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Technical Index  - Topics are listed alphabetically by general category - and then alphabetically by sub category. Click to go to them.

Also, one can check the Dolphin24.org Forum for interesting commentary on technical issues

Another way to find project information is to type keywords into the Search Engine - click the Search button upper left of screen. A list will appear and clicking on one or more of the subjects listed will probably add still more information on your particular subject of interest. (Updated May 16, 2022)


Auxiliary Power, Engines and related

Beta 10 2 cylinder Diesel

Electric Motors - a Discussion

Minn Kota Electric Trolling Motor - a field trial

Ethanol - fuel and water

Gas Inboards - the Palmer Engine and related; Atomic 4

The Atomic 4

Palmer 27 Engine - a work in progress

Palmer 27 Engine Operating Instructions Manual - (copies of a 50 year old manual - light but readable)

Palmer 27 - a discussion

Passage's Palmer 27 Engine - a waiting game...

Motor Space - that space for inboards under the bridgedeck and between the quarterberths (also known as the "black hole of Calcutta")

An intimately related subject - the centerboard winch and its pennant tube guards the 'black Hole" (also see below)

Aspara's 1GM10 Yanmar Engine Cover

ROWDY's engine compartment and hatch

Outboard Motors - Comments and more (updated June 2, 2019)

Marionette's 4hp Outboards

A discussion between webmaster Ron Breault, and Mark Steinhilber, marine architect

Outboard Motor Boom Lifing system - Amaya, Yankee #95, (July 4, 2018)

Outboard Motor Cover falls off - a fix

Propellers - A start...

Rowing and Sculling a Dolphin - A start

Transom Motor Wells, Plugs, Cutouts and More - a discussion (updated June 2, 2019)

Marionette's Transom Hatch, Engine locker and Related

Calmante's Transom Plug System

Yankee #80's unique motor pushpit lift system

The Bucket System (protecting your immersed prop and shaft from barnacles)

Yankee 140's Companionway Ladder Outboard Motor Storage system

Exhaust Fumes and Noise Issues - a Fix

Yanmar Diesels and related

Aspara's 1 GM10 Yanmar Diesel and Engine Cover

The Flicka 20 Yanmar 1 GM10 website article

Tern's Yanmar 1 GM10 Diesel

Maya Elena's Yanmar 1GM10 overheating problem and the 1GM10 parts catalogue

Vire Inboard engines

Volvo Penta - Rusted cooling pipe - Check comment dated October 6, Sloop du Jour


A Dolphin Barn - Marionette's

Marionette's Barn Workshop

Maya Elena's Barn

Windswept (too)'s Barn (updated May 6, 2017)

Boat Naming

A Website Primer/Disclaimer


Centerboard - Performance, Materials, and related

Centerboard Pin

Centerboard Winch, Control Line Tube, Repairs, and Related (updated March 8, 2016)

Centerboard Winch Extraordinaire - Passage's winch

Centerboard Repair Project - Two Moons, Pacific Dolphin #250

Centerboard Repair Project - Canopache, Yankee #188

Centerboard Repair Project - Yankee #227 Note: includes measurements for this foil shaped centerboard

Centerboard Trunk Repair Project - Yankee #227

Centerboard Related Discussion Thread - on the Forum

More on New Centerboards, Centerboard Pins, and Repairs

Replacing the Centerboard Pennant - Marionette, Marscot/O'Day #12

Replacing Wada's (Yankee #190) Centerboard

Yankee #204's High Density Polyetheylene (HDPE) Centerboard

An intimately related subject - the centerboard winch and its pennant tube guards the 'black Hole"

Sea Fox's new stainless steel centerboard and winch system

Savili's centerboard winch repair

Design Drawings, Sail Plans, Arrangement Plans

O' Day Arrangements Plan, S&S #1497-3, sail plan/inboard detail, April 16, 1959 (including headroom comments)

O' Day Sail Plan, S&S Drawing # 1497-4, April 15, 1959; Also Sail Selection Comments

S&S Design Plans and Plan List

Shaw 24 Blueprints

Yankee Arrangements Plan, "Kantola" drawing, March 27, 1967

Yankee Main Sail Dolphin Logo

Dinghies and Related

Overview and Comments

Blue Gum's Dinghy

Marionette's Dinghy - 'TEER (updated November 14, 2017)

