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Glen Korbi's Gambit, an early O'Day, Chicago, Illinois  

March 12, 2010 Glen recently checked in as the owner of Agape, Yankee #146, formerly Dick Beal's Think Big. Years ago, when he lived in the Chicago area, he owned Gambit, an early O'Day that raced with the Wilmette fleet. The following is a consolidation of Glen's emails, excerpted and edited.

I had an O'Day Dolphin 24 in the Chicago Harbor for about 5 years. I trailed it to Canada’s Lake Huron and to Miami –sailed to the Bahamas for three weeks. It was part of the early Wilmette Fleet. I have no  information about its current owner.

I didn’t change her name when I bought her from George Maloney of Wilmette IL.. She was called “GAMBIT”. I have no records of her hull number or history prior to Mr. Maloney’s ownership. I sold her for $4000 prior to taking a new job in Germany.

 I’ll do some research of my records to see what I can uncover about my time with GAMBIT. I have several pictures of her from the Miami-Bahamas trip, and in my mind’s eye I can see a few pictures from the visit to the northern parts of Canadian Lake Huron (Little Current, Ontario and the Benjamin Islands). Also, I had her berthed in Erie, Pa for about a year. I made many crossings of Lake Michigan in my little GAMBIT, both with crew and solo, from the Chicago Harbor .

 I submitted a story to SAIL magazine about trailering to the Bahamas, but it was rejected, and so I am not very proud of my writing skills.

Thanks for your interest


We are working on getting pictures and more about Gambit and Glen's time with her - and we will get in touch with the Wilmette Fleet's Historian and see what we can find out about her time there. Stay tuned.





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