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More on Replacing and Repairing Rudders (updated October 20, 2012)

June 3, 2012. On this page we will try and accumulate stories of rudder replacement and repairs. These have been excerpted from the Roster pages of the various boats. Click on the boats to go to those Roster pages. For more information on this general subject go to the Technical Section and scroll down to Rudders/etc.

Carl Hazelton's Yankee #248.

Rudder came out fine - took the longest to dig the hole to let her into. The front edge of the rudder appears the have quite a bit of delamination.Thanks for the info on removing rudder heel fitting (Webmaster Note: http://www.dolphin24.org/rudder_post_heel_fitting.html).

Have seen some info on rudders on the website but could not find a source for one. (Good Luck Carl - probably have to build one - see http://dolphin24.org/aquilas_new_rudder.html)

The next pix show a badly split rudder the length of post. I sent the rudder to Finco to get a new one built. They could not locate their mold, so I needed to send them mine.

Webmaster Note: Carl has located a company, Finco, that may have made the Yankee rudders. We will have to confirm this. They certainly can make rudders. Here is the link to their website http://fincofab.com/rudders.php


October 20, 2012. Miss Behavin's has a new rudder made by Finco - see link above. He shipped his old one to them so they build a mold to duplicate it. It cost $1500.














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