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New Standing Rigging - Moonshadow, Yankee #173  

May 1, 2013. This project started when we got the following email from Phil (minor edits) and a reply from your wbmaster.

My wife, Nene Wolfe, and I are replacing the (apparently) 40 year old standing rigging on Moonshadow (#173). 

We sent the old shrouds, stays and tangs to a professional rigging shop (Port Townsend Rigging) for replacement.  The riggers have now contacted us and stated that the tangs for the lower shrouds, that attach to the mast via a bolt on the spreader bracket, have been "scandalized" and that there is not enough clearance between the bolt hole and the bracket that receives the spreader to fit the tangs that are available.

They therefore suggest that we drill a hole through the mast and attach the tangs for the lower shrouds below the spreader bracket (see attached drawing).

The old tangs were definitely twisted and pulled out of shape, but abandoning the strength of the spreader bracket for the non-reenforced mast wall seems like a weaker solution.  

If anyone has had a similar tang problem and come up with a skookum fix we'd sure like to hear it. Thanks for any suggestions.

Phil Reeves

Click on the image for a larger view

Webmaster reply - minor edits. We have posted this information on the Forum and are looking for comment. Please reply on the Forum or by email to RonBreault@dolphin24.org

Hi Phil
An interesting question - one that lends itself to a professional recommendation/solution

We have 2 old Dolphins in our barn - my son's Passage, and my Marionette. If you click here http://www.dolphin24.org/spreader_blocks.html you will see the 2 different set ups on their masts - Passage's has the lower shroud tang attached with a thru mast bolt - independent of the spreader bracket. This is similar to what Moonshadow would have (picture lower right).

Passage Spreader Bracket
Passage Lower Tang

These older masts are pretty heavy wall, so if the 'professional' riggers think the proposed fix will work ok I would go with their recommendation, provided they answer, satisfactorily, the matter of a "compression tube". This is more of an issue, if it is an issue at all, with the spreader brackets as they transmit more, I think, compression force on the mast than the lower shrouds do - which exert more of a downward force. Here is an interesting link on how to rig a compression tube http://www.chipford.com/spreader_brackets.pdf.

Checking for corrosion in and around the mast holes is important.

I would spend a little time on the Internet and read about spreader brackets repair/replacement - especially forums where people talk about their problems - a good education time investment. Type in Spreader Brackets and Spreader Bracket Compression Tube in Google search.

As soon as I get a chance I'll post your question on our Forum and lets see what comes up

Please let me know what your rigger says. Thanks, and good luck




















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