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Jeff and Janice Tompkins' Balanceo, Yankee #193, San Diego, California/Brookings, Oregon - updated February 28, 2013


February 21, 2013. We received the following email from Jeff and Janice Tompkins. A copy has been posted on the Forum

Hi Ron,

We are looking for our Yankee Dolphin named 'Balanceo'. Year 1968 or 69. We sold her to our friend Mike French in 1977. Mike sold the boat 2 yrs later. Whereabouts unknown since but hoping someone might remember the original name and or changed the name. We cannot find our records title, registration etc and do not remember the hull number. I don't think you have her in your most excellent Roster. We purchased the boat in San Diego in 1975 for $8,250 with a trailer. 

I know this is a really long shot but this note might trigger someone's memory.

We have owned 8 sailboats over a 45 year period including a Fuji 32, a 40' Hardin Seawolf and our current Acapulco 40 which we keep in Brookings Or. Of all the 8 our Dolphin was plain and simply the best of the bunch.

Thanks for your fine website,

Jeff and Janice Tompkins


February 25, 2013. Jeff responded to some followup questions, and we are now on the track of still another Dolphin Chet and Joyce Defty's WestViking (click here to go there). Here is Jeff's email - excerpted

The attached picture was taken in Brookings, Oregon in (I think) 1977. We sold the Dolphin to my friend Mike French to help finance our new Fuji 32.  Mike has Balanceo tied to our Fuji for what looks like the start to another great dock party!

Mike's intention was to single hand to Hawaii but then he met Peggy and the sail across the Pacific went out the window. They married on board our Fuji and shortly after bought a new BaBa 30. Mike took a job in Hawaii so the girls (Peggy and our mutual dear friend Bernie Houston) sailed 'NuiLoa' to Honolulu where they lived aboard for 10 years.

If you can find a copy of One Wave at A Time you can read the further adventures of Bernie and Ed Atkin on their Acapulco 40 'Oriana'. Ed and Bernie left Brookings in 1980 and spent the next 25 yrs and 125,000 miles on Oriana. Great story and a terrific book!

Just messin' about.....,


Jeff has introduced us to Dolphin sailing in areas we have not been to - Howard Prairie Lake and Brookings, both in southwest Oregon. Below is a Google Earth photo to orient us, and another email excerpt (minor edit), this one of how he was introduced to Dophin 24s by Chet Defty and WestViking. With Jeff's help we are looking for this boat too - click here to go to WestViking.

Click image above for large view of Howard Prairie Lake

Chet was a most unselfish fellow. On the afternoon of his very first Howard Pararie Lake sail I was standing next to West Viking lusting after her when Chet says " hop on and we'll go for a sail".

Never met the fellow in my life and here we are together on his new boat. I was hooked on Dolphins!

Mt Mcloughlin on Howard Prairie Lake

Click on the above image for a large view of Mt MCLoughlin

February 28, 2013. Balanceo has been found. Here is Jeff's email (edited)


Balanceo found! Thanks to my wife and her 'never throw any thing away' habits, and the picture above of Balanceo and Snowbird together in Brookings, we know where our wonderful Dolphin now lives.

Hull 193 is already on your list thanks to your diligence with the Dolphin website.

Thanks again, Jeff Tompkins

Balanceo is now David Etherington's Dolphin, Yankee # 193, Eugene, Oregon. Click here to go there





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