Marionette's Other Dinghy -  Pup  

Recovery's Dinghy

'TEER's Skeg Dolly

Mischief, a wooden pram

ROWDY'S Dinghy, a 'wheel barrow' boat

Dodgers, Tent Flys, Biminis, Covers and Related

Covers - Hatch, Lazarette, Tiller, Mainsail, and More

Dodgers and Flys

Pelagos' Hard Dodger (updated October 30, 2015)

Blue Dolphin's Dodger

Winter Covers

Electrical and related

(A) Discussion of Wiring

Marionette's Battery Locker  - battery, charger, inverter and related

ROWDY's Battery Lockers

Masthead Light (on a pig stick)

Overhead LED Galley Lights

Starter/Voltage Regulator Problems

Barbara Joyce's Solar Panel set up.

Makarios', Yankee #241, Battery Locker, cables, switch and panel setup

Fin Keel Dolphins Built in New Zealand

S&S 24s, Falcon 24s built in New Zealand - The Home Page - A History and Roster

S&S 24s, Falcon 24s - Their Roster

S&S 24 Sail Plan

S&S 24 and Falcon 24 Sails

Technical Information on Falcon 24 Hull Construction, Keel Bolts, Depth Sounder/Location, Log

Test Report, S&S 24, NZ Yachting and Boating, June 1976; New Boat Ad

Hardware, Fittings, Rigging and Layouts

Hardware, standing and running rigging, blocks and Line - Interactive and other guides

Chainplates, Stemhead Fitting, Masthead and related (Blue Gum)

Jib Furling Systems

Jib Leads and Genoa Track

Ladders - fixed, portable, man overboard

Pushpit (stern pulpit)

Reeving Internal Halyards (updated August 31, 2020)

Rigid SS Boom Vang (Aspara's)

Rigging your boom - vang, cunningham, main sheet, outhaul, traveller control line, reefing hooks, etc.,

Spinnaker running rigging set up

Transom Lifelines (for Dolphins w/o pushpits/stern rails)

New, solid stainless steel, stanchion posts for lifelines, and lifeline cover repair

New Stanchions for Makarios, Yankee #241

Bronze Winches - #99's winches and a bit of history

Self Steering gear - Blue Gum, Falcon 24

Wind Indicators

Door Button Latches

HEADS (updated June 6, 2019)

Heads, Holding Tanks, and related

Holding Tank - Blue Gum's

Head Hose help - Misstress' Mystery - a work inprogress

Marionette's V-berth, head, holding tank system

Blue Dolphin, Yankee #246's Composting Head

ROWDY's Settee mounted head

The C Head - a composting head/Dolphin owner exchange


The start of a discussion


Anchor Locker (Marionette's)

Boethius, Yankee #149 - Galley and Dinette

Cabin Table Modification - Windswept too

Convertible Dinette Table - (Marionette)

Door Button Latches

Electric Fridge and Galley Box - Fire Escape, Pacific Dolphin # 299

Galleys - Marionette's Galley Windsong's Galley Blue Gum's Galley .ROWDY's Galley Paper Moon's Galley/Stove

Galleys (Sliding type);;;;;Kiwi's;;;;; Seminole's ;;;;;;Thankful's

Galley Sink (twin drain and plumbing) and a neat fold down galley seat - Blue Gum

Galley LED overhead lights

New use for Galley/oven space - Yankee #109

Hanging Locker Conversion to Drawers (Suzanne)

Head Room Measurements

Interior - Cove Dweller

Interior - Madalyn Joy, Yankee #227 - Dinette Table; Stained Glass! Galley Doors; Spray painted forward cabin

Interior - Spectra

Interior - Yankee 109

H & L Marine Woodwork, Inc - Yankee Yachts former wood parts supplier

Marionette's Table (and Entertainment Center)

Marionette's V-berth, head, holding tank system

Marionette's V-Berth Privacy Curtain

Painting Interior FiberGlass

Quarterberths (a work in progress...)

Rowdy's V-Berth Reconstruction and Anchor Locker

Sea Going Interior - Davarsa, a Falcon 24

Storage idea - check out Equinox, #237, June 27, 2019 post

Tiana, S&S 24, Interior make over

Under the Bridge Deck  (Marionette's set up) - companionway steps, centerboard winch, under bridge deck lockers, engine storage, refrigeration system, electrical panel, etc.

