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Prodigal's (Yankee #204) Loadmaster Trailer (updated Ma1, 2012)

November 7, 2011. Prodigal has her new trailer. Here's pictures and Scot's email.

Dear Ron,

Wanted to let you know that we were successful in getting my Dolphin onto its trailer. We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon and had to get out my wetsuit to venture into the 49 degree water. The Loadmaster trailer arrived on Friday afternoon, as I drove over to Buffalo to meet the driver coming from Port Clinton, Ohio with my new trailer. Saved some $$ and enjoyed some blue skies the entire trip.

Very impressed with the whole experience with Loadmaster. They are a family business and were great to work with, plus they had my trailer to me on the promised date of delivery. Ordered it in Navy blue to match the future hull color.

I will be moving the boat and trailer inside this week into an old 1930's school workshop that is perfect for the renovation project. I will be taking pictures throughout the project, as I have found that the photos on the website have been very helpful and illustrative. The enclosed pictures may be helpful for the trailer section in the technical category. The height of the boat with this trailer is 8' 1" to the top of the cabin. I will have to take the bow and stern pulpits off to get it inside the shop, but they have to come off anyway for finishing the decks.


Scot Ioset

Nice rig...
Bye Cattivo...


May 1, 2012. Back on April 19, 2012 Scot updated his October 11, 2011 post on the Forum regarding his new trailer and it contains some information that is repeated but also information that is new. To go to the complete thread click here http://dolphin24.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=143

 I bought the trailer that came with my Dolphin, but it is a 1200 lb. homemade and in no way will ever pass NY State inspection in that it has mobile home axles (illegal) and no brakes.  Therefore be very careful with used trailers  and find one that is registered in your state.  Also, tires are prone to rot and need to be carefully examined and discarded if they are over 7 years old.  I speak from former experiences: A blow out can be disastrous to more than just the boat.     Having said that, I have just completed placing an order for a new twin axle trailer with Loadmaster in Port Clinton, Ohio. Gary Straw, Sr. is the owner and has been excellent to work with.  In that this is his first Dolphin, we have had several conversations about the proper measurements that I have made and design prior to the actual fabrication. Trailer will have electric brakes with LED lights, spare and spare holder. Price comes in around $4800 plus shipping. I selected pads versus bunks to allow one pad to be backed off at a time for refinishing of the hull below the waterline and application of anti-fouling paint. I will keep you updated as it should be delivered near the end of October. Now #204 can be transferred to an indoor shop close to home for winter transformation!Scot
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