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Scot Ioset's Prodigal, Yankee #204, Hamilton, (Oneida Lake) New York (updated June 24, 2021)  

September 5, 2011. Scot Ioset has checked in as the new owner of Yankee #204, the former Cattivo. Click here to go to Cattivo's page

Dear Ron,

Wanted to let you know that I am the newest owner of Cattivo, Yankee #204 on Oneida Lake in New York. She has been on the hard for over a year now and needs a lot of TLC to return her to her former glory. Thank you for creating and maintaining such a wonderful site--I have already gotten a great deal of info.

I will be replacing the toe rails along with a few other pieces of cracked brightwork, resealing the stanchions (leaking), and painting both the deck as well as the hull. And then there is the centerboard which may be absent - any suggestions?

I was raised sailing a Yankee 24 Seahorse and fell in love with Yankees. I have now realized a dream to own another Yankee, and I didn't have to leave our marina to find it. I have a Sea Ray 225, which will be sharing a double berth with the Dolphin.

I will try to photograph and share the resurrection of #204, which will be named "Prodigal". Updates to come.

Scot Ioset, DDS
Hamilton, NY


October 22, 2011. Scott, who has several posts on the Forum on various matters, put together the following summary of Prodigal's resurrection - with photos. We'll start with what must be the first photo of the family's new toy, and some of the restoration crew?

Rough day at the marina

Well, today marks the beginning of trying to get Prodigal (still named Cattivo) back to the shop to start the restoration.  I received a call from Loadmaster this morning, and they will be delivering my trailer the first week of November, which is too late for the marina because they will have the lift and hauler winterized as of 1 November. Besides that, they were about to load several boats right in front of mine thereby making any access impossible until Spring of 2012. So the only option was to put it in the water and let it sit dockside for the next few weeks until the trailer arrives.

She has not been in the wet for 2 years, so I was a little worried.

It did give me the opportunity to inspect the centerboard and centerboard  well when it came off the cradle. As you can see, the CB is broken forward of the lifting tang and is nothing but a free-swinging stub of delaminated wood and fiberglass.

Once we were in the water, the gentleman watching our launch noted that the waterline was way off or otherwise we were going down nose first.  A quick check of the bilges showed a leak around the CB lift line tube which is cut 4" above the top of  the trunk and fitted with a 1 inch rubber hose with a hose clamp.  We lifted up again after taking less than a gallon on board, and I was able to cut a fresh end on the hose, force it over the tube, then get the hose clamp on.  A second floating was dry and the bilges remained so. The waterline is still wayoff as you can see in the above shot.

Upon lowering the mast, I found one of the side stay anchors to be loose, rising 3/4" above the deck.  I will have to see if the nuts are off or if the chainplate is no good.

There is an old proverb that I have lived by when facing big challenges:  When asked" how do you eat an elephant", the answer is "one bite at a time".  This elephant will need a lot of bites to get her restored! I will take lots of photos and keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks again for such an amazing site.

Bless you for it!   Scot

Scot has additional pictures of Prodigal at http://s1134.photobucket.com/albums/m606/hamdental/


November 7, 2011. Prodigal has her new trailer. Here's pictures and Scot's email. This will be included in the Technical Section/Trailers.

Dear Ron,

Wanted to let you know that we were successful in getting my Dolphin onto its trailer. We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon and had to get out my wetsuit to venture into the 49 degree water. The Loadmaster trailer arrived on Friday afternoon, as I drove over to Buffalo to meet the driver coming from Port Clinton, Ohio with my new trailer. Saved some $$ and enjoyed some blue skies the entire trip.

Very impressed with the whole experience with Loadmaster. They are a family business and were great to work with, plus they had my trailer to me on the promised date of delivery. Ordered it in Navy blue to match the future hull color.

I will be moving the boat and trailer inside this week into an old 1930's school workshop that is perfect for the renovation project. I will be taking pictures throughout the project, as I have found that the photos on the website have been very helpful and illustrative. The enclosed pictures may be helpful for the trailer section in the technical category. The height of the boat with this trailer is 8' 1" to the top of the cabin. I will have to take the bow and stern pulpits off to get it inside the shop, but they have to come off anyway for finishing the decks.


Scot Ioset

Nice rig...
Bye Cattivo...


November 19, 2011. Scot has moved Prodigal into her winter workshop. Now the hard part starts....Here is his email and shop photos.


More than a little concern for having enough clearance to get Prodigal into the shop for the Winter. Had to remove the stern and bow pulpits and the companionway cover; still an inch and a half too high. Let air out of the tires to lower the boat 2 inches and it cleared by the half inch left. Now it is safe and sound in the workshop of this old 1929 school in Eaton, NY.

