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Upside Down Keel Gouge Repair  

October 16, 2018 Back on Marionette's Brooklin/Camden del'y report (Click here for Marionette's 2018 Summer Log - September 19 Update) your webmaster alerted readers to an 'incident' that has resulted, eventually, in a necessary TLC barn project. In heavy fog, motor sailing with just the main, we were passing thru the barely visible islands west of Eggemoggin Reach, when a 'floating mass of seaweed appeared' directly ahead - not an unusual occurance in Penobscot Bay. Almost simultaneously we came to an abrupt 'stop', fortunately bouncing to port, and with a few 'scrapes', we were free of the 'seaweed'. This particular seaweed was attached to a submerged rock ledge.....The consequence was discovered when Marionette was hauled - witnesses - embarrassing.....

Grind, sand, coated with filled epoxy, cure

By the way, no loosened keel bolts, no leaks, much luck....

Click on these pics for a larger image

A question came up about 'stabilizing' the filled epoxy while it cured - basically, the filling is 'upside down'. A piece of thin cardboard was covered with Saran Wrap and taped to one side (port) and fore and aft, creating an envelope open on the remaining (stbd) side. The thickened epoxy was squeezed into the open side and pushed into the area to be filled. Then the open side of the envelope was tightly taped to the hull and any bulges hand smoothed (a picture here would have helped...). After a day I stripped off the cardboard. We'll give it a couple more days to fully cure then sand to the keel shape. If this TLC comes out ok we'll add a page to the Technical Section/Repairs.

Stay tuned

Postscript A quick trip down to the barn, camera in hand, and I discovered that the 'cardboard cover' had not been trashed, but was waiting to have its picture taken! Note that the Saran Wrap did not stick to the epoxy filling. Also note that the cardboard selection was hopefully prophetic "Seize The Day" and 'Smart Start". Despite the cold, high 40's temperature, the patch seems to be curing nicely. This qualifies the repair as Technical Section/Repairs eligible. The sanding part remains. Stay tuned

Click here for a larger image





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