be convenient for you. Especially, I would like to see how she sits on the trailer, to confirm how Dol Fyn will sit on mine. I have looked at your sketches of your trailer, and read your account of making it. The description of the 'travel lift' was very useful. I had a different system, but this sounds much more efficient. Now as spring is around the bend, I am eager to get it ready.

I send this email with keen anticipation of joining other Dolphin 24 sailors.  And continuing to delve into your website entirely too late into the night. 



Webmaster Note: Photos below updated March 23, 2016. Click on them for larger images

Welcome aboard, Mark!

March 20, 2016. Mark and your webmaster have been exchanging emails on trailers. This exchange is below and as an update in the Technical Section/Trailers. Click here to go there.


I have been preparing my trailer to pick up Dol Fyn. Replaced a bent axle and moving the axles back to accomodate the dolphin. 

Here is a quick request to confirm my calculations with you.   

I have been studying yours and others' sketches and photos of placement on trailers. I attached a quick to scale drawing of my trailer which helped me see that I have to shift my axles back 30 inches from their former position --luckily they're on a sliding beam, so it's easy to adjust (and it gives me a chance to rust proof the joint that wasn't done previously.)

Click here for a larger image - click the return arrow on your browser to get back here

The critical distance, I think, is placement above the center of axles -- I have a tandem axle trailer. So I have been measuring from bow support to center of axle: "a" in drawing.   Yours is 150.5 inches.  When I tried to measure a few others from photos, I came up with similar figures: Windswept 151" and Prodigal 142" (but from a less accurate photo).

So I plan to make mine 148 inches, given I have a heavy trailer with lots of weight before axles.   Does this sound right to you?

Obviously I need to see how it rests on the hitch when I load it up, and I suspect I can move it forward by lifting the bow up a bit, or straight back.  I would like to let it rest flat on its keel while transporting.  The other poppet measurements I'm not sure about yet, but you can see that they are about 54", 120" and at rear of trailer.  Again, sound ok? or should I weld new ones in place before I head to MD? 



Your Webmaster responds:

Hi Mark

An expert on this subject I am not (this statement required by website legal staff).

You will want to get your tongue weight around 7-10% of gross weight (trailer and boat). Here's a way to measure it if you don't have one of those neat weight measurement systems incorporated into the hitch. http://dolphin24.org/tongue_weight.html Hard to tell until the boat is actually on the trailer. It doesn't take much movement of the boat to get the desired tongue weight - something like 500lbs.

The yard? where you pick up Dol Fyn might have a scale. Just looking at your sketch, if the boat's CoG is as indicated (variables are whats loaded where in the boat) then the trailer structure looks like more of its weight is forward of the center between the axles. Whether this is enough to achieve 500 or so tongue weight I can't tell.

 If anything, my guess is that the boat will have to be loaded a bit forward of the indicated location At some point please send in a photo of your trailer, and bring your camera to MD If I had another glass of wine I could be more definitive.....

Good luck - safe journey



March 24, 2016. The eBay ad from October, 2015 had a lot of Dol Fyn pictures. A few more are below, and still more can be seen by clicking here. Click the return arrow on your browser to get back here.

Click on the pictures for a larger image

May 26, 2016. We followed up with Mark - just to make sure he was busy.


Nice of you to follow up.  Got trailer rehabbed, now fixing up truck's brakes.  Hope to pick up Dol Fyn  second week in June. Just sold my house, so busy in moving, but hope to get her launched in July.  I'll be in touch.



November 3, 2016. We got the following update from Mark (minor edits)


My beauty made her way up to Maine a couple weeks ago and is resting quietly at my farm near Portland.  She may find a home in the barn if I can open up the end a bit.  I finally found the few days I needed to go down to Maryland and got her just before the hurricanes came up the coast.  Everything went smoothly, including a mast unstepping procedure that I will outline for you later, but is much more stable than the usual gin pole procedure; which the marina workers found quite novel.  I've taken some time to clean Dol Fyn up, but nothing more. 

I hope you are well headed into winter.  I'll be in touch,


November 5, 2016. Mark sent in the following email (edited) with his mast stepping photos and a detailed commentary. We have included these detailed comments in the Technical Section - Mast Stepping/Lowering systems - see link below.


I am living in Parsonsfield, Maine about an hour from Portland. Looking for a place to moor Dol Fyn near Portland next year.

I finally found a way to download a picture and sketch and have attached them with this email. Not very good ones. But I can get more accurate if people are interested. I also rewrote the description - attached, hopefully a bit clearer, but feel free to edit away!



Click here to go to the Technical Section for larger images and a detailed description of Mark's system


May 9, 2017. We have asked Mark for an update, and are tempting him to enter the CCC regatta, July 27-29 in Camden. Here is his update - edited


You are whetting my appetite for the event, since I would not even consider racing at this time with my beginner sailing (lack of) skills. But you made me think who I could recruit to captain Dol Fyn in order to join you.

Re update, not much to report. She is resting on the trailer, awaiting some kind weather to get her in shape. Having moved last year, I am focused on getting this farm house habitable. I ended up running away (with my tail between my legs, as my Mainer friend said) last winter to spend time with my daughter in Africa. and now my kitchen is all ripped out and I am trying to get it back together so I don't have to camp out in my house. (Maybe I could camp in Dol Fyn?)

Just sending this quick note to thank you for keeping after me. I was deliberating whether my farm reconstruction was going to allow me time on the water this year. But we'll see....

From further north where spring is having a hard time taking hold.



March 23, 2018. 'Several' feet of snow up here in the Northeast can't keep Dolphins from planning. Despite the deep snow we have been in touch with Mark by phone and email, and have big news. Email edited and consolidated


Mark here - in 3' of snow - looking at Dol Fyn outback awaiting the Spring.

I just registered for the Camden Classic Cup! (http://dolphin24.org/ccc2018.html).  Now, You can let the world know!!

Mark is bringing in a Dolphin 'ringer' from Virginia to crew with him - Stu Polhamus (Equinox, Yankee #237). More on this story in coming weeks. This news brings our registered Dolphins for the Camden regatta to 4, with 'several' more thinkin.....

Stay tuned

July 15, 2018. Mark advised he is withdrawing from the Camden Classic Cup as other life and professional responsibilities have not cooperated. Maybe next year....


September 28, 2018. Your webmaster followed up with Mark and we got the following update (minor edit).


Thanks for checking in.  I have been thinking about that great scene in Camden and hoping I will be able to come next year.

Just finished getting a house ready for sale, so did not do all the work on Dol Fyn that I would have liked to, and did not sail her this year.  She is so sad.  But life goes on and I hope to be joining you next year.  And probably before that I will contact you with all the questions that I run into.

 Hope you enjoyed your time in Maine this week.

Take care,











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