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Makarios' Stanchions  

January 19, 2015 - Makarios, Yankee #241 had no stanchions when Mike Friel got her and now she does. Your webmaster and Mike swapped a few emails on this subject and we gathered them together here.

November 18, 2014

Hey Ron,

On my search for stanchions for my Dolphin I'm not sure if I want to get bases that angle the stanchion pole inwards or that keep it straight up. I've looked over as many photos in the Roster section as I could to try and get an idea of what is being used. I've placed a carpenter's square on deck to get an idea of what a right angle or straight pole option would look like. This seems to look OK. I don't think there is that much deck camber that I would need a 3-5* angled base that seems to be readily available.

I've scrutinized what you did with Marionette's stanchion poles trying to get an idea if your bases are straight or angled. Can't tell for sure. Do you remember? It seems that in one pic there was an angled pad under the base. Am I seeing things?

Thanks for any help


November 19, 2014

Hi Mike

Yes, Marionette has thin tapered wood pads beneath the flat stanchion bases. Here on the right is a picture of the port quarter area and you can make out the taper.

I have a wood deck so I'm not sure the deck cambers are identical on our boats. That's a 'before' new solid stanchions pic so the post looks a little bent, to my eye - click here to see Marionette's solid stanchions


November 19, 2014

Hey Ron,

Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking might be best to get the best base/stanchion I can find for the price and then as you did, taper a pad to get the most pleasing angle to the unit. You're probably right that the wood vs. fiberglass deck camber may be different. Just got off the phone with a guy in Quincy Mass. who has a salvage yard with a lot of stanchions for sale. Also talking to a guy out on the Cape who is cutting up a J30. I'll keep you posted and when the time comes send some pics.


January 19, 2015


Found some stanchions that should do the trick. They are from a J30. There seem to be a few of these boats being parted out as they are getting a bit long in the tooth.

The stanchions are 25" tall, double line, fairly substantial SS tubing with a cast SS base. I got two gate stanchions which I will put on either side just forward of the cockpit coaming with separate line going aft to the stern rail. This should allow dinghy access to either side for boarding. The bases have a slight angle which when trial fit to the deck camber give the posts just a hair of inward slant. This may be an advantage when pulling alongside a piling lined dock.

Will send pics this spring when mounted.


Click on the photo above and left for a larger image








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