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Patti and Russ King's Tessie, Yankee #90, Rio Vista, California  

September 8, 2020 - Patti and Russ King are the new owners of Yankee #90, formerly Will Stedden's Ioni (click here to go to her page). Here is Russ' email and some photos.

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your website. I'm happy to let you know that my wife, Patty, and I are the new owners of Hull #90. We purchased her from Will Stedden a couple weeks ago.

Two days ago we sailed (mostly motored) her from San Mateo to Rio Vista CA, via Vallejo - a two day trip. It was very enjoyable and we fell in love with the boat. Delta Marina in Rio Vista is only 25 min from our house and has a small but capable boat yard. We plan to haul her out and eventually take her to our house where I have a well equipped wood shop, soon to become a fiberglass shop.

Other than just restoration work and some refitting, I'm planning to compartmentalize some of the lockers, build a hard dodger and modify the outboard well so the motor can tilt up.I bought a fixer-upper trailer for $400. It came with a sad old Del Rey 24.

If you know anyone who wants a free sailboat, let me know. Lol.

Fixing the trailer up will be easy. Getting it registered will be the tricky part. We plan to rename the boat "Tessie" after my tough little dog I had in college. Funny coincidence: I was reading the history of hull #90 on your website and at one time she actually sank in her slip in Lake Tahoe and was raised. My wife is from South Lake Tahoe and Tessie is also the name of a local legend, Tahoe Tessie, the Tahoe version of Nessie, of Loch Ness fame. So there you go. I think the name will fit.

I'm attaching some photos from our trip and will keep you updated on her progress. Thanks again for your website I have found some valuable resources about trailers and many other great topics.Expect lots of questions. My previous boat was a 1961 Snipe.


Russ King

Click on these photos for a larger image

Welcome Aboard Patti and Russ!

Stay Tuned









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