Under the V-Berth/Forepeak - an improvement project (Aquilla, #273)

(Another) Under V-berth locker - Aspara's, Yankee #153 (and tips on getting a hand rubbed satin finish on your varnish)

Ventilation - A Work in Progress

Mermaid 24

MORC S&S Specification # 1497-S, December 10, 1959

Wood Dolphin


About Adding Ballast - Olin Stephens Dec 5, 1967

Awlgrip - Ruby's paint job (updated April 7, 2014)

Bilge Pumps - a work in progress

Checklist for buying a used Dolphin

Depth Sounder (Echo Sounder) Installation

Dolphin casting - a nice touch

Drink Holder for Dolphins with wood combings

Eyebrows - and sidelights - a Discussion (updated April 7, 2014)

Identifying Early 'O'Day" Dolphins - Marscot, Lunn, O'Day, Tripp built (a work in progress)

Ladders - fixed, portable, man overboard

Lifting a Dolphin - A thread on the Forum

Nameplates and Builder's Hull Numbers

Outlaw 26, a fin keeled O'Day built boat named Windswept, with Dolphin like features    

Performance Improvements - John Meade/Rod Stephens memo, Nov 8, 1968

Review - By Ted Brewer, Dolphins Galore, Good Old Boat, Sept/Oct 2005

Ronspeg - a system for locking seat backs, table legs, and tables in place

Shaw 24 (Arlette, Hull #8) Technical Specification

The 'No" Travel Lift system

Thru Hull Fittings and Seacocks - a Discussion

WaterLine length Measurement

Weight - some numbers

Windspeed and direction - anywhere in the world

Models and Half Models

Dolphin 24 models and model builders

Portlights, Repairing and Replacing

Portlights - a new look

Portlights and Gaskets

Portlights as an builder identifying tool (a work in progress)

Plastic Portlights - cloudy, scratched, etc., - a fix

ROWDY's Portlights

Marionette's Portlights

Pacific Dolphin #262 - new portlights (updated February 7, 2022)

Sisu's new portlights (updated May 16, 2022)

Racing Certificates, Ratings, etc.

A Discussion of PHRF Ratings and Marionette's 2007 thru 2019 Rating Certificates (updated May 18, 2019)

PHRF (Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association) Regulations - 2008

PHRF (Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association) Regulations 2013

Classic Yacht Racing Certificate, Marionette, 2019

Repairs (various) - Individual projects plus a few boats that have had/are undergoing major restorations

Aeyla Makaira's Restoration, Yankee # 81 - 2009 Summer Report - Misc. Repairs

Battery Box (Corroded) a fix

Boom Gooseneck, Slide Car and Track Emergency Repair Kit

Cockpit Seat Drain Repair

Cockpit Coamings - Remove, refinish, reinstall on ROWDY, Marscot/O'Day #5

Compass has a bubble?/ What to do....a new compass!

Galley Hand Pump (and a magical polish for brass, your compass dome, and your plastic portlights too!)

Galatea, a Shaw 24. Her Restoration Photo Album

General Repair Projects on Ioni, Yankee #90 (well worth the time to check these out)


Hatches - Main, Fore and Transom, repair, replacement and related (updated January 8, 2014)

Hatch - Repair of Yankee # 125, Unda Maris II's, Main Hatch

Keel Repair - Marionette's encounter with a 'floating sea weed patch)


Marionette's New Dress - complete exterior redo (updated February 19, 2018)

MELE, Marscot/O'Day #16 Restoration

Painting Topsides and Decks - a discussion regarding Interlux Brightsides

Prodigal's Restoration, Yankee #204

Repairing a Lunn built toe rail hull/deck joint - Halcyon

Repairing/replacing Yankee #79 (Remnant) toe rail and (wood) deck

Repairing/replacing Conch Pearl, Marsct/O'Day #16's Hull/Joint

Replacing ROWDY's, Marscot/O'Day #5, Toe Rails

Sheer clamp, hull/deck joint, toe rail repair/replacement, chainplate bedding, fixes; main bulkhead rot/replacement - a discussion (updated October 16, 2016)

Spreader Bracket Blocks (Marionette's)

Transom Deck repair/wood trim replacement - Pacific Dolphin #300

Windswept too, Yankee #245 - a discussion of her 'clamp', backing plates and deck hardware bedding

Windswept too, Yankee #245 - discussion of toe- rails

Tern, Yankee #155 - Hull/Deck Joint discussion - May 15, 2020

Rudders, Tillers, Autopilots and related

Aluminum Rudder Repair Jim Oppy's WISP, a Lunn built boat

Blue Gum's Self Steering System

Jasmine, nee Aquila, Pacific Dolphin #273 has a new Rudder (updated June 21, 2012)

Aspara, Yankee #153, Sailing herself, w/o an Auto Pilot - a video

Autopilot ST1000+ and Custom Tiller Bracket, (updated June 23, 2017)

Fixing a Broken Tiller

More on Replacing and Repairing Rudders

Repairing a Sloppy Rudder Shaft

Ruby's New Rudder

Rudder Design Change, April 31, 1966, photos of different Dolphin rudders, and an aluminum rudder story.

