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Tipsy (maybe), pre 1969? Yankee Dolphin, California Delta, California  

March 29, 2013. Back on June 25, 2011 Carl Harrington (Esther, Yankee #89) told us of a Dolphin that pictured in a book Cruising the California Delta by Robert E Walters, published in 1972. The California Delta is a very interesting inland body of water between San Francisco Bay and Sacramento, California - you can read all about it on Wikipedia - Click here.

We need to find out more about this boat and we are calling our west coast DFI's to action. Here's what we have from the book and Carl's emails - minor edits.

Page 102 - M 385, a clue

June 25, 2011


I was looking through an old guide book on the Sacramento River Delta called "Cruising the California Delta" by Robert E. Walters, published 1972, and there appears to be a Yankee-era Dolphin in two pictures, on pages 89 and 102..  I'll try to scan them soon and forward them to you.  The boat has the Dolphin hull, plus the companionway is very wide and trimmed like the Yankee-built Dolphins.  You can also make out two Dorade vents in the pictures.  One picture has the boat flying a spinnaker with the number "M382".  The name appears to start with a T, possibly "Tipsy", but not the one on the roster as #58, since Cassandra Rose #58  is a O'Day without Dorade vents, cabin wood trim, and different portlights.   Something interesting for someone to try and find out if it is their boat.

Carl Harrington



March 28, 2013

Wow, time flies, but I finally got a scanner and scanned the pictures from the book Cruising the California Delta by Robert E. Walters.  The pictures are on Page 89 and Page 102 and one of the book's cover


The book cover

We maybe be tipsy on this but we are going with Tipsy (maybe) until we are told different

And we have another clue - that burgee. If we can identify it, maybe the yacht club can help us find out more about her and her owner

Stay tuned


April 1, 2013. A dangerous date but here's Donna's email

Thank you.

Love just looking at these beautiful boast and their really perfect lines.  I will pull a picture and scan it for you.  I just remembered in looking at these photos, our Dolphin has a different aft window and custom interior.  We had the boat on a mooring in Newport Beach and a through-hull valve went bad.  The boat filled with water and the marina patrol pumped it out, secured the valve and closed it up.  Well, this was summer, we were on vacation and it got really hot.  The interior delaminated and had to be gutted.  We completely rebuilt the interior.  No table, that became a c-berth (aka couch) and the galley was built completely across removing the small seat that normally is at the end of the counter.  Floor plan remained the same.  We also change the aft window, using a ranger 26 window.  Gave it a different look, and gave more light in the interior.  She is very distinct because of these changes.  She had teak hatches, but the cockpit area was all fiber glass.  The only other teak was the toe-rail.  I’ll find the picture and try and find the full number.  That will be my mission this week. 

Thank you very much for the search.  dc





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