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Galatea - a Shaw 24 Restoration Photo Album  

February 10, 2018. Henry Fuller's Galatea, a Shaw 24 in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, is undergoing a major restoration, and has an online photo album to record the process.

Click here to go to her page, and click here to go to the album. The following is Henry's intro to this project.

Album photos show Galatea stripped naked of all interior carpentry joinery showing interior laid out on shop floor! Over the next month the updating of the interior should go pretty smoothly. Plywood for bulkhead replacement has been ordered. Dismantling the interior took about 2.5 8 hour days ( 20 hours). Brass screws holding the interior were all corroded. We will replace with silicone bronze!

The photos are to help us not forget how things went together! Looking to the finish about first or second week of April 2018.

Galatea Restoration (Jan 6, 2018)

One of the projects on my to do list is to complete the work required to recommission Galatea. This boat was one of the six original Shaw 24s built in Denmark in the late 1950s. The boat was designed by William Shaw, a budding naval architect, working at the design office of Sparkman and Stephens. Shaw later had a long a career with Pearson Yachts.

The history of the Shaw 24 is well documented on the website www.dolphin24.com. This website is an eclectic compendium of information that serves to honor the Shaw 24 and its fiberglass counterpart the Dolphin 24. This site should be reviewed as it provides an evolutionary history of the design and production of what became a very popular boat.

The Shaw 24 has a special stature because its design is a diminished version of Finistere which in turn was a diminished version of White Mist. White Mist evolved from the NY 32 design. All these boats share similar hull lines, shallow draft with a centerboard and either sloop or yawl rigged. The interiors had similar attributes in terms of layout. The same holds true for the cockpits, decks cabin top.

The Dolphin 24 website provides the inspiration to recognize the importance of the Shaw 24 in the history of yacht design. Hence, owning such a boat has its responsibilities!

Galatea is in reasonable shape. The hull work has completed as well as the sheathing of the deck, replacement of toe rails, painting the hull and varnishing the exterior bright work.The mast and boom has been varnished. New rigging has been made up. The sails have been cleaned and repaired.

The work to complete the job is not arduous, but is required to put the boat back in the water. Upgrades are required of certain aspects of the boat. The wiring must be replaced as well as the fuel tank. The deck hardware needs to be put back in place with backing plates

I have outlined below the work that is required to complete the “restoration” of Galatea.

Exterior Hull:

1. Replace all through hulls with new bronze fittings and new backing plates.
2. Attach appropriate shut offs and hose barbs.
3. Check rudder post and shaft where it goes through hull.
4. Have name stencils made up.
5. Install bow and stern pulpits and new life line stanchions. Six life line stanchions are required. 26” would be a good height with two holes. Life lines could be made of Spectra rather than traditional platic coated ss cable.


1. Install deck fittings to include cleats fore and aft, chocks fore and aft, genoa tracks.
2. Measure and purchase new ST winches to replace the Merriman # 2 sheet Winches. Check Lewmar and Harken for proper diameter base to fit on in place bronze winch bases. Look on Ebay for second hand winches!
3. Measure for main sheet track to be installed on aft deck. See if the track that came of of Mrs. Harper's boat is still around.
4. See about installing new flush compass in cockpit or on back of cabin house.
5. Check Wilcox Crittenden side lights for operation.


1. Check over the interior of the boat for any deficiencies.
2. Check fuel tank for replacement.
3. Discuss merits of painting interior hull white.
4. Discuss merits of painting interior cabin top white.
5. Repair damaged delaminated plywood bulkheads
6. Check water tank.
7. Replace sink with new sink.
8. Check salt and fresh hand water pumps. Replace if necessary.
9. Decide on type of stove required. Coleman propane camp stove?

Boat Electrics:

1. Inspect and check over wiring. Replace wiring.
2. Design a new wiring system to include the following: new circuit breaker panel with at least eight breakers for running lights, anchor light, compass light, LED cabin lights, spreader lights. depth sounder, VHF radio, GPS(?).
3. Determine size of Deep Cycle battery required. Lead acid is sufficient.
4. Determine best solar panel for maintaining battery charge.
5. Determine best location for electrical panel (See Dolphin 24 website)


Discuss and research best potential inboard engine for Galatea. The old original engine is a gas engine with a hand crank. It is finicky. I am not interested in an outboard given the fact there is an engine prop and shaft in place.

Below are some long awaited photos of "Galatea" for web page! Pick the ones you like best! As you can see the boat is in pretty good shape.......exterior looks good.....like a glass hull with the epoxy sheathing. I am starting to buy some of the materials needed. How did you like the Lewmar #8 winches you installed on Marionette work out? (Webmaster replies - I like themI) I can not find small self tailing ones although Barlow has a self tailing sheet winch that looks o.k.

We will starts going cosmetics...sanding interior cabin roof and priming as well as interior planking. The deck needs non-skid applied. I found Harken traveler off another boat that will do the trick for the main sheet arrangement!

More coming.....Click on the photos for a larger image

The furnace - it gets cold in Nova Scotia

And, there's that "Dolphin" lamp again!


Engine, Parts, etc.

More photos on the album - click here to go there






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