Rudder Heel Fitting, Rudder Shaft and Related

Repack Yankee Rudder Bearing- updated September 24, 2020        

Rudder Post Casting

Summer Wine's 'Autopilot'

Tiller Lock Systems

Tiller Tamer - a kind of auto pilot

Sails and Performance related commentary (also see Design/Sail Plans, and Hardware, above)

Comments on Sails and Boat Speed

Crew work - important!!

Cutter Rig

Grand Finale's Main Sail

Jib furling Systems - updated June 9, 2017

Jib Leads and Genoa Track

Lazy Jacks

Marionette's Blade Sail

Kestrel gets a 120% furling jib

Making your own sails

Robin Lee's new Main Sail

Boethius, Yankee #149 - new main and jib

Spinnaker running rigging set up

The Dolphin Blooper

Spars - Masts, Mast Support Systems, Booms, Standing Rigging Running rigging and related (also check Hardware, Rigging and Layouts and Design Drawings, Sail Plans and Sails Sections for related subjects)

Boom Gooseneck, Slide Car and Track, and related

Booms - wood and aluminum - includes systems - vang, main sheet, outhaul, topping lift, etc

Jib Furling Systems

Mast Design - Reader Friendly Internet Articles

Mast Head Light, Custom Bracket, Pig Stick and Bridge Clearance Measurements

Mast Setting problem - hinge plate, etc,. Yankee #204

Mast Raising/Lowering Systems

- Mast Stepping - A Discussion and Resource

- Fred Goguen's System for Thankful (updated June 8, 2014 to include Windswept Too)

- Jim Robinson's System for Aquila

- Harold Shomaker's System (Sailing) Solace

- Scott Henry's System - Amaya

- Mast Raising Magic, by Rob Mazza, by permission from Good Old Boat Magazine (May/June, 2013)

- Kerry Lugo's Root Beer Float, Pacific Dolphin #294 and her mast raising/lowering system

- Jay Westbrook's One Chance, Yankee #208 Mast Raising Report

- Jerry Slaughter's ROWDY

- Paul Lugin's system for Windswept too, Yankee #245, and a saw horse support for your mast (updated May 31, 2019)

- Mark Wagner's system for Dol Fyn

- Jay Westbrook's system - One Chance, Yankee #208

- Justin Flagg's system - Yankee #207- a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17gvsfr9Vk&feature=youtu.be

- check out Eufrasio Volpe's system - Paper Moon, O'Day #41

Mast Pumping - A Discussion

Mast Struts and Arches - General info and pictures

Mast Support Wood Arch - Yankee Sketches, October, 1965

Mast Support Wood Arch - Load Calculation, Rod Stephens, Sept 16, 1965

Mast Tabernacles, Hinge Plates, Mast Plates, Chainplates, Halyard Organizers and Related (updated August 19, 2019)

Masts and Booms - Refinishing and Painting

New Masts - Wood, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum

Rig Weight - mast, halyards, masthead stuff, boom, main sheet, vang and reef lines.

Rigid SS Boom Vang (Aspara's)

Spinnaker Poles and related

Spreader Bracket Blocks

Standing Rigging Replacement

Tuning a Dolphin Mast (including adjustable backstay)

Supplier List - Suppliers of Services and Parts, Contractors/Restorers, Sources

A continuing work in progress


Overview of Dolphin Trailers

Tongue weight calculation system (DIY)

Canopache's Trailer

Marionette's Trailer (updated July 13, 2017)

Pippin's New Triad Trailer

Prodigal's Loadmaster Trailer

Rowdy's Trailer

Ruby's (nee Clover's) Trailer

Tiki's Trailer

Windswept's Trailer

Bleeding Brake Lines on Windswept's Trailer

Dolphin, Yankee #193 - her last ride

Sisu's (Yankee #186) upgraded trailer project

Winterization and related






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