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Steve Ludwig's and Jennifer Nichols' Yankee #80, El Huachinango Has An Unusual Pushpit Motor Lift System (updated September 22, 2014)  

September 21, 2012. A series of posts on the Forum regarding transom wells http://www.dolphin24.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=208&PN=2 led to the 'discovery' of the unusual pushpit that Steve Ludwig's and Jennifer Nichols' have on their Yankee #80, El Huachinango

This picture prompted many questions and Steve came back with several emails, some photos and an explanation of his pushpit. The emails are consolidated and edited below.


The "pushpit", right now, acts as a hoist frame to pull the outboard. I have future plans to mount a solar panel on top. The next project is to add a bow roller, deck pipe for chain and rode and mount a smaller anchor forward and get rid of the anchor at stern.

Below are some photos of the set up for the "pushpit" motor hoist. I orginally had 9.9 Tohatsu that weighed close to a hundred lbs, so this was nice to have.  It eliminated back strain and banging up the motor well.

I read the Forum and I agree with Erik (Evens - Robin Lee, Yankee #118) that the Tohatsu Sailpro is a totally manageable outboard and has plenty of power for the Yankee Dolphin. I regularly fight 4 knot currents here in Humboldt bay and it takes it on no problem.

I can motor with a closed hatch, and I did redesign the motor mount. By the way I can fully turn the OB in the engine well. I believe my engine well has been modified from the stock one. I'll send you some photos.

I keep my OB lowered when sailing. As we do not race El Huachinango but cruise her, it is not a problem for us and she regularly gets up to hull speed even with the motor lowered. And yes the "pushpit" is very structurally sound and easily hoists 100lbs. It's mounted through the deck with stainless steel plate backing.

In the motor raised position I mount the motor on a piece of lumber inside the engine well. I have a canvas cover for the motor and well ( see photo).

I still like to use the hoist even with the Sailpro. Saves the back, especially when you sail twice a week. Ever since I got this boat, I'm addicted. Do they have a 12 step program for that? Oh yeh...sailing is a 12 step program.


ps the previous owner, "Buck" Owens, built the pushpit.

The hatch cover hinges back but is also removable

Close up - note throttle position

Top block
Panel covering opening for throttle

The motor is out of the water, and covered. Store the hatch cover...

Fascinating. We'll keep pestering Steve with follow up questions....


September 22, 2014 - Somehow this article never made it to our Technical Section index. It took exactly 2 years but its there now!






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