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Yankee #109 Galley/Oven Space Make Over  

Joe Wilby (Yankee #109) sent in some pictures and description of his oven space/galley makeover

I did not think I would ever use the oven so I removed it in favor of a sitting place and storage. It also allows for someone less than 6' in height to lay athwart ship to rest without handling the table. By the way, I also cut off about 5 inches from the table adding space for better passage in front of the "galley".


The space

Nothing is ever square or straight in a boat so the mock up was just to get the general idea of what I would end up with after removing the oven. The electrical box was there when I got everything out and it too was eliminated and the limited AC wiring replaced.

The cardboard mock up gave me what I needed to figure the dimensions of the parts but there is always need of a good block plane and a joiner plane to get things to fit. The shelf was eliminated as I found a better location for a small butane stove. The extra storage under the seat and behind the bench back is very welcome!

Next project time will be to remove several through hulls and look after the centerboard, which I don't use! These will have to wait until it time to haul out again.

Hopes this helps. Thanks for the interest.

Joe Wilby, 109










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