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Cabin Table Modification - Windswept too, Yankee #245  

April 7, 2017. Paul Lugin shares with us his modification of the cabin table on Windswept too, Yankee #245

Hi Ron,

One thing that I've contemplated in the year I've owned Windswept is the length of the cabin table. It was great when I was seated but it really pinched off the standing room in the galley when I was standing. I don't think the bunk created when the table is lowered is large enough for two people, so I decided to cut 3 1/2" off the length of the table. Having done it I think it will be an improvement over the original.

Pic #1 I used a table saw to cut 3 1/2" off the BACK of the table. Rather than going through all the gymnastics of making 45 degree cuts in the trim I just glued a straight piece of mahogany on the back and left it a little long on both ends. After the glue set up I sanded the ends to match the curve of the original edging trim.

Pic #2 What it looks like from the front.

Pic #3 Once the new piece was finished and installed, I installed the original hanging bracket to the back of the table. The original screws were long enough to get a good bite into the plywood tabletop.

Pic #4 The original box the held the drawer in place had seen better days

Pic #5 I moved the original table support leg further out toward the galley to compensate for the shortened table and built a new and slightly different drawer box to support the drawer. The box can be easily removed from the table and altered if I decide to install ball bearing slides later on.

Pic #6 Table with the drawer operational. I'm hoping to get the galley doors and drawers freshly finished before launch but It's not a priority right now.

Pic #7 Table with the cut off piece on top and drawer re-installed. Webmaster note: That leftover end piece looks like a nice little shelf...

Thanks Ron,







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