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Justin Flagg's Onward/Osprey, Yankee #207, Bellport, New York - updated November 11, 2023  

August 12, 2016 Justin Flagg checking is as the new owner of Yankee #207. Below is his email and introductory picture.

Hi Ron,

Just wanted to give you an update on Yankee #207. I bought the boat from Graham Coates last August, and have been doing extensive work on her over the winter and spring. Have removed and re-sealed all the deck fittings, refinished the brightwork, replaced the plumbing, repaired and reorganized the electricals, replaced the cabin cushions, and made various other small repairs.

She finally hit the water last week and took her first sail in the Great South Bay on Long Island's South Shore to her new home off of Bellport, NY. Attached is a picture of her at her new mooring.

Looking forward to some great sailing for the rest of this season. Will probably move to some interior work over the coming winter, and possibly a new paint job for the bottom and top sides.


Justin Flagg

Postscript August 17, 2016 - I'm definitely going to keep her name until I have a chance to repaint the bottom and topsides. Then I will probably change it. I'll update you when that happens.

Click here for a larger image, and click here to go to #207's prior life

Welcome Aboard Justin, Fair Winds Graham

Standing by


February 25, 2017. Justin responded to a What's Up request, and a recruiting effort to get Onward up to the New England Championships this summer in Camden, Maine http://dolphin24.org/ccc2017.html

Hi Ron,

Onward is doing well - made it in at the end of last season, hoping to get her back in the water in late Spring this year. Long list of small fixes and tweaks, want to tackle the trim in the cabin, and the biggest task before launching is a fresh coat of bottom paint.

I would absolutely love to take part in this (NE Championships), but alas, I have prior commitments that weekend. I generally don't have enough time to get up and back, but in future years would be very interested in crewing for anyone who needs an extra hand.

Thanks for reaching out.

Best, Justin


March 7, 2020. We got the following update from Justin - need a stiff drink for this one....

Hi Ron,

Thanks for reaching out. It has been an up and down journey with Onward over the last year. At the start of this past summer I had finally gotten her to just about where I wanted her, with the only big job left being a new coat of paint for the topsides.

Since I took ownership I have stripped, sanded, and varnished all the brightwork; removed, repaired, and re-installed the toe rails; replaced the glass in all the portlights; cleaned and reinstalled the water tanks and replaced all the hoses; rationalized and repaired all the wiring; replaced the depth sounder and repaired the knotmeter; sanded clean and repainted the bottom; replaced the rotted backing board for the chainplates; replaced the cushions; replaced the outboard; replaced all the shrouds; and probably several other things I'm forgetting.

My father and I also came up with a scheme for using a gin pole to raise and lower the mast (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17gvsfr9Vk&feature=youtu.be).

And just as I was starting to tell people that I was almost "done," tragedy struck. Less than a week before I was planning to pull her out of the water for the season, we got hit with a big sou'wester. She broke free from her mooring, and was blown up against the bulkhead. The swells would lift her up and dash her against the bulkhead and down onto the shallow bottom. There was also a particularly strong and mean piece of fence that sticks out from the bulkhead. Fortunately we live nearby, and my father and I were able to rescue her with some considerable effort and miraculously little injury to ourselves.

Click on the pictures for larger images

Long story short, she took a real beating: pulpit bent, pushpit totaled, starboard side toe rail destroyed, other brightwork damaged, hatch cover and track damaged, starboard stanchion mounts destroyed, one lower shroud severed, gooseneck fitting sheared off, several gouges, cracks, and holes in the starboard topside, and several other things.

And perhaps the most significant damage, the flange through which the rudder post passes through the hull was pushed up into the cabin, and spouting water - we were forced to load the bow with cinder blocks to raise the rudder post out of the water to keep her from sinking - photo below

So now there's a significant amount of work to do again - more than there was when I got her. She certainly won't be sailing again this season, but I'm hopeful I can get most of the work done this spring and summer, and have her back in the water next year. Most of the work is not complicated, just time consuming. The only thing I don't yet have a solution for is fixing and/or replacing the pulpit and pushpit. If you have any thoughts on finding replacements or people who can fabricate new ones, I'd appreciate the advice.



Webmaster Reply - Tough one, suggest cruising through the Technical Section for applicable info, and there may be some useful info here http://dolphin24.org/supplier_list.html .......Courage........


July 24, 2023 - Responding to a webmaster plea Justin sent in the following updates (consolidated and minor edits) including a large pic file. Click the link to go to it.

Hey Ron

Good to hear from you! Actually things are going very well with 207. We finished all the repairs and she was back in the water last summer, looking great. I started writing a long update for you on the restoration process, with lots of pictures, but life and work have been busy, so I haven't gotten around to finishing. I'll see if I can find some time and send it over.Thanks for checking in


Hi Ron!

Attached is a summary of all the work that we've done on #207, now renamed Osprey. You'll see I referenced a lot of pictures, which I've uploaded to this Google Drive folder:


I hope there's some useful information in there!




November 11, 2023 - The above google link is missing the text of Justin's update - here it is 207 Tech Update













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