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San Diego Hills Homebuilt Pacific Dolphin, San Diego, California (updated July 22, 2018)  

June 12, 2016. Rick Kennedy (Boethius, Yankee #149) brought this boat to our attention (maybe a Newly Found Dolphin? if so our 225th) - (minor edits)


This Pacific Dolphin is in the hills behind San Diego and has not been sailed for ten or so years. It was very nicely kept up until hauled into the hills. It was built without a drop centerboard. I am told that the owner will sell it if somebody wants to give him a fair offer.

If someone is interested in buying it, they should contact me. I will connect that person to the owner.

Email me at rkennedy@pointloma.edu.

Enclosed are some pictures



This number is etched in her hull. Our nameplate hull # page cannot decipher it. Need help here....


December 24, 2016. A website reader contacted your webmaster on November 28, 2016 with some interesting info about this boat, based on the number etched in her hull. Here is the excerpt from his email. Staff has been working on this but so far no further developments.

CFZ is the California code for "home-built", so this hull was not finished by any of the Yankee companies. The 12345 is pretty typical as it just fills out the serial number. The 0481A is not to current USCG serial numbers system, but if we read it as 04-81 in the code used back in the 80's, that would be April of 1981. Which would interestingly put it after #300 Grand Finale and yet before #301 Monika, and in the time span when the molds were not lost/scrapped. The guy who built that boat might know what happened to the molds, and if any other boats were made...

Standing by

July 22, 2018. We got an update from Rick advising that the property where the boat was stored was sold and the whereabouts of the boat is unknown. He'll advise if new info comes in....We have removed the boat from the For Sale page.

Standing by


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