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Eufrasio Volpe's PAPER MOON, O'Day #41, West Boca Raton, Florida - updated September 3, 2019  

August 18, 2019 - Eufrasio Volpe is formally checking in as the new owner of PAPER MOON. We are setting up a new page for her. To check out her amazing history click here.

Here is Eufrasio's email and pictures (minor edits).

Ahoy Ron!

I hope you had an amazing tine at the Camden Classic with your" pod of Dolphins" frolicking in the crisp waters of the harbor!

Well Paper Moon is in Florida, West Boca Raton to be exact!!  I was able to secure storage just 2 miles from my home.  She's on the hard getting lots of TLC. 

The journey south from Lincolnville Maine totaled 1,645 miles and 33 hours of driving time with 2 night stays, the first in Stafford, Virginia and the second in Richmond Hill, Georgia   I had the help of my good friend, navigator/driver, and fellow sailor Ed.

We flew up to Portland Maine on a 6 am flight from Fort Lauderdale airport on Tuesday July 30th.  Picked up our F250 from the Enterprise truck division.  By the way, they came and got us at the airport with the truck.  Now that's service!  After the paperwork was in order we began our drive to Lincolnville.  A quick stop at "The Taste of Maine " restaurant, as I had promised Ed the best lobster roll he has ever tried.  And it was!

We got to Kristie's Fantasy Farm at about 3:30.  She greeted us with much warmth and hospitality, offering us sleeping quarters for the night before our journey south the following morning.  July 31st,the first day on the road was the most driving we challenged ourselves to do.  The idea being that we would get through the major hubs, Portland, Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.; and we did, arriving in Stafford just south of Washington by 2:30 am for a total of 17 hours of driving.

The next day saw us through the rest of Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina with a sleep stop in Richmond Hill, Georgia!  August 2nd the final day of driving was as perfect as can be expected in Florida with the typical late morning/early afternoon thunderstorms!

All and all it was a test of driving endurance and nerves as we dealt with inclement weather, numerous downpours and at times heavy traffic!  Through it all the trailer cradled Paper Moon lovingly and securely.  A shout out to James Nelson a marine mechanic that took the time to ensure we would be safe on the road and got the Yannmar diesel running!  Giving me additional peace of mind.

So now I am looking for a slip or dock space.  I plan on having her in the water by mid November. I have attached pics from our journey and will keep you posted as to my progress.


Back in May we had an email from Eufrasio , and a confirming phone conversation with Kristie Scott. Paper Moon will be going to Martha's Vineyard, her old 'ferrying grounds' and have warm winters in Florida. Here it is.


I would like to thank you for steering me in the direction of Paper Moon and her custodian Kristie Scott!  As a result of your guidance I could not be happier to report that Kristie and I have come to an agreement that will allow me to be the next proud owner of  Fred Croft's Paper Moon.  In his memory  I will continue his tradition of care and diligence by providing her with a good home hopefully  for many years to come.

She essentially will become a "snow bird", sailing the warm waters of Key Biscayne in southeast Florida and the Keys in late fall through late spring, and then the sparkling waters of Martha's Vineyard in the early summer through early fall.  

Again, Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! I look forward to sharing stories and pictures in the near future.

Please forward information on how to join your organization. Webmaster Note: That's easy - you're in!!!


Eufrasio Volpe

Welcome aboard Eufrasio!!

Click on the photos below for a larger image

We'll stop here and standby for TLC reports from Eufrasio


September 3, 2019 We have the following update from Eufrasio (minor edits - webmaster comments inserted in Eufrasio's email) - and it should be noted that Hurricane Dorian has West Boca and nearby areas in the possible landfall target area. Good Luck Eufrasio and Paper Moon......readers with anything to contribute towards Eufrasio's questions please contact the webmaster - RonBreault@cs.com

Hey Ron,

I hope all is well with you! Its been a month to the day that Paper Moon arrived in West Boca. I have not had a lot of free time since to apply much hands on work as I had hoped to.

However, I did have an opportunity to tear out the old cabin flooring that had rotted and take stock of the bilge and surrounding areas as well as the quarter berths. I found some dry rot on the port berth forward where the joinery work meets the galley cabinetry.

And on the exterior, upon further inspection, I noticed that the bottom of the rudder was damaged and the wood core partially dry rotted. This lead me to read your post: "Repairing a Sloppy Rudder Shaft/Rudder Tube" http://dolphin24.org/repairing_a_sloppy_rudder_shaft_tube.html In it you mention removing the heel bronze fitting. My question to you: Are there any suggestions in doing this or tips I should know about? NOPE - It worked for me! Read the whole section Rudders, Tillers, Autopilots and related in the Technical Section - http://dolphin24.org/technicalindex.html, in particular http://dolphin24.org/rudder_post_heel_fitting.html

Any recommendations on how to restore the original condition of the rudder? See Comments above. Products, etc. Also I plan on replacing the cabin floor with something more aesthetic and functional. Any suggestions on this? No - pictures?

Finally I want to make a correction regarding the replacement diesel engine that Fred installed some 9 years ago. As the
young mechanic whom I had hired to start the engine and replace the belts and impeller did not complete the job; I began to look for a Yanmar engine manual. Originally it was stated that the engine Fred purchased was a YGM8.. I can assure you that there is no such thing, however the correct model is: YSM8-R Built by Yanmar in 1990. (Noted and corrected)

I came across a shareable file of its manual and will post the link here: Yanmar YSM8-R Marine Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual https://www.slideshare.net/jksmmmd/yanmar-ysm8-r-marine-diesel-engine-service-repair-manual

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, etc. I hope this is helpful to other budding diesel mechanics such as myself.

As always, thank you so much for what you do to provide ANSWERS AND SUPPORT!!



PS I will forward pictures of rudder in separate email. Also - One more question,what is the hole on the port side of the keel on the bottom on the last picture used for? Any ideas? Good Question - Maybe inlet for engine cooling water?

Rudder edge - click on the photos for a larger image

Note hole at bottom edge of keel - photo above left - what's this?? engine water intake?

Standing by


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