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Connor Sauby's Pacific Dolphin #267, Juniper, Des Moines/Seattle Washington  

April 29/30, 2021. As promised here is #267's new page. Click here to check #267's history

Hi Ron

Just wanted to let you know that I am the proud new owner of hull #276, 1976 Pacific Dolphin 24! She is my first sailboat, although I have been sailing for a few years now off and on. Her name, according to the website, is currently Tiare. However, the previous owner (or the one before him) had taken off the lettering so she is sitting nameless. Unfortunately I know someone named Tiare so I will probably be renaming her (with the proper ceremonies of course). I haven't decided on a name yet, so if any readers have a suggestion let me know! Thinking of Balaena (Buh-
lane-uh) or Cetacea (Set-uh-see-uh).

I picked her up for $4900 with 2 outboards. She is structurally in very good condition (for a boat from 1976) with the standing rigging replaced within the last few years; it's still shiny. She could use a good deck swab but otherwise in good condition for $4900!I've been browsing the website since I saw her on craigslist and the website ultimately helped me decide to buy her. She's a beautiful boat, and I couldn't be more excited!

Projects planned: Install a porta-potty (she doesn't have one), repair the propane stove and propane system, fix up the 4 hp outboard (the 2.5hp works but is obviously grossly underpowered for a Dolphin), and install an A/C electrical system; she only has DC.The nice gal that showed me the boat (friend of the previous owner) gave me contact information for someone in the area that has (currently?) owned 4 or 5 dolphins and knew the designer of the boat or something. If he texts me back he would be a wonderful resource to have nearby!

I'll keep you updated on anything major happening with #267.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Connor Sauby

Click here for a larger image and WELCOME ABOARD CONNOR!

Responding to the Webmaster's Welcome Aboard email Connor adds this postscript

Hi Ron,

It is actually Connor with an O R instead of an E R :) (Corrections made - website staff has been admonished!)

I've decided on the name Juniper, and she is moored in Des Moines, WA in the same slip as the previous owner, but her home port is Seattle, WA.

Took her for her maiden voyage today and it was lovely. Had some fun figuring everything out on a new to me boat, and my girlfriend had never sailed before but she did great in some choppy seas. I will definitely want to fashion a plug around the outboard opening as water was splashing up. Webmaster Note: Check out http://dolphin24.org/Marionette_transom_locker_stuff.html

Looks like I have to rewire the running lights because they weren't working. Very excited to own her, and I can't wait for the next adventures in store!

















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