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ROWDY'S Coamings - updated April 14, 2014  

ROWDY is Marscot/O'Day hull #5 (click here to go to her page) and owner Jerry Slaughter has a major resoration project going with her. We gathered together his emails on the coaming project and here they are so far

March 19, 2014

I talked my daughter into helping me with one of my dismantling projects.  I had been thinking about rehabbing my cockpit coamings, which are a mess.  It looks like some oil or gas got on and stained the wood along the cockpit seat, plus the old stain and varnish was looking terrible.

I remember seeing the trim wood that Bill Thomas had pulled off RUBY and his coamings looked like they had come off pretty clean (non destructive) so I looked around and saw just a row of bolts and six screws holding the coamings in place.  Now this is where the daughter comes in, of coarse if one doesn't have an agreeable daughter (photo below left of same with appropriate tools attached), a son, friend, or hired hand will also do nicely. 

We removed the nuts and bolts and off popped the coamings.  Bringing those things back from the edge will take some doing, but what else do I have to occupy my time?



April 14, 2014.

Hi Ron,

I finally got the cockpit coamings and traveler base varnished and mounted on the boat.  The whole process went much smoother than I anticipated.


Click on the photos for a larger view -

and note the flag staff laying on the cockpit seat above






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