The school is being remade into a home for the family of the owner, and it is quite a project. My mast is hanging from the ceiling of the main hallway along with the boom. The shop stays above 55 due to a coal burning stove and can be warmed up easily to 70 if the need arises. The owner stores his contracting supplies in this large area so liquids don't freeze.

I am starting to remove all the wood from the exterior so that we can repair woodwork and sand to get ready for teak oil application. Then will come the prep work for painting!


June 16, 2012. Scott contributed to a series of Forum posts on toe rails http://dolphin24.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=119.. The following an excerpt of his posts, consolidated with minor edits - it was uplifting to read! Maybe this kind of project is not a nightmare...

We have decided to create a new toe rail all around, as he has a wood steamer that can expand as long as needed to allow us to prebend the toe rail to fit perfectly. Now to find long plank teak

I have located teak locally here from a friend in upstate NY. We are going to remake all toerails, including the stern. We have a long pipe for steaming the wood to bend it to proper form. My teak was in shabby shape, and with a full exterior restoration underway, I figured now is the time to do it.

We have all the teak acquired, cut and shaped and ready to steam and set on a forming jig. New toe rails, eyebrows and other accent trim. New teak is gorgeous and I will take lots of pictures in the coming days and forward them to you. Prodigal is looking like a new boat!

We have completed the restoration of Prodigal and we put on the new toe rails this week. My carpenter went on several internet blogsites (GOOD MOVE!!) investigating the proper way to handle teak, because it is like no other wood in its properties. We put the two rails in the steaming tubes overnight and the next morning they came out like noodles. He was told by an "expert" to place the pre-drilled teak right on the boat, drill and screw it down to position, then wait a few hours for the wood to set, then remove the screws and place sealant.

Screws alternated with bolts on the rail. When he backed out two screws, there was a bang like a gun on the starboard fore railing and a piece blew off to the floor! Certain sentence enhancers were expressed, then he epoxied the pieces back together and did a beautiful job of blending teak saw dust and 5 minute epoxy together to fill the cracks. Turned out almost unnoticeable. Needless to say, there is a lot of energy in the wood that takes time to relieve itself. Therefore we waited, and late in the day removed one screw at a time, placed clear silicone marine sealer down the screw hole and replaced the screw prior to proceeding to the next. No more disasters. We finished with 1/2" bung plugs. You can get two plugs out of one by rolling the blade of a carpet knife over the plug until it splits. This also results in the bung plug fitting flush or near flush, minimizing the amount of hand sanding. This is not the time for power sanders.

Finally we finished with two coats of Sikkens Cetol for natural teak which we hand rubbed into the wood. Turned out beautiful!


June 22, 2012. The hard part is just about done - now the 'easy' part. An update from Scott.

Hi Ron,

Well it is nearly done. #204 is now in the water and we have been out four times now. The last item on our list is to pull it next Friday and remove the CB pivot bolt and install the new CB, set it on its trailer and polish and seal with a polymer polish to make it shine. Then the name goes on and it should be back in the water a few days later.

Thanks again for mastering this site....it has inspired me to go all out in restoring this boat. In many ways, this boat is as good as new (the electrical system is better) and I know every inch of this boat having done it. Once the name is on, I want to take some pictures of it underway from my other boat and will forward those to you when they happen. Thanks again.

Prepping 2
Hull priming done
starting down the home stretch
Looking good
Really good!

Almost forgot this one


Well Done!

July 9, 2012. Prodigal's new high density polyethylene (HDPE) centerboard has her own page in our Technical Section - click here to go there

And from Scot's Photobucket link http://s1134.photobucket.com/albums/m606/hamdental/Yankee%20Dolphin%2024%20Prodigal/ we picked up this keeper



June 14, 2018. It had been a while since we've heard from Scot. Here's his update.

Hi Ron,

Prodigal is in the water waiting for me to step the mast. Placed the loose footed mainsail on last season and I really love the control it gives in shaping the sail to wind conditions. Far superior to the fixed foot of the previous sail in both heavy and light air. Also added a new CDI furler with 150 Genoa and that was also a good move.

We also modernized the cabin throughout and put in new upholstery throughout, so the boat is looking sharp. I will get some photos of the upgrades in the next month and get them uploaded to the site for an update on Prodigal.


Scot Ioset

PS: My last project will be to add new side stays as the lengths are short and I would like to finally correct that. Just
need more time for sailing!


June 24, 2021 Scot Ioset sent in a report on his mast setting problem. We put it in our Technical Section

Click here to go there.


















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