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Rod Carey's Summer Haze, S&S 24, Sail # K2111, Auckland, New Zealand (updated March 22, 2012)  

Rod sent in the following email (edited by your webmaster) about his S&S 24 Summer Haze. He promises pictures soon.

October 1, 2007

Hi Ron

Thank you for answering my e-mail so quickly. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and this is where I keep my S&S24 "Summer Haze". I'll be taking some pictures of my boat and other S&S 24's as I come across them, and will e-mail these off to you as they come to hand.

There are several boats around town (and no doubt here & there throughout NZ) and I’ve seen the odd modification, occasionally a sadly neglected boat (Summer Haze herself is wanting a refit, though still kept in sailing condition - oh! for more spare time) and many others lovingly maintained. Unfortunately my boat's history is lost in the mists of time.




March 22, 2012. Well, it took a while but we have a picture, and a bit of history. Paul Parsonage (new owner of Glass Spider) crewed on Summer Haze back in the 1980's when she was their family boat. Here is a picture and Paul's email (minor edit)


Here's a picture of Summer Haze and me approximately 1983. My family used to cruise from Auckland to Great Barrier Island and the Bay of Islands along with a small amount of racing. Holidays were usually 3 weeks with my sister and parents.


Paul Parsonage (Glass Spider